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Global Wednesdays with Luis Camano

Posted By Emily Hope, Wednesday, January 3, 2018
It's big (ad) world, but we aim to make it feel even smaller by highlighting inventive, global ads, monthly, that are breaking the mold from the mundane. To capture that global spirit, we will feature inspiration from outside of the U.S. and sometimes from brands that we've never even heard of!
ThinkLA couldn't be more grateful for Luis Camano, ThinkLA Board Member and Head of Innovation and Brand Activation LC/BA, for being our Global Warrior and bringing these to our attention. We hope that Global Wednesdays will inspire our members as much as it does us.

1. Here’s how a Peruvian company turned the much maligned fruitcake (or those who bake them) into a Holiday-stress reducer.


2. From Germany, a color became a portal and a vehicle for incredible entertainment.

3. In India, candy solved a problem for both customers and retailers, becoming an accepted type of currency.


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2018 Marketing and Advertising Predictions

Posted By Emily Hope, Wednesday, January 3, 2018

What's in store for advertising and marketing in 2018? Here's a few thoughts from the ThinkLA community.


"I predict the continued rise of women into the C-suite, as our skills, strengths and values become increasingly critical to the business success of our agencies, our holding companies, and our clients.”
Kristi VandenBosch, Chief Digital Officer, MXM, and ThinkLA Board of Directors Co-President


"2018 will see VR become more widely accepted not only as entertainment, but as a valuable consumer training tool, especially when it comes to site walk-throughs for travel and commercial applications. It will become a viable first step toward fully immersive environments for all people." 
- Don Lupo, Director of Content and Marketing, ThinkLA


"I envision more small and mid-tier agencies following suit of larger agencies, by taking control of their programmatic media buying, and bringing it in-house to utilize a self-service DSP. More advertisers will be looking towards meaningful KPI's - such as offline sales measurement, while traditional KPI's - such as CTR and VCR, will continue to become less relevant."
- Sunny Behniwal, Senior Account Executive, Adelphic, a Viant Inc. Company, and ThinkLA Young Professionals Council Member


"2017 forced both brands and agencies to think hard about their values, whether in their responses to the new political climate or to the#MeToomovement. In 2018, people won't be able to hide behind messaging. Marketers will have to decide what they believe, act upon it—and be judged accordingly.”
Jeff Sweat, Founder, Mister Sweatand ThinkLA Board of Directors Member


"I think we'll see a rise in the "micro-influencer". Given the crowded digital arena, brands will need to have an authentic message to break through the noise, to engage and interact with their costumers. The use of influencers, partners, customers (perhaps through testimonials), and even showcasing employees, will all be relatable ways for brands to tell their stories."
Emily Hope, Communications Manager, ThinkLA


"Deloitte or Accenture will make a bid to acquire one of the four largest ad agency holding companies.”
Eric Johnson, President and Founder, Ignitedand ThinkLA Board of Directors Member


"Search will be an x-factor for premium publishers in scaling traffic to quality (not to mention measurable, viewable, safe) content. Where social has long been the dominant source of publisher traffic, a trending uptick in search referral traffic could mean significant monetization opportunities for publishers."
- Claire Thompson, Senior Strategist, VICE Media, and ThinkLA Young Professionals Council Member


"Due to the investments companies like Google and Facebook are making, I believe augmented reality will be adopted by the masses in 2018. We’ll see brands trying to navigate their way through the immersive technology space to see which tech suits their brand/product, and I believe that AR will be that platform."
John Yi, Communications Director, Strategy, MBMGand ThinkLA Young Professionals Council Member


"Everyone is on the "content" bandwagon but very few are doing it correctly and effectively. For example, a few CMOs I’ve spoken to, are taking cause marketing in-house to integrate them into their brands, to start putting emphasis on quality communications."


"Traditional marketing campaigns will be replaced by Modular Marketing. We will see less identical campaigns, more modular framework for communication. This will allow marketers to be more flexible and able to replace themes, offers, messages within the framework."
Luis Camano, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Key Activationsand ThinkLA Board of Directors Member



"2018 will be a year where all the things we have started in years past, will become more relevant and refined. Ideas, strategies, data, content is all growing to be more agile. We'll see movements be mobile. And, I don’t mean that device that is attached to us at all times, I mean movements that are going new places, transitioning, evolving. We will see adaptive strategies, policies and people, doing things in new more ‘mobile ways’.  


