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What you missed at the Intern Social

Posted By thinkLA Aficionado, Wednesday, August 12, 2015

On Friday, August 7, Interns from the ThinkLA community gathered at Omelet's Rooftop for a fun BBQ Social. Emerging professionals from the media, marketing and advertising community got to hear Dailey's Digital Development Director, Don Lupo and Omelet's CEO and Chief Brand Officer, Ryan Fey, speak about their career path, played networking games, got their headshots taken and had some great barbecue food!



Thank you to our host, Omelet!



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What you missed at Summer Soirée...

Posted By Administration, Friday, July 24, 2015
Updated: Friday, July 24, 2015

On Thursday, July 23rd the ThinkLA community got together at the beautiful Bel-Air Bay Club to celebrate all-things summer at our sold-out Summer Soiree. Over 600 professionals from the media, marketing and advertising community were there to enjoy live music, fire dancers, craft cocktails, bag toss, photo booths, ice luge and tons of mingling!

Click here and here for photo booth photos!  
Congratulations to the raffle winners:

Jan Gonzalaes, Initiative – Polaroid Camera (courtesy of Quantcast)
Ivan Garcias, Palisades Media Group – Fitbit (courtesy of Yahoo!) 

Thank you to our sponsors:

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What made a Big Bang at Entertainment Breakfast...

Posted By Administration, Friday, July 17, 2015
Updated: Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The battle for your eyes, heart, and wallet is being waged. Negative trends - fragmentation in broadcast and cable TV viewing, declining domestic theatrical attendance, and a disappearing DVD market are being countered by new platforms and alternatives. Mobile viewing, OTT services, MCNs, apps, etc. are all fighting for consumer attention.


Here were the highlights from the breakfast:

  • Time Leake from RPA presented Cannes in 10 minutes
  • Amy Elkins from STX wants marketers to focus on the bigger picture and keeping up with change. She says, "technology is the changing face of business."
  • Our panel debated whether there should be one solid metric for measurement. While everyone had a different opinion, all agreed that ROI is part of the puzzle in determining the success of a campaign. 
  • According to David Baron from Hulu, a behavioral shift is happening in streaming. It's becoming more communal. 
  • Lastly, we got an insiders take on brand integration (Cadillac) from Entourage creator Doug Ellin and CCO Jae Goodman of CAA. Make sure to check out the 4 minute spot on YouTube! 
Highlights Video
Brand Integration Video
Presentation Slides
Event Summary

Created by Zach Rosenberg, ThinkLA Board Member and EVP, Chief Growth Officer at Horizon Media.

Press Coverage

How Streaming is Taking Over by Agata Smieciuszewski, iMedia Connection

Thank you to our Speakers:

David Baron, VP of Content Partner Management, Hulu
Amy Elkins, Head of Media and Marketing Innovation, STX Entertainment
Doug Ellin, Director/Writer/Producer, HBO's "Entourage"
Jae Goodman, CCO & Co-Head, CAA
Tim Leake, SVP/Growth & Innovation, RPA

Thank you to our Moderator & Panelists:

Caty Burgess, Vice President, Media Strategies, The CW Network
Manish Gupta, Head of Insights and Analytics, Twitter
Rich Kim, VP / Media Director, Moxie
Abbey Thomas, Head of Entertainment and Auto, Tremor Video
Dounia Turrill, Senior Vice President, Client Insights, Nielsen


Thank you to our sponsors:

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2015 ThinkLA IDEA Awards Gala

Posted By thinkLA, Friday, June 5, 2015
Updated: Friday, May 29, 2015

Congratulations to all of the IDEA Award winners! And thank you to our guests and sponsors for making it a wonderful night.





Cocktail Party

Awards Show

After Party

Step & Repeat



ThinkLA honors excellence in the industry and inspires us to wonder "What if we…" by Brian Urquhart, iMedia Connection

Click here to view press photos.

ThinkLA honors excellence in the industry and inspires us to wonder "What if we…" 



Campaign Achievement Awards

Best Experiential Campaign


Best Social Campaign

Deutsch LA
Taco Bell: The Eleven Everlasting Dollars

Best Visual Campaign

Woven Digital + UM
Sony Pictures 22 Jump Street

Best Video Campaign

goodness Mfg / Trailer Park Inc.
Proud to Be: A Change the Mascot Film

Best Mobile Campaign


ThinkLA Innovator

Deutsch LA

Campaign of the Year

Deutsch LA
2014 Taco Bell Breakfast Launch (Ronald McDonald Launch)

Company Achievement Awards

Agencies of the Year




Deutsch LA



Partner of the Year

BuzzFeed & BuzzFeed Motion Pictures

Individual Achievement Awards

Agency Person of the Year

Yvonne Williams, Mindshare

Client of the Year

Jamie Kramer, Sony Pictures Entertainment

Sales Person of the Year

Michael Kirschenbaum, ShareThis

Hall of Fame

Tim Hand, Kelley Blue Book








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What We Learned at Internet of Things

Posted By ThinkLA, Friday, May 29, 2015
Updated: Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Everything in our lives is becoming “smart” -- from our phones to wristbands and homes. It might seem like rocket science, but the fundamental building blocks are very simple as well as important for marketers to understand. In this hands-on workshop, we used littleBits to create and understand the next generation of tech innovation!

