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She Suite in Color

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, September 23, 2020
Our annual She Suite event went virtual and in color this year! Our attendees got to hear from an expert panel of Black women who shared their stories, advice, and knowledge on growing in the industry. Moderators Kirsten Atkinson (VP, Client Partnership Group, NBCUniversal) and Kim Lewis, (SVP, West Coast and Midwest Sale, BET) started the webinar off sharing an article on the State of Black Women in Corporate America and led our panel in a discussion on dealing with a health pandemic and social injustice, how to break the concrete ceiling, and the value of mentorship.

We want to thank our brilliant panelists:

  • Ester "E.T." Franklin, President Global Strategy, Spark Foundry
  • Pauline Malcolm, Head of Advertising Sales, Western Region, Quibi
  • Sheila Marmon, CEO & Founder, Mirror Digital


Tags:  #breakingtheglassceiling  #concreteceiling  #diversityinadvertising  #socialjustice  #womenofcolor #BIpoc #advertising #marketing 

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IDEA Awards: 10th Anniversary

Posted By Administration, Friday, August 14, 2020

More than 500 guests participated in ThinkLA's first virtual and 10th Annual IDEA Awards, presented by Samsung Ads! Guests networked via text and video chat during the cocktail hour, sponsored by Xandr; visited the VIP sponsor lounges for more networking; watched the Awards Show hosted by Baron Davis; voted and danced during the DJ battle powered by after-party sponsor Tremor Video. Six lucky winners got prizes at Spotify's Resonate Challenge, and there's still time to add your photo to the Snap Photo Mosaic!

Congratulations to the 15 award winners, and to all the finalists. Many thanks to the ThinkLA IDEA Council who planned the event, and everyone who donated and supported us to help make this venture into a new platform successful.

IDEA Awards Winners

IDEA Awards Finalists

Event Program

Photo Mosaic


Watch the Awards Show!  Event Screenshots


Thank you to our Sponsors

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   https://www.samsung.com/us/business/samsungads/ Spacer           https://www.wsj.com/

Cocktail Party Sponsor Spacer After Party Sponsor Spacer Virtual Photo Sponsor

   https://www.xandr.com/ Spacer           https://www.tremorvideo.com/
Spacer     https://www.snap.com/en-US/

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https://www.pandora.com/ https://kargo.com/
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ThinkLA Town Hall: A Necessary Discussion about Race

Posted By Administration, Friday, July 24, 2020

Latasha Gillespie -- Head of Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Amazon Studios --  moderated an intense, wide-ranging dialogue in ThinkLA’s first Town Hall: A Necessary Discussion about Race on July 23, 2020. She opened the discussion with these thoughts:

  • The first thing we want to come to the table with is radical humility. Let’s all make space to learn.
  • Be comfortable being uncomfortable.
  • Resist the urge to judge.
  • Focus on systems, not incidents.
  • Stop and take ownership and accountability for where we have benefitted from systemic racism, or are silent in the face of injustice.
  • Take responsibility with a sense of urgency about doing the work needed.
  • Don’t forget to breathe!

In her introduction, Latasha reminded us of several key points to consider:

  • We need to be intentional about the words we use. When we say “racism” and “white supremacy,” we are talking about systems and structures that are as old as our country; systems that seek homeostasis unless they are dismantled. How do we begin to dismantle these systems?

  • We are now facing a pandemic of COVID 19, which disproportionately affects black and brown people. There is a second pandemic - the callous murders of many people of color. It’s disheartening that it has taken black bodies to incite real change, and hopeful.

  • This is a worldwide movement and is occurring throughout  many industries. While we may not agree on all of the changes, we can all agree that this is a time for structural change leading to access to wealth, mental and physical health in black and brown communities. There needs to be equitable awards, promotions, and contracts, as well as reconciliation for the generations of harm to Black, Latinx, and Asian communities, among others.

  • How do we educate ourselves and take action? We are not talking about hashtags and black squares. How are organizations aligning their purses with their purpose?

How can we take this beyond Town Halls into measurable action? How do we disrupt anti-black racist systems?

How do we keep this top of mind as individuals?

  • Karen Hunt - Reading more. Taking the 21 Day Anti-Racism Challenge, Watching 1619. Asking my children to read Stamped.
  • Edgar Rosa – this year only reading work by people of color
  • Lisa Solomon – Concerned about saying the wrong thing as a white person. Created a book club – their first book is So You Want To Talk About Race.
  • Remember to support your black owned bookstores when you start book clubs,uch as www.esowonbookstore.com

As an Organization:

  • Karen Hunt: As an agency, we are doing a 5K for justice 5K to raise $ for color of change.
  • Marcus Wesson – started a group called Three’s a Crowd for black people in advertising. Pledge for 13.
  • For agencies: Bid Black – started by someone at RPA.
  • Free The Work
  • When creating videos aimed at ppl of color, what vendors are used? Does anyone have a good system?
  • Sohini – there’s no accountability now. How do we create accountability?

