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Fireside Chats with Jun Group

Posted By Emily Hope, Monday, December 18, 2017

In partnership with Jun Group, we set out to find out what top marketers are doing to attract talent and stay ahead of the curve, win new business, and set Los Angeles apart.


Adam Tabachnikoff, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

“The easy part and the fun part about being a CMO is doing videos, its going on photoshoots—but when I walk into my board meetings, what really becomes sexy is the analytics and the numbers. The prettiest POP (point of purchase display), the best social media, —whether its a JPEG or a short video—are fun to present, but what really goes well, is when we have the analytics and data to show what the ROI was...that we actually drove incremental traffic and profitable sales." 


Chris Athens: Associate Media Director, Maxus

“People are not necessarily only converting digitally; in fact, the majority of conversions happen on-air. Breaking down that conversion silo is something that we’ve been trying to tackle with certain partners. Understanding where people are watching, how they’re consuming [video content], and then trying that back to the ad exposure."


Lisa Nichols, Chief Data Officer, Partner, Bloom Ads Global Media Group

"Finding the right people is very challenging. Today, we look to people who have a coding background, people who have mathematical brain, people that understand statistical relevance. But on the other side, talent still must be creative.”


Claire Thompson: Senior Strategist, Vice Media

“We take a very hard line on what we feel is ‘crossing a line’ and making it unclear that something is an advertisement. If we weren’t being so protective of our brand and ensuring that we are not tricking our readers, then we lose integrity with our audience… which is precisely why we are successful and is why we are attractive to advertisers in the first place.”


Don Lupo: Director of Content and Marketing, ThinkLA

“What’s concerning is something that we call agency 3.0. Agencies have to be far more nimble than they were, they have to offer a full set of services and experiences, that maybe you [the agency] did not provide directly in the past. Digital strategists, social media strategists, information architecture and UX (user experience specialists) which is not always something that an agency hired for. The agency has evolved.”


Joey Adler: Chief Executive Officer, Carve Nutrition, Founder, Department of Good

"My motto is: I don’t want to do anything in business that doesn’t support the community. The Department of Good is that. It’s a platform, and it will be the first time I believe that a platform will work with small independent business (focusing on brick and mortar) in a collaborative way. We want to support the small independent brick and mortar store. We want to support community organizations. We want to support people with innovative ideas. And we want to support the consumer to have an experience and to be part of something [community focused]. And we have give back up and down the supply chain.”


Paul Pastor: Executive Vice President, Strategy, Revenue and Operations, Discovery Channel

“Pulling the entire story out of our consumer base across multiple platforms is not easy. What we’ve been able to do is work with our own first party data, with third party vendors, and then with the Nielsen’s and Comscores of the world to put together a comprehensive view of consumers at various stages across different platforms. This informs the content investment we make and how we think about the partnerships we have with advertisers.”


Stephanie Friend, Associate Integrated Media Director, Bloom Ads Global Media Group

“We’re making big movements forward to establish dashboards that link up to all of our digital partners and our DMP. We find the best way to attribute [business ROI] to each medium. We are also in the business of testing — i.e. just TV versus just radio, versus just digital, and showing how that really compares to a truly fully integrated campaign.”

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A Musical Conversation with Saatchi and Saatchi's AdJam Band, Ampersand

Posted By Sara H. Smith, Monday, September 25, 2017

Are you old enough to remember mosh pits? Can you tell me what a mosh was?
Mosh comes from “Nosh” – which is the Yiddish word for “eating” or “hungry”. A mosh pit resembles a traditional dance called “the hora” that is done at bar mitzvahs and jewish weddings. As the dance ends, attendees then “nosh” (eat the meal). At the Rainbow Theatre, London, on December 31, 1977, the Ramones recorded their live record “It’s Alive”. In between songs, Joey Ramone (who was Jewish) can be heard advising the crowd of rowdy punks “Ay youse guys, you gotta be careful in the nosh pit”. On the recording it sounds like “mosh pit”.

What else could the letters EDM stand for? Electro Dynamic Magnets (how do they work?)

Who ripped the holes in your jeans, you or someone in China? My dog ate my homework. And my jeans.

