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Auto Breakfast 2017

Posted By Sara Hope, Friday, April 21, 2017

We hope everyone enjoyed the 2017 Auto Breakfast! We are grateful to our speakers and especially to our sponsors who helped make all the magic happen. This year’s event was presented by PlaceIQ, and supported by Pinterest, Cox Automotive, and Eyeview.

We kicked off with an energizing keynote from Brian Cooley of CNET, who set the scene with his fast-paced rundown of all that’s new and happening in the auto world, and what to look for as the “next big thing”.

Next, we took a deep dive into the world of “influence” and considered what it takes to create it, measure it, and assess its value in auto marketing. We were entertained and enlightened by speakers from several auto brands and agency partners who contribute so much to the ThinkLA community. The role of emerging technology was explored through some deeply engaged discussion among industry thought leaders.


  • Brian Cooley, Editor In Chief, CNET
  • Mike Levine, North America Product Communications Manager, Ford Motor Company
  • Matt Wechsler, COO and Managing Director, Civic Entertainment Group
  • Will Cady, Partnerships & Advertising, Reddit
  • Chris Nicholls, Communications Director, SSLA
  • Anthony Oliveira, Media Planner, Toyota
  • Cindy Scott, Brand Traction
  • Drew Bruenig, PlaceIQ
  • Leisha Bereson, Canvas Worldwide
  • Brian Diamond, VP Group Director, Strategy, Canvas Worldwide
  • Darren Lachtman, Co-Founder, Niche
  • Mike Dossett, Associate Director, Digital Strategy, RPA


  •  The need for a meaningful connection between a brand and its audience
  • An authentic and transparent role in the brand conversation is a must
  • Technology has a vital role in enhancing and analyzing influence
  • Everyone’s a content creator and a media channel in their own right
  • The influencer role has to have substance and meaning beyond that of paid advocate

















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Auto Breakfast 2016

Posted By Sara H. Smith, Monday, April 25, 2016

Thank you to our sponsors:

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Eyeview   gumgum   US News   Tapad

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Highlights from Auto Breakfast 2015

Posted By Administration, Thursday, April 30, 2015
Updated: Tuesday, April 28, 2015
The ThinkLA Auto Breakfast 2015, “Accelerating Through the Innovation Curve,” took us through a varied landscape of speakers exploring how auto marketers can stay on track, keep consumer engagement high, and leverage new uses of technology to impact brands.

Michelle Krebs, Director of Automotive Relations, Senior Analyst , Cox Automotive/Auto Trader presented an automotive “feast” of the 2015 automotive trends and forecasts, featuring stats on the “meat and potatoes” of rising SUV and luxury sales vs the “healthy vegetables” of declining hybrid/electric vehicles.

Jan Thompson, SVP and US Auto Lead at Ipsos;  Douwe Rademaker, global CEO of the MarketQuest division at Ipsos, and Andrew Leary, CEO of the Ipsos Social Media Exchange, discussed their brand-new Censydiam Social Automotive Study, using a comparison of the Lexus NX and Acura RDX SUVs to show how social performance affects the path to purchase.

Rich Reigart, 360i shared details on Toyota’s partnership with Oculus Rift in bringing leading edge technology to encourage safe teen driving.  Their innovative simulator experience has exposed thousands of teens and their parents to the dangers of distracted driving, with overwhelmingly positive results for the participants and for the brand.

Finally, we cruised through the Programmatic arena with help from Mike Margolin, RPA’s Director of Media Strategy, Tom Kelly, AOL’s  VP of Platform Partnerships,  and Tom Triscari, CEO of Labmatik. They discussed various models of how automated advertising is being used by auto marketers, shared successful client experiences, and explored what it takes to be an automotive programmatic leader.


Ipsos Presentation
Michelle Krebs Presentation

Thank you to our Speakers:

Michelle Krebs, Director of Automotive Relations, Cox Automotive, Senior Analyst, Auto Trader
Andrew Leary, CEO, Ipsos Social Media Exchange
Mike Margolin, SVP, Director of Media Strategy, RPA
Peter O'Sullivan, Senior Sales Director for the Western Region, Quantcast
Douwe Rademaker CEO, Ipsos MarketQuest
Rich Reigart, Director of Strategy, 360i
Jan Thompson, SVP US Auto Lead Ipsos
Tom Triscari, CEO, Labmatik


Thank you to our sponsors:

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Automotive Breakfast 2014

Posted By thinkLA Aficionado, Thursday, April 24, 2014
Updated: Friday, August 8, 2014

On April 23rd, industry professionals explained how Social Media, PR, Analog/TV, Experiential, CRM, SEM and In-Car Tech can work together to amplify brand messaging and cross-promote in the digital space.

Presentation Slides


Press Coverage


The most exciting marketing opportunity you need to know by David Zaleski, iMedia Connection

How Honda helped save the American drive-in by David Zaleski, iMedia Connection

Thank you to our speakers:

Greg Johns, SVP, Client Director Digital Strategy, Initiative
Alicia Jones, Manager, Honda and Acura Social Marketing, American Honda
Brad Audet, General Manager, Garage Team Mazda

Thank you to our sponsors:

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Automotive Breakfast 2013

Posted By Administration, Thursday, April 18, 2013
Updated: Friday, February 21, 2014

View Photos


What were the top takeaways from the Automotive Breakfast?

  • The combination of a space shuttle and zombies is a supernatural phenomenon. The Toyota Tundra Endeavour and the Zombie edition of Hyundai Elantra made a rare appearance at our breakfast.
  • Jack Hollis, VP of Marketing at Toyota, shared how Toyota is *connecting* in new ways and delivering on their "Let’s Go Places” campaign.
  • David Angelo of David&Goliath (Kia account) proved how *like-mindedness* and having the right partners, like Blake Griffin, are key to success. Be brave. All cylinders should fire!
  • Initiative's Fred Sattler (Hyundai account) showed us how having a branded content and integration checklist is important.

Click here to view presentation slides.

Here are our favorite top five #ThinkAuto tweets from the event:



Many thanks to our exclusive sponsor:

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