Are you putting water in a leaky bucket by hiring more people of color without putting systems in place to ensure they thrive?

  • Josh Huang, DNG - Make sure you are doing cultural sensitivity training for leaders
  • Do the work to ensure your org is ready to actually contribute to change, not just have a hashtag
  • UM – have mental health resources. Mental Health resources on the ThinkLA DIG Site: https://thinkdig.org/mentalhealth
  • It’s OK to ask people how they are doing – ask everyone! You don’t know who they are married to, what their ancestry is.
  • Create Juneteenth as an annual day of reflection.
  • Michaela – rather than having leadership share their perspective, we opened up the agenda for everyone to submit how they felt and then created a video. No participants were black – their feedback was that this didn’t help them. Then we listened. What do they need? Based on their responses we developed our commitments: agency audit, make sure our work accurately reflects black culture, provide mentoring and coaching, ensure we are working with black-owned vendors, created days off annually for Juneteenth and election day.
  • 4A's great new program:  Workplace Enlightenment Certification. Great training for leaders as well as videos to be shared more broadly.
  • ConCreates offers a unique, and often overlooked, perspective on creative.
  • When you say diverse, be specific, be intentional: “We don’t have a track record of getting women in senior positions.” “We have customers with a variety of lived experiences. They are not reflected in our team.” Speed bump to ensure you get more people in the funnel.
  • Improve the interview process. Include women, men, company divisions, racial backgrounds for diverse perspectives. Don’t bring a homogenous candidate slate.
  • The same thing is true with marketing. Don’t create a campaign for a group and not include people from that group on the team.
  • Amanda - Mind-shift change. Make sure you include diversity. Cultural ADD vs. Cultural fit.
  • Include different generations. Mutual mentorship.
  • Resource for employee mentorship and sponsorship by Diversity Best Practices
  • Dani – we lead with culture; had to look at pay equity. Even as a multicultural agency we can still get it wrong. We checked the boxes but can still get it wrong.

What are you doing to make room for people?

  • Include fresh voices – not just young people. Are you looking at people from a youth standpoint, or only those with “experience”? What are the fungible skills? Include non-advertising backgrounds.
  • Apprenti offers paid apprenticeships to candidates who have taken a non-traditional educational or career path.
  • Employee surveys – what are you doing with that data to assess your culture from an inclusion standpoint? If you are only setting goals and looking at inputs without looking at outcomes, you still have a problem.

The benefit of an employee survey with an inclusion index is to be able to dig into the data and see if people are having equitable experiences. Identify discrepancies to get to the root of the issue and change the system and structure. Use it to inform hiring, promotions. You can set aggressive input goals – you also need to set outcome goals.

Exercise: Write down 10 people closest to you who are not related. Put a check next to their name if they were:

  • Born in the same country
  • Are the same ethnic group
  • Have the same education level
  • Have the same Religious beliefs
  • Marital status is the same
  • Have or don’t have children

For most of us it’s the same. Our “Trusted 10.” We are tribal people, and when we hire people, we tend to go to that box. Go to people outside of that box.

The 4A’s is conducting a Diversity Data Survey that closes 7/24, if you’d like to contribute to industry research:

Remember that systems and structures are seeking homeostasis; we need to disrupt them!



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Best Of The West

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, July 15, 2020
Last week, ThinkLA joined sister marketing organizations across the West from San Francisco, Las Vegas, Arizona, and Seattle to hear top brands and agencies share how they are working with partners to create smart, sensitive marketing in extraordinary times. The conversation was honest, practical, and inspiring. If you missed it, you can see the replay here.

Best Of The West Recording

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Toys For Tots 2019 Presented by GumGum

Posted By ThinkLA, Tuesday, November 26, 2019
Our Holiday Party has become a long-standing tradition. The theme may change, but the Marines are a constant! More than 600 attendees with arms full of toys came to enjoy great music, along with cocktails and delicious food, and the opportunity to socialize with key industry colleagues. Together we collected over 1,000 toys for Toys for Tots!






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Creative Partner


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ELC Live! Path to the We Suite

Posted By Administration, Thursday, October 24, 2019

Attendees at our ELC Live! event enjoyed a great conversation around paths to the WeSuite! Major thanks to Canvas for hosting us, and thanks to our brilliant panelists:


  • Pete Favat, North American Chief Creative Officer, Deutsch
  • Shanique Bonelli-Moore, Executive Director of Inclusion, United Talent Agency
  • Varuni Palacios, Head of Growth, Miss Grass
  • Robyn Stern, Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi
  • Aaron Walton, CEO, Walton Isaacson
  • Moderator: Lauren Curtis, VP of Integrated Strategy, Edelman

The audience was engaged in conversation with L.A.’s top executives who are navigating the responsibility of allyship and inclusion in the marketing and advertising industry. These inspirational leaders shared their origin, insights, and key lessons on what it means to be allies in the workplace today. It was an amazing night full of mentorship, important discussion, empowerment, and connection. Together we can build a stronger culture of inclusion.