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A Musical Conversation with Innocean's AdJam Band, HB Riots

Posted By Sara H. Smith, Monday, September 25, 2017

Have you been to a festival this year? Do you have any money left? 
No and no.

If you went to a festival this year, did you lose anything? Your car keys? Your wristband? Your lunch in a port-o-let? Probably would have lost a little dignity.

How many people in your agency or office play an instrument? Why aren’t they with you onstage?
We have 38 guitar players. They didn’t make the cut.

How is a client call like attending a music festival? (You know, crowd too big, people elbowing to get in front, happens over two weekends…) Lots of noise with very little substance until the end of the call.

Are you old enough to remember mosh pits? Can you tell me what a mosh was? Yes. Mosh pit: noun – an area in which purposefully thrust your body into several random, sweaty, overly amped strangers. It’s not as fun as it sounds.

Have you ever had to choose between two favorite bands who were on at the same time? What was were your criteria? Do you use that same criteria in your agency life? No.

What else could the letters EDM stand for? Especially Despicable Mother-In-Law

Why did you choose your festival song? Have you seen it performed live? Is it Haim? ‘Cause Haim is totally way better live, right? Haim makes me more sleepy than turkey

Do you have any reefer? Thanks. Be cool, man.

If you could be any animal, would it be the muppet drummer?
I see what you did there, and the answer is yes.

Tits, bits and pits. Discuss.
Everyone has them. End of discussion.

Who ripped the holes in your jeans, you or someone in China? We prefer cargo pants and chinos.

Has a guitar ever gotten you laid? What is the best brand of guitar for getting one laid? Asking for a friend. I think I’m beginning to understand the Muppet thing.

Why did you name your band that? Really. Is your mom okay with it?
My mom picked it out, and she’s thrilled.

Whose Spotify playlist would you rather hear:

  • Kim Jong-un’s or Jared Kushner’s? Kim’s because, K-Pop. DUH, Muppet man
  • Kid Rock or Kid Cudi? Cudi.
  • Steve Bannon or Pennywise the Dancing Clown? (Or is it the same playlist?) Same playlist, same person.

It’s been 10 years. Is it okay that we are still leaving Britney alone? Yes, leave her in the past (and Vegas).

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Say 'Hello' to our New Logo!

Posted By Emily Hope, Monday, August 1, 2016

We're celebrating 10 years as the premiere marketing association in Southern California. To mark the occasion and honor the many contributions of our members, we've updated our logo.

We'd like to offer big thanks to our friends at TBWA\Chiat\Day for their work in designing our new logo and branding. Thanks to them, we have a new face as we continue to connect, inspire, and educate the Los Angeles marketing, media, and advertising community. 

It all starts with you, our members, and our community of like-minded, passionate and dedicated industry thought leaders. Here's to the next 10 years working with you! 

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ThinkLA Names New Co-Presidents and Directors

Posted By Emily Hope, Tuesday, February 16, 2016

ThinkLA has named two Co-Presidents: Kristi VandenBosch, Chief Digital Officer at MXM, and Tim Hand, VP of OEM Sales-West at Kelley Blue Book. The new executives succeed Eric Johnson, President of Ignited, and Jerry McGee, President of the 4As Western Region. They had served in that capacity for 4 years, and will now act as Co-Chairmen to the Office of the President.


Prior to joining MXM three years ago, VandenBosch was CEO of Publicis & Hal Riney and Publicis Modem in San Francisco. She also led a regional network for TBWA Worldwide, as U.S. President of digital agency TEQUILA. Hand has been with Kelley Blue Book for more than 14 years, and in his current role almost four years. A veteran of the publishing industry, he has had sales roles at Salon, Time Inc., and the Los Angeles Times. “ThinkLA spans the entire advertising world, from agencies to publishing, and our new Co-Presidents bring experience from both of those disciplines. This is great news for the LA creative community,” says Susan Franceschini, Executive Director of ThinkLA.


In addition to the new leaders, ThinkLA has added two new directors to its board. Jeff White is Partner and Chief Marketing Officer at Deutsch North America, while Adam Gerhart is West Coast Lead at MindShare. All appointments are effective immediately.

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