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Entertainment Breakfast 2019 Sponsored by Tremor Video (Recap)

Posted By Administration, Monday, July 8, 2019

What an event this was! The speakers, the panels, the 500+ attendees...the L.A. traffic! We had a jam-packed morning of insight and impact. Thank you for being there, and thank you to our speakers! 

For a more in-depth recap, read our blog post


  • Kjerstin Beatty, SVP Multi-Platform Media Strateg, NBCU
  • Christie Bishop, Executive Vice President, Brands, Edelman
  • Bill Condon, Senior Vice President of Advertising Partnerships, XUMO
  • Kelly Garner, Founder & CEO, Treefort
  • Bob Gruters, Chief Revenue Officer, Digital Trends
  • Matt Katrosar, Vice President, Head of West Coast & Midwest Advertising, Pluto TV
  • Hernan Lopez, Founder & CEO, Wondery
  • Julian Mintz, Senior Account Executive, Roku
  • Lorenzo Moreno, General Manager of Business Development, Southwest Region, The Trade Desk
  • JP Richards, EVP Worldwide Marketing and Chief Data Strategist, Warner Brothers Pictures
  • Jill Siegel, AVP, Business Intelligence,Xandr
  • Joe Shields, Vice President, Connections, iHeartMedia
  • Heather Strofs, VP of Ad Sales, Tubi


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Curious about last year's Entertainment Breakfast? Read the Entertainment Breakfast Recap here.




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Entertainment Breakfast 2018 presented by Tremor Video DSP

Posted By Emily Hope, Thursday, July 12, 2018

Entertainment Marketing Breakfast: Breaking the Mold

We create advertising and media for entertainment companies, but how much of it is actually... entertaining? At our 2018 Entertainment Breakfast, we discussed impactful, unexpected ways for entertainment businesses to connect with customers. #ThinkEntertainment

Thank you to our speakers, sponsors and attendees for exploring entertainment marketing with us: 

  • How do we make marketing about people while using hypertargeting and insights-driven data?
  • How do we best capitalize on a marketing world where consumers are oversaturated with content?
  • What’s the right balance between art and science, the analytical and the creative?

So what did we learn after a morning of intelligent speaking and thought-provoking fireside chats? That there is no mold to break!

"Very informative, engaging, useful info and concise! Great!"

"One of the best panels ever for a ThinkLA event. The speakers were funny, engaging (so necessary at 8am), relevant, transparent with their thinking. "

"So insightful and entertaining!"



  • Keynote: Kevin Westcott (bio), Vice Chairman, Deloitte
  • Michael Benson, Head of Marketing, Amazon Studios
  • Scott Bishoff (bio), Vice President of Media FOX
  • Caty Burgess, SVP, Marketing & Media Strategies, The CW
  • Rebecca Daugherty (bio), EVP, Marketing, ABC Studios
  • Greg Morrow (bio), COO, Ranker
  • Randy Shaffer (bio), Senior Director, Xbox Oath Advertising Sales
  • Abbey Thomas (bio), Chief Marketing Officer, Tremor Video DSP



Entertainment Breakfast 2018 Highlight Video



  • Go Pro, courtesy of Tremor Video DSP - Thomas Mercier, OMD
  • Bose Headphones, courtesy of Tremor Video DSP - Nick Sweeney, UM
  • $100 Fandango and $100 Fandango Now gift cards - Danielle Ciappara, Wavemaker
  • Two tickets to Beck at the Hollywood Bowl Friday, 9/28, courtesy of Ranker - Beverly Wang, MediaCom


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Entertainment Breakfast 2017 presented by Tremor Video

Posted By Web Admin, Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Well we just did Entertainment Breakfast like a boss! We would to give a special thanks to our speakers, partners, and sponsors who helped us create such a wonderful agenda. 

Creating brand engagement at scale is more difficult today than it has ever been; yet the opportunity has never been greater. Brands are turning to Hollywood storytellers to engage their audiences across platforms and devices. Networks are reshuffling their advertising mix. Social media companies are creating new advertising products. And the advent of data-driven solutions can help inform smarter choices, but further complicates the landscape. The challenge is to put it all together.