Be brave. Get comfortable being in the uncomfortable.
#thinkally #thinkwesuite

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Fall CanJam 2019

Posted By Administration, Monday, October 21, 2019

What a great day of volunteering at the LA Regional Food Bank in Commerce! The ThinkLA community joined forces with the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank as a community of LA-based advertising, marketing and technology professionals to help provide food for thousands in need in the greater-LA area. 

Thanks to the awesome volunteers, we made 3,696 meal kits for children and seniors in the LA area!


Tags:  #thinkcanjam  Community  Giving Back  la food bank  Los Angeles Food Bank  thinkLA 

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Gaming Breakfast 2019 Presented By Unity and Zynga Ads

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The ThinkLA Gaming Breakfast brought together industry professionals and thought leaders discussing how the landscape has changed, which opportunities make the most sense for brands, the rise of the “gaming influencer”, diversity within game development, and a glimpse into the future of gaming. Attendees left with everything they needed to know to make the right business decisions across the gaming spectrum, and be prepared for what comes next.


  • Paola Alejandra, Esports Host/Reporter and Gaming, Influencer
  • Gustavo Alvarado, Senior Director, Global Media, Activision
  • David Bloom, Senior Contributor, Forbes
  • Mark Egan, Managing Director, West Coast, Mediacom
  • Tyler Enders, CEO/Founder, Esports Arena
  • Brian Fisher, Co-Founder, The Warp Zone
  • Scott Koenigsberg, SVP, Central Product Management
  • Joshua Ovenshire, Talent, The Jovenshire
  • Mario Pacini, VP and GM, Tech/Entertainment. Walmart.com
  • Aria Safar, Liaison,Tech and Gaming Industries, City of Los Angeles
  • Peer Schneider, COO, IGN
  • Luke Stepleton, Co-founder, 3BlackDot
  • Lee Trink, CEO, Faze Clan
  • Mike Wann, CEO, MoBcrush


click image for more
Peer Schneider, COO, IGN, Presentation






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AdJam 2019 AdStock

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, October 2, 2019

AdJam: Adstock Like... wow. What a flashback. AdJam 2019 celebrated the songs and artists of Woodstock, and the vibe wasn't just for hippies. What a turnout! Creatives, execs, and even Accounting came together in sweet, sweet harmonies for a night of groovy, toe-tapping, jaw-dropping shreds from the very best L.A. agency bands. Let's give it up for the bands, who were all totally far out and certainly made the judges work! 

Congratulations to our winners Midnight Oil and Reprise Digital/UM! They went home with the coveted AdJam Axe again, courtesy of Fender Musical Instruments

Thank you so much to all who attended and cheered for their favorite rock stars!



Highlight Video Coming Soon



Band Sponsor Audience Sponsor

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Tags:  #ThinkAdJam  Agency Bands  LA Advertising  Music 

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Cannabis Marketing Summit Presented by Hawke Media

Posted By Administration, Monday, August 19, 2019

What an event this was! The speakers, the panels, the incredible amount of information offered to our 300+ attendees.

ThinkLA's Cannabis Marketing 2019: From Bud to Bloom provided the SoCal advertising community the latest information about the dynamic cannabis industry. With the legalization of hemp in 2018 and overall increasing acceptance, the cannabis market represents a huge opportunity for advertisers, agencies, and the marketing/media community; and California is leading the way. 

Brand marketers, publishers, agency professionals, and ad tech executives learned about the latest industry rules and regulations, how this is impacting wellness, what's working and what's not working for marketers, and how brands are building new, innovative marketing programs.

We had a great day of insight and information. Thank you for being there, and thank you to our speakers and sponsors! 


  • Jim Baudino, President, MERRY JANE Media
  • Kerrigan Behrens, CEO, Sagely Natural
  • Matt Barnes, SWISH
  • Luis Camano, Chief Creative Officer, Key Activations
  • David H. Dancer, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Eugenio Garcia, CEO, Cannabis Now
  • Shawn Gold, CEO, Pilgrim Soul
  • Laurel Gregory, Creative Director, The Hybrid Creative
  • Erik Huberman, CEO, Hawke Medai
  • Kimberly Kovacs, CEO, My Jane
  • Michelle Mabugat, Attorney, Manzuri Law
  • Ama MacDonald, Director,
  • Sheldon Owen, Founder / Co-CEO, Muncheez
  • Tracy Ryan, CEO, CannaKids
  • Cody Tesnow, CEO, Composite Agency


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