Life/work balance (vs. work/life) will be more mainstream as people take life/work on the road, and the increase in collaborate workspaces will continue to change the way the workforce operates. This attitude can be seen in how #MeToo is growing to evolve into bigger conversations, such as #TimesUp.


We will see immersive experiences that people will travel for; to interact with brands, art and culture in a single multifaceted event (like 29Rooms, DesertX, Museum of Ice Cream). Big data will finally be activated in a way that can be used in a meaningful way for the consumer, as we now know how to both use it for targeting and content curation."

- Brook Hauge, Strategy Supervisor, Canvas Worldwide, and ThinkLA Young Professionals Council Co-President



"I’m being a bit selfish here by focusing on a trend that will benefit independent agencies like ours. Although large holding companies will maintain a large share of the market, independent agencies will continue to position themselves as viable alternatives to larger agency networks and win accounts. The stable independent agencies will build enough scale to attract talent, take on more business and provide a high level of service to advertisers."
- Zach Rosenberg, President, MBMG, and ThinkLA Board of Directors Member 




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Fireside Chats with Jun Group

Posted By Emily Hope, Monday, December 18, 2017

In partnership with Jun Group, we set out to find out what top marketers are doing to attract talent and stay ahead of the curve, win new business, and set Los Angeles apart.


Adam Tabachnikoff, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

“The easy part and the fun part about being a CMO is doing videos, its going on photoshoots—but when I walk into my board meetings, what really becomes sexy is the analytics and the numbers. The prettiest POP (point of purchase display), the best social media, —whether its a JPEG or a short video—are fun to present, but what really goes well, is when we have the analytics and data to show what the ROI was...that we actually drove incremental traffic and profitable sales." 


Chris Athens: Associate Media Director, Maxus

“People are not necessarily only converting digitally; in fact, the majority of conversions happen on-air. Breaking down that conversion silo is something that we’ve been trying to tackle with certain partners. Understanding where people are watching, how they’re consuming [video content], and then trying that back to the ad exposure."


Lisa Nichols, Chief Data Officer, Partner, Bloom Ads Global Media Group

"Finding the right people is very challenging. Today, we look to people who have a coding background, people who have mathematical brain, people that understand statistical relevance. But on the other side, talent still must be creative.”


Claire Thompson: Senior Strategist, Vice Media

“We take a very hard line on what we feel is ‘crossing a line’ and making it unclear that something is an advertisement. If we weren’t being so protective of our brand and ensuring that we are not tricking our readers, then we lose integrity with our audience… which is precisely why we are successful and is why we are attractive to advertisers in the first place.”


Don Lupo: Director of Content and Marketing, ThinkLA

“What’s concerning is something that we call agency 3.0. Agencies have to be far more nimble than they were, they have to offer a full set of services and experiences, that maybe you [the agency] did not provide directly in the past. Digital strategists, social media strategists, information architecture and UX (user experience specialists) which is not always something that an agency hired for. The agency has evolved.”


Joey Adler: Chief Executive Officer, Carve Nutrition, Founder, Department of Good

"My motto is: I don’t want to do anything in business that doesn’t support the community. The Department of Good is that. It’s a platform, and it will be the first time I believe that a platform will work with small independent business (focusing on brick and mortar) in a collaborative way. We want to support the small independent brick and mortar store. We want to support community organizations. We want to support people with innovative ideas. And we want to support the consumer to have an experience and to be part of something [community focused]. And we have give back up and down the supply chain.”


Paul Pastor: Executive Vice President, Strategy, Revenue and Operations, Discovery Channel

“Pulling the entire story out of our consumer base across multiple platforms is not easy. What we’ve been able to do is work with our own first party data, with third party vendors, and then with the Nielsen’s and Comscores of the world to put together a comprehensive view of consumers at various stages across different platforms. This informs the content investment we make and how we think about the partnerships we have with advertisers.”


Stephanie Friend, Associate Integrated Media Director, Bloom Ads Global Media Group

“We’re making big movements forward to establish dashboards that link up to all of our digital partners and our DMP. We find the best way to attribute [business ROI] to each medium. We are also in the business of testing — i.e. just TV versus just radio, versus just digital, and showing how that really compares to a truly fully integrated campaign.”