With the help of these tiny electronic modules that snap together, we built and created our own products, and then connected them to the internet. The workshop ended with a reflection on what this means for innovation and for us as an individual.

Check out the presentation slides below!

Presentation Slides

ThinkLA Internet of Things 2015 from ThinkLA


Thank you to our instructor, Per Håkansson, and Ignited for hosting us.


Tags:  Connected  Digital  Education  Makerminds  Mobile  Programmable  Smart 

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Presentation Skills Boot Camp Takeaways

Posted By thinkLA, Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Over the course of four evenings in May, we held our bi-annual Presentation Skills Boot Camp at Team One in Playa Vista. Participants got a chance to practice and fine tune their pitching and public speaking skills in front of their industry peers. Here were some of the key takeaways:

  • Overview of speaking styles
  • The importance of presentation preparation and rehearsal
  • The importance of body language and eye contact
  • The art of storytelling
  • The difference between solo & ensemble presentations
  • How to use PowerPoint effectively and not as a distraction


Presentation Slides


Thank you to our instructor, Michael Weiss, and to Team One for hosting us.


Tags:  Presentation skills  Presenting  Professional Development  Storytelling 

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What happened at Pokeraoke...

Posted By Administration, Monday, May 11, 2015
Updated: Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Viva Los Angeles! On Thursday, May 7th, we brought Sin City to LA. at Lure Nightclub in Hollywood. The Poker Tournament was exhilarating, the Karaoke Contest was sensational and the Casino Games were gratifyingly fun!


Photo Booth Photos
Highlights Video


Congratulations to our winners!


Poker Tournament
Steve Moore, AdTheorent - Stainless-steel Apple watch from RadiumOne


Karaoke Contest
1st place: Franco Viteri, MediaCom - Roku 3, courtesy of Conversant
2nd place: Mimi Estell, Exponential - Karaoke Machine with Frozen CD, courtesy of Conversant
3rd Place: Kimiko Rosas - Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, courtesy of Conversant


Casino Games
Nancy Mao, MediaCom - Apple Giftcard, courtesy of Globalwide Media
Dain - Apple Giftcard, courtesy of Globalwide Media
Jesse Contreras, Michelman & Robinson, LLP - Apple Giftcard, courtesy of Globalwide Media


Congratulations to the raffle winners:
Christine Williams, MBMG - $100 Apple Gift Card, courtesy of Sabio
Amanda Perez, Palisades Media - $100 Apple Gift Card, courtesy of Sabio
Alicia Chai, Moxie - Wireless Beats Headphones, courtesy of Sabio
May Lee, Resolution Media - Orsa + Winston gift card
Jesse Contreras, Michelman & Robinson, LLP - Bar Ama gift card
Alexandria Yalj, Liquid Advertising – Pearls gift card
Jonathan Vu, Carat - Rock & Reilly gift card
Ana Slavin, M&C Saatchi Mobile – Ledlow gift card
Hemang Saraiya, Crossmedia - Roku 3, courtesy of Conversant
Chi Nguyen, UM - EDC, courtesy of Insomniac


Thank you to our sponsors:



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Highlights from Auto Breakfast 2015

Posted By Administration, Thursday, April 30, 2015
Updated: Tuesday, April 28, 2015
The ThinkLA Auto Breakfast 2015, “Accelerating Through the Innovation Curve,” took us through a varied landscape of speakers exploring how auto marketers can stay on track, keep consumer engagement high, and leverage new uses of technology to impact brands.

Michelle Krebs, Director of Automotive Relations, Senior Analyst , Cox Automotive/Auto Trader presented an automotive “feast” of the 2015 automotive trends and forecasts, featuring stats on the “meat and potatoes” of rising SUV and luxury sales vs the “healthy vegetables” of declining hybrid/electric vehicles.

Jan Thompson, SVP and US Auto Lead at Ipsos;  Douwe Rademaker, global CEO of the MarketQuest division at Ipsos, and Andrew Leary, CEO of the Ipsos Social Media Exchange, discussed their brand-new Censydiam Social Automotive Study, using a comparison of the Lexus NX and Acura RDX SUVs to show how social performance affects the path to purchase.