  • Amy Elkins, EVP Media and Marketing Innovation, STXfilms
  • Elizabeth Barrutia, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, BARU
  • Sam Bergen, Executive Creative Director, VICE Media
  • Greg Glenday, Global CRO, Head of Creative & Music Partnerships, Shazam
  • Jae Goodman, Chief Creative Officer, Co-Head Marketing, CAA
  • Brad Weston, Chief Executive Officer, MAKEREADY
  • Lucas Shaw, Entertainment Reporter

















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Entertainment Marketing Breakfast Recap

Posted By Web Admin, Friday, July 15, 2016

Takeaways from the Entertainment Marketing Breakfast
– Lynn Lester, TheDrum.com @lynnsweettweet 


The general consensus of the morning's speakers was that social media influencers are now starting to pick up the pace in becoming marketers' choice for brand advocacy.


YouTubers have the authenticity and personal relationship with their fans, something a Hollywood actor can't offer brands. And the interesting point was made by Abbey Thomas, SVP, Buyer Platforms, Auto and Entertainment at Tremor Video who said that "Millennials can now mention more social influencers than stars on the Hollywood walk of fame."


If social influencers don't like or respect a brand then there is no hope of a successful marriage between the two. The word 'authenticity' cropped up time and time again as every speaker hammered home the point that if brands want to gain the respect from their target audience, they need to allow YouTube creators to have a heavy hand in co-creating the content in order for it to work.


According to Grace Helbig, creator and host of the YouTube channel 'it'sGrace,' the bottom line is that if the content is not genuine then the audience will see right through it.


But it's not all about achieving the big engagement numbers advised Zach Gallagher, EVP, director of digital strategy of Deutsch LA. Counting the number of likes doesn't really do it for me". Another piece of advice to marketers came from Jeetendr Sehdev, Professor of Marketing at the University of Southern California; "Brands need to be brave and tap into what people really are thinking deep down. Tap into them and induce behavioral change." 


Highlights Video
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Thought-Provoking Takeaways from Trends Breakfast 2015

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, November 4, 2015
On Tuesday, November 3rd,Troy Carter, CEO of Atom Factory, Aaron Luber, Head of Partnerships for Google Cardboard, and moderator Carlos Watson, Founder of Ozy, wowed attendees at ThinkLA's Trends Breakfast with insights and thought-provoking discussion around the future of marketing, entertainment and technology. Attendees went home with a Google VR headset. 


Jason Yoong, event co-chair and Associate Media Director at UM Worldwide, provides his top-line takeaways from the breakfast: 

  1. Kids 7-12 will be early adopters of Virtual Reality, thanks to products like the Mattel VR ViewMaster and Google Cardboard. 10 years from now those kids will be your core customers. Take note marketers!
  2. Virtual Reality will revolutionize many industries including education. Teachers will be able to take their students on fieldtrips to the Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China, anywhere. Think about how brands can add value to that moment or help bring this to all classrooms.  
  3. Design is no longer a nice to have, it is a need to have.  
  4. The companies that will change the world (and the ones prime for investment) don't shift consumer behavior…they create new consumer behaviors.
  5. What are the keys to success? HUSTLE and CURIOSITY.
  6. Virtual Reality is on Day 1. This is the time to experiment.
  7. Daily executive summaries of the latest news is not a "Millennial thing," informative + convenient content has no generational boundaries.



ThinkLA Trends Breakfast 2015 Highlights

ThinkLA Trends Breakfast 2015
Aaron Luber Presentation

ThinkLA Trends Breakfast 2015
Troy Carter Conversation

Press Coverage

15 Disruptive Tech Trends uncovered by Google, OZY and Atom Factory Leaders by Liz Kelly

Thank you to our speakers:


Troy Carter, Founder & CEO, Atom Factory   
Aaron Luber, Head of Partnerships, Google Cardboard    
Carlos Watson (moderator), Co-Founder & CEO, OZY Media  

Thank you to our sponsors:


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What made a Big Bang at Entertainment Breakfast...