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Volunteer Spotlight: Derek Hand

Posted By Emily Hope, Thursday, December 14, 2017

Get to know Derek Hand, Strategist at Canvas Worldwide, Co-Chair of ThinkLA's Mentor Committee, and a member of ThinkLA's
Young Professionals Council. 


How did you get started in advertising? What's been your career road-map?
I started in broadcast as an assistant media buyer. This was a great opportunity for me to learn from veterans of the industry. Eventually, I jumped over to digital working on planning, investment, and ad ops. Currently, I’m focused mostly on strategy. I’ve had the good fortune to have touched on a variety of verticals including both entertainment and automotive allowing me visibility into varying styles of advertising. Looking forward to what the future brings!

What excites you most about this industry? 
The industry is constantly evolving, presenting new opportunities from a strategic standpoint. As new Adtech and Mar-tech flourish, the possibilities to develop new creative media executions and how to best measure them is very exciting.


 Photos // Martin Aranda Photography

Why are you involved with ThinkLA?
ThinkLA is a place of innovation, community, and opportunity. I’m constantly learning from my peers, and in turn, I hope to give something back to both my peers and the greater industry.

What’s the best advice you’d give to someone interested in a career in advertising? Are there any written materials you suggest to read?
Attend ThinkLA AdU classes, be open to trying different things, find a mentor, and most of all – jump in and absorb everything you can. Nothing compares to actually getting in there and doing the work. 


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Global Wednesdays with Luis Camano

Posted By Emily Hope, Wednesday, December 6, 2017
It's big (ad) world, but we aim to make it feel even smaller by highlighting inventive, global ads, monthly, that are breaking the mold from the mundane. To capture that global spirit, we will feature inspiration from outside of the U.S. and sometimes from brands that we've never even heard of!
ThinkLA couldn't be more grateful for Luis Camano, ThinkLA Board Member and Head of Innovation and Brand Activation LC/BA, for being our Global Warrior and bringing these to our attention. We hope that Global Wednesdays will inspire our members as much as it does us.


1. Muji, the Japanese company that sells “no-brand quality goods”, has created an eye-popping installation for the Holidays (made entirely with pens, of course). 


2. Beer plugs from Denmark. Enough said.

Beer Plugs | Tuborg from CP+B Copenhagen on Vimeo.


3. Here’s how to make a promotion exciting and participatory. Plus generating a ton of content from consumers. 

Opel - Betaal met views | Compilatie inzendingen from J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam on Vimeo.



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Ask a...Mentor with Eric Johnson

Posted By Emily Hope, Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Supporting the new generation of leaders within our industry, ThinkLA's diversity-driven mentorship program supports the new generation of leaders within the industry. We connect emerging, diverse talent with seasoned professionals that are passionate about giving back. Mentees are given the opportunity to be matched with a wide-array of Mentors across different talents, races, genders, career paths, and more, to gain a deeper understanding of the ad industry’s business practices and culture, gain expertise, build a professional network, and design realistic goals.

Meet Eric Johnson, President and Founder of Ignited, and ThinkLA Board Member. 

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M-School Spotlight: Sage Miller

Posted By Emily Hope, Thursday, November 2, 2017

Sage Miller is a recent graduate from LMU and took two classes at M-School during her senior year in college. She is currently the Community Marketing Manager at Wanderlust and uses her M-School learnings as a template for problem solving in her job. 

Listen to the full conversation with ThinkLA's Events and Communications Manager, Emily Hope.

Sage Miller // Don Lupo Photography
Sage Miller // (Photos by Don Lupo)

For an LMU M-School class exercise, Miller had to say out loud the name of her dream company and then do a semester-long deep dive. The goal of the project was to learn the ins and outs of a company, tackling a different business problem week that the company is currently or potentially facing, as well as highlight and discuss successful business strategies.

Since some of the obvious companies were taken (Nike, Apple, etc.), on a whim, Miller said: "Wanderlust!" It resonated with her, and she realized it would be a dream company to work for.

Once she graduated and was looking for her first job, Miller used her M-School project as her cover letter and entry point into Wanderlust, which she says made her "weirdly too knowledgeable" about the company. It obviously impressed Wanderlust, as she was hired, and is now Wanderlust's Community Manager.


How did you originally hear about M-School? "At LMU, there's a natural buzz about M-School,: it's marketed really well all around campus."