Rich Reigart, 360i shared details on Toyota’s partnership with Oculus Rift in bringing leading edge technology to encourage safe teen driving.  Their innovative simulator experience has exposed thousands of teens and their parents to the dangers of distracted driving, with overwhelmingly positive results for the participants and for the brand.

Finally, we cruised through the Programmatic arena with help from Mike Margolin, RPA’s Director of Media Strategy, Tom Kelly, AOL’s  VP of Platform Partnerships,  and Tom Triscari, CEO of Labmatik. They discussed various models of how automated advertising is being used by auto marketers, shared successful client experiences, and explored what it takes to be an automotive programmatic leader.


Ipsos Presentation
Michelle Krebs Presentation

Thank you to our Speakers:

Michelle Krebs, Director of Automotive Relations, Cox Automotive, Senior Analyst, Auto Trader
Andrew Leary, CEO, Ipsos Social Media Exchange
Mike Margolin, SVP, Director of Media Strategy, RPA
Peter O'Sullivan, Senior Sales Director for the Western Region, Quantcast
Douwe Rademaker CEO, Ipsos MarketQuest
Rich Reigart, Director of Strategy, 360i
Jan Thompson, SVP US Auto Lead Ipsos
Tom Triscari, CEO, Labmatik


Thank you to our sponsors:

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AdU Grad: Legal

Posted By Administration, Saturday, April 25, 2015
Updated: Thursday, April 23, 2015

On April 21st, we discussed celebrity endorsements, advertising in social media, clearance issues, use of user generated content, music and advertising. We learned when launching a social campaign, to anticipate the likely consumer reaction, as well as the negative consumer reaction.


A few key takeaways:

• Be sensitive to social and political issues

• Clear all hashtags and twitter handles before you start using them

• If you make a mistake, consider a prompt apology!



We also learned about examples of negative guerrila marketing: always check for permitting requirements! For example, LED placards in shape of Aqua teen Hunger force characters were hidden all around Boston shortly after the Boston bombing.





Thank you to our instructors, Kathyleen O'Brien, Dominique Pietz, and Todd Mumford.


Tags:  Education  Law  Professional Development 

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Highlights from Mobile Breakfast 2015

Posted By Administration, Friday, March 27, 2015
Updated: Friday, March 27, 2015

At ThinkLA's Mobile Breakfast 2015, we learned about how mobility is essential to being connected to things in our everyday life. We explored current and upcoming trends in the mobile world that will impact us and the way we connect to others. 


Edwin Wong, Sr. Director, B2B Strategic Research & Insights at Yahoo!, discussed smart phone dominance. There are three main factors that continue to keep us connected… 1.   Screen size – The larger the screen, the more time a user spends with their phone. 2.  Better apps – the most successful apps provide real value, convenience and connection. 3.  Cross screen use is creating sequential experiences.


The location based panel discussion mostly centered around enhanced targeting capabilities of mobile platforms, specifically geo-targeting. Since 85% of all data has some type of location reference, geo-targeting has vastly improved over the years. Beacons can push sale notifications to a user when they enter a geo space and geo-tracking can indicate an in-store visit or other locations that a customer may go, but there are some challenges or concerns. The main concerns are privacy and quality of location data. Lastly, the panel predicts that in 2017 mobile ad revenue will be two times what it is now in display ad revenue.


Sr. Director of Digital Marketing at Mattel, Heather Miller, shared Mattel’s mobile strategy and several specific mobile experiences that they have created to connect with their consumers. Mattel’s strategy is to lead with digital in everything that they do, and their goal is to provide connected brand engagement experiences. There is well documented research proving kids are extremely immersed in digital play on mobile devices. The IAB states that moms spend 35% more time on mobile devices than any other platform. They feel the app experience is a much safer environment than surfing the web. 

Insights provided by:

Kevin Stone

Digital Sales Manager, Time Warner Cable Media


Thank you to our Speakers:

Edwin Wong, Senior Director, B2B Strategic Research & Insights, Yahoo!
Asif Khan, Founder & President, LBMA moderator
Monica Ho, SVP of Marketing, xAd
David Shim, Founder & CEO, Placed
Tyler Bell, VP of Product, Factual
Loren Hillberg, President & GM, Thinknear
Heather Miller, Sr. Director of Digital Marketing, Mattel
Ashwin Navin, CEO & Co-Founder, Samba TV


Thank you to our sponsors:


Tags:  geo targeting  location based marketing  mobile  Mobile Breakfast  mobile marketing 

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