Posted By Administration, Friday, July 17, 2015
Updated: Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The battle for your eyes, heart, and wallet is being waged. Negative trends - fragmentation in broadcast and cable TV viewing, declining domestic theatrical attendance, and a disappearing DVD market are being countered by new platforms and alternatives. Mobile viewing, OTT services, MCNs, apps, etc. are all fighting for consumer attention.


Here were the highlights from the breakfast:

  • Time Leake from RPA presented Cannes in 10 minutes
  • Amy Elkins from STX wants marketers to focus on the bigger picture and keeping up with change. She says, "technology is the changing face of business."
  • Our panel debated whether there should be one solid metric for measurement. While everyone had a different opinion, all agreed that ROI is part of the puzzle in determining the success of a campaign. 
  • According to David Baron from Hulu, a behavioral shift is happening in streaming. It's becoming more communal. 
  • Lastly, we got an insiders take on brand integration (Cadillac) from Entourage creator Doug Ellin and CCO Jae Goodman of CAA. Make sure to check out the 4 minute spot on YouTube! 
Highlights Video
Brand Integration Video
Presentation Slides
Event Summary

Created by Zach Rosenberg, ThinkLA Board Member and EVP, Chief Growth Officer at Horizon Media.

Press Coverage

How Streaming is Taking Over by Agata Smieciuszewski, iMedia Connection

Thank you to our Speakers:

David Baron, VP of Content Partner Management, Hulu
Amy Elkins, Head of Media and Marketing Innovation, STX Entertainment
Doug Ellin, Director/Writer/Producer, HBO's "Entourage"
Jae Goodman, CCO & Co-Head, CAA
Tim Leake, SVP/Growth & Innovation, RPA

Thank you to our Moderator & Panelists:

Caty Burgess, Vice President, Media Strategies, The CW Network
Manish Gupta, Head of Insights and Analytics, Twitter
Rich Kim, VP / Media Director, Moxie
Abbey Thomas, Head of Entertainment and Auto, Tremor Video
Dounia Turrill, Senior Vice President, Client Insights, Nielsen


Thank you to our sponsors:

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Entertainment Marketing Breakfast 2014

Posted By thinkLA Aficionado, Monday, July 21, 2014
Updated: Monday, July 21, 2014
On July 17, 2014, over 500+ guests attended our 2014 Entertainment Marketing Breakfast at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel to discuss marketing trends in the millennial age. Here are three takeaways from our speakers:
  1. Millennials reach millennials. This generation is eager to share knowledge with their friends and go beyond the ordinary means of seeking information- they want an authentic and personalized message that they can depend on. – George Strompolos, Fullscreen
  2. Advertising is not the problem, bad advertising is. Millennials like to access information from their peers, trusted friends and close network. With constant overflow of advertising, they filter the most useful and practical advice for their everyday lives. "If you want to shape the future, then talk to it". – Kent Rees, Pivot TV
  3. The "Barney Affect" effect not only symbolizes a popular purple dinosaur show that most millennials grew up watching, but how those values of equality and justice still hold true for them today. Companies and brands should mirror their social responsibility in order to attract this generation to their products. Millennials expect brands to take note of their feedback and engage them in interactive communication. – Warren Wright, EVP of LifeCourse Associates.
Presentation Slides
Congratulations to the raffle winners:

Thalia Doherty, Tru TV - Kindle Fire/Amazon TV, courtesy of The Los Angeles Times
Kevin Ford, OMD - PS4, courtesy of Twitch
Sara Leverty-Lavoie, Rouge Beauty - Xbox One, courtesy of Curse
Carolyn Loo, UM - iPad Air, courtesy of Session M

Thank you to our speakers:

Warren WrightExecutive Vice President - Lifecourse Associates
Kent ReesExecutive Vice President, Pivot TV 
Kevin WinstonFounder, Digital LA
George StrompolosCEO and Founder, Fullscreen



Hulu’s major distinguishing factor

Why original VOD programmatic is here to stay
Thank you to our sponsors:

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