What's surprised you about working full-time since you've graduated? "College really stimulated me in the sense of variety: being in different classes every day, going to the gym, dinner on campus with different groups, or even spending time at the beach. Now, having a daily routine where I'm expected to show up at the same place, it can be challenging. I crave variety so I find myself bouncing from the office to the cafe, then even working remotely just to switch it up! "

What do you love about marketing? "Being able to market and share something that I'm passionate about. I'm constantly digging to create the message that I feel is going to resonate with people, because it's a product that I believe in. It's a dream for me."

Any advice for students? "Take your class projects seriously and squeeze every drop of learning our of your classes. Also, don't be afraid to cold call companies and ask for informational interviews. Most seasoned professionals feel honored to share their knowledge and wisdom. And you never know where you might make an impression."


M-School was born from the need to transform the way our students learn about and are immersed in the new world of advertising and branding. In doing so, we answered the call to action from the advertising and branding community, specifically our close partner ThinkLA. Learn more about M-School.

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Global Wednesdays with Luis Camano

Posted By Emily Hope, Wednesday, October 18, 2017
It's big (ad) world, but we aim to make it feel even smaller by highlighting inventive, global ads, monthly, that are breaking the mold from the mundane. To capture that global spirit, we will feature inspiration from outside of the U.S. and sometimes from brands that we've never even heard of!
ThinkLA couldn't be more grateful for Luis Camano, ThinkLA Board Member and Head of Innovation and Brand Activation LC/BA, for being our Global Warrior and bringing these to our attention. We hope that Global Wednesdays will inspire our members as much as it does us.

1. A village in China
is promoting local tourism with a QR code. Ho-hum. But before you judge (I did), take a look at this unique execution. 

2. Cadillac Canada made a test drive to remember. An indulgent and luxurious offering that perfectly suited the brand. 
3. How to change the world’s perception of dyslexia? Duh! It's with the first-ever dyslexic sperm bank. Don’t laugh: during the three days it was open, this stunt reached 77 million people.

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Volunteer Spotlight: Leisha Bereson

Posted By Emily Hope, Thursday, October 5, 2017

Get to know Leisha Bereson, VP, Group Director at Canvas Worldwide and a member of ThinkLA's Young Professionals Council. 

How did you get started in advertising? What's been your career road-map?

Honestly, I had no idea what I was in for; my degree was “Integrated Media Communications” in college – what does that even mean?! My dad knew a guy at an agency and he basically begged him to give me an ‘informational interview’. From there, I spammed every agency I could on LinkedIn so I could be one of those young fun kids in an industrial warehouse with an Apple laptop working in Excel. I spammed a million agencies until I got in and climbed my way up from there: paid search to display to integrated media to platforms and technology to programmatic. All ladder climbing.


What excites you most about this industry? 
EVERYTHING IS MEASURABLE, learnable; everything is going to change, and it can change as long as you understand the numbers, mechanics, inventory, targeting, and data. People who don’t get digital, people who think this is someone else's job, people who don’t care to ask how it works, people who don’t care to ask "Why?" in general – they’ll all fall to the wayside. We’re working in an industry that is rapidly changing because of people who ask why, people getting their hands dirty – these are the people who are going to change up this industry because it's all becoming so completely transparent. How good is transparency without understanding and the willingness to look?

Why are you involved with ThinkLA? ThinkLA is an opportunity for community: a place to share, ideate, change. How good is an idea if it sits alone? The best ideas are shaped through the lenses of many conversations; ThinkLA is an opportunity for us to do something new and interesting. I am involved because I can’t shut up about media, and I’m seeking those who want to banter on forever over beers about it, too. 

What’s the best advice you’d give to someone interested in a career in advertising? Are there any written materials you suggest to read?Absorb everything – from podcasts (How I Built This, AdExchanger), webinars (IAB, MRC, Forrester, Digiday, ANA), articles on blogs/websites (Ad Age, Recode, Marketingland, Harvard Business Review), honestly I get most of my info from who I follow on Twitter (Chief Martec, The Drum, Augustine Frou) all the info is out there – you just need to seek it out!


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We Can All Win: Words from ADCOLOR

Posted By Emily Hope, Thursday, September 28, 2017

By: Kendall Rouse, Account Executive, BBDO LA

The 11th annual ADCOLOR Conference and Awards were held in Hollywood, Sept. 16-19, 2017. Once just a dream for Tiffany R. Warren, Founder & President of ADCOLOR, the conference and awards reached a new level this year as it continues to bring together risers, changers, innovators, allies, and legends of very diverse backgrounds from multiple creative industries.

As a woman of color in the industry, the ADCOLOR conference was an extremely refreshing experience. I’m no stranger to the lack of diversity within agency walls, industry events and creative representation. ADCOLOR has been a change-agent in this conversation for years.

With a mission of rising up and reaching back, ADCOLOR champions diversity and inclusion in creative industries. Their goal is to create a community of diverse professionals who are here to support and celebrate one another. And with a theme this year of “Come Together”, the conference and awards did just that.

Here are some takeaways for us all to consider:

DIVERSITY is asking people to the party, but INCLUSION is inviting them to dance.

D&I initiatives typically end at “Diversity.” Companies look to reach quotas to appear to be a more diverse organization, not understanding you have to also engage diverse people in order to keep them.

Listen to them. Interact with them. Highlight them. And do it authentically. Diversity will never stick without inclusion.

Diversity is NOT generosity; it IS the very basis of decency.

ADCOLOR All-Star award recipient Jesse Williams summed this up best in his acceptance speech: 
“The use of the term ‘diversity’ is a distraction from decency. Diversity is marketed as labor-intensive ‘inclusion,’ as mandated corporate behavior, required action; an added burden, but for good, like a gift. But diversity is not generosity. Absent any self-reflection, diversity just becomes another sub-industry born of PR panic; a detour designed to distract from systematic exclusion. The truth is we don’t need anyone to hire a ‘diversity’ exec, assigned to hover toothlessly in the vicinity of decision makers. We need whole decision makers, who can do the entire job. We don’t need corporate culture going out of it’s way to begin including. It’s not about that. It’s about the ending of excluding.”

Be accountable.

We, in this industry, are indeed storytellers; we move cultural narratives. Its not “just advertising.” It never was. We have a responsibility to be accountable to how we represent people. This industry tends to deny the obvious truth for the comfortable lie. We have to address it. We have to understand where our own privileges lie and then challenge them in order to move the needle forward in the way most organizations outwardly say they would like to.

So it’s time to do the work. This is about the bottom-line. Slow down and make whole decisions, at all levels; understand culture and where it is moving to make the most impactful work for our agencies and clients.

The definition of culture is changing; intersectionality is real.

The industry, already years behind in attempting to address some of the errors made, is now taking a dated approach to the topic. It’s not as “black and white” as it used to be. What culture is has changed. The interconnected nature of communities has expanded in a way that we must acknowledge in the work we do. The first step is educating ourselves on context and being deliberate in understanding people. Let’s stop being reactive to the latest cultural trend, but rather proactive to know it’s already coming.

Recognize the Future Talent.

As a 2017 ADCOLOR FUTURE, I was apart of an extremely talented, selected, pool of diverse young professionals who represented creative industries across the nation. We are the future leaders of this industry. We are the risers and cultural change agents. We are apart of the group that organizations must engage. All it takes is acknowledgement to harness a young professional’s potential. Find us, engage us and allow us to lead conversations.

You are invited.

These types of awards, conferences and events are not just for people of color, women, LGBTQ+ and the many other marginalized communities. While we are here to highlight the amazing work coming from these creative communities and the issues that impact them, we are not here to just preach to the choir. We need real allies to join us in this. We need to “Come Together”. So please show up with us.

We are here.

And on that note, by showing up, you we realize we are here. The narrative we hear is that “we don’t know where to find diverse talent.” Yet, there we were.

Organizations must invest to meet us where we are. Send your company representation to meet diverse professionals who are already in the industry. Focus some of your outreach efforts at colleges or high schools where our youth are to ensure the pipeline coming in is one the represents the world we actually live in. See us and participate with us; this work can’t be done alone.

We can all win.

When we talk about things that solely focus on other communities or on organizational approaches that need correcting, there is usually a push back to spend dollars on it. But we have always been able to find resources when we made a commitment to doing it; and we have been able to do it at scale. D&I is no different.

Authenticity in the D&I space will only come from investing in and engaging it. We must challenge ourselves to create the level equity that is missing for marginalized communities in our industry. This can be a level playing field if we put the work behind it.

We must to ensure the door behind us is open, stays open and only wide. We can “Come Together” and we can all win.

For more information on ADCOLOR, visit To support ThinkLA's D.I.G. initiative, visit the DIG website.

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