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Cannabis Advertising 2.0 Event Recap

Posted By Web Admin, Friday, August 10, 2018

Cannabis Advertising 2.0

Thought leaders shared their unique stories and how they are building their brands and business in this fast-growing industry. The sold-out crowd of 200+ brand representatives, marketers, agencies, publishers and ad tech professionals spoke about regulations, industry learnings, challenges and successes they are seeing in an industry that is estimated to reach $75 billion by 2025.

Though nascent, the cannabis industry represents a huge marketing opportunity as the community moves quickly to educate consumers, build their brands and business in a channel that has many local and state regulations. Many marketers have voiced that advertising is challenging because of regulations and limitations. Ad-tech executives shared that there is targeted video available now for brands to reach audiences through various platforms. There are also large opportunities for agencies, as these marketers and brands will be scaling nationally and globally and will look for expertise.

Rosa Ziebell, SVP of Marketing for Eaze said, "Quality content is key and so important.” Marketers are going back to basics as quality content drives organic search. Marketers are looking to reach audience segments to build their brands, and tell their stories through new platforms. Kimberly Dillon, CMO of Papa & Barkley said, “We’re real people and have real stories. We’re telling our stories and it connects because it’s authentic.”

Yoni Meyers, Partner at Casa Verde said, “We believe cannabis is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Key takeaways:

• Regulations need to be reviewed on the local and state level continuously as regulations change often

• Opportunity is huge for brands, agencies, publishers and content creators as the industry is nascent and growing fast

• Brand and marketers need to advertise to capture various audience segments and gather data

• Quality content is key, driving organic search and SEO while pushing content and messages out via new video platforms

• Another ThinkLA Cannabis event is needed, sooner than later as the industry is moving so quickly



  • Gregg Apirian (bio), Founder, Three Wells
  • Jim Baudino (bio),VP Marketing and Business Development, Merry Jane Media
  • CJ Bowden (bio), Founder, GreenSpring
  • Grace Briscoe (bio), VP Candidates and Cause, Centro
  • Kimberly Dillon (bio), CMO, Papa & Barkley
  • Anna Duckworth (bio), Co-Founder/Editor-in-Chief, Miss Grass
  • Michelle Garakian (bio), Assistant Executive Director, Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulations 
  • Kyle Johnston (bio), Founding Partner, Gigasavvy
  • Yoni Meyer (bio), Partner, Casa Verde Capital
  • Rosa Ziebell (bio), SVP Marketing, Eaze Solutions
  • Tom Zuber (bio), Managing Partner, Zuber Lawler & Del Duca LLP






  • Papa & Barkley Swag Bag, Andi Robbins, RIESTER 


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https://www.papaandbarkley.com/# https://housebeer.us/

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Summer Soiree 2018 Havana Nights presented by true[X]

Posted By Web Admin, Friday, August 10, 2018

Havana, ooh yea-yea!

Thanks to all who came to eat, drink, play games, and dance the night away 2018 Summer Soirée Havana Nights presented by true[x]!

We loved spending a colorful night with all of you - L.A.'s brightest media, marketing, and advertising professionals! Visions of Flowers, Fedoras, Guayaberas, Cuban-themed cocktails, and ocean views from the Bel Air Bay Club are still dancing in our heads. A huge thanks to all of the talent, committee members, sponsors, and volunteers who helped us make the all of the magic happen!



  • Lotame Swag Bag with Amazon Echo, Daniel Bustillo, RPA
  • Bon Iver Tickets to Hollywood Bowl, Jay O'Brien, Bloom Ads





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Entertainment Breakfast 2018 presented by Tremor Video DSP

Posted By Emily Hope, Thursday, July 12, 2018

Entertainment Marketing Breakfast: Breaking the Mold

We create advertising and media for entertainment companies, but how much of it is actually... entertaining? At our 2018 Entertainment Breakfast, we discussed impactful, unexpected ways for entertainment businesses to connect with customers. #ThinkEntertainment

Thank you to our speakers, sponsors and attendees for exploring entertainment marketing with us: 

  • How do we make marketing about people while using hypertargeting and insights-driven data?
  • How do we best capitalize on a marketing world where consumers are oversaturated with content?
  • What’s the right balance between art and science, the analytical and the creative?

So what did we learn after a morning of intelligent speaking and thought-provoking fireside chats? That there is no mold to break!

"Very informative, engaging, useful info and concise! Great!"

"One of the best panels ever for a ThinkLA event. The speakers were funny, engaging (so necessary at 8am), relevant, transparent with their thinking. "

"So insightful and entertaining!"



  • Keynote: Kevin Westcott (bio), Vice Chairman, Deloitte
  • Michael Benson, Head of Marketing, Amazon Studios
  • Scott Bishoff (bio), Vice President of Media FOX
  • Caty Burgess, SVP, Marketing & Media Strategies, The CW
  • Rebecca Daugherty (bio), EVP, Marketing, ABC Studios
  • Greg Morrow (bio), COO, Ranker
  • Randy Shaffer (bio), Senior Director, Xbox Oath Advertising Sales
  • Abbey Thomas (bio), Chief Marketing Officer, Tremor Video DSP



Entertainment Breakfast 2018 Highlight Video



  • Go Pro, courtesy of Tremor Video DSP - Thomas Mercier, OMD
  • Bose Headphones, courtesy of Tremor Video DSP - Nick Sweeney, UM
  • $100 Fandango and $100 Fandango Now gift cards - Danielle Ciappara, Wavemaker
  • Two tickets to Beck at the Hollywood Bowl Friday, 9/28, courtesy of Ranker - Beverly Wang, MediaCom


Presenting Sponsor

http://www.tremorvideodsp.com/ width=

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Intern Summit 2018 Recap

Posted By Emily Hope, Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Spanning three evenings, ThinkLA's Intern Summit in L.A. gives interns the opportunity to connect with their fellow young professionals over snacks and cocktails while learning insider tips and tricks from seasoned ad pros, all designed to help them survive their first years in advertising. The Intern Summit's emerging advertising professionals find inspiration from industry experts across different disciplines, talents, races, genders, career paths, and more, and gain a deeper understanding of the advertising industry’s business practices and corporate culture.

The ultimate reward of the Intern Summit is the opportunity for attendees to have résumés critiqued by top industry recruiters and HR professionals before applying for their first job in advertising.


  • "I loved learning about internships from people who have either had one or deals with interns. Especially what to do and what not to do."
  • "My biggest takeaway was to take time to create relationships during the internship. As an entry level employee, stay in one place for some time to show that you’re sticking through."
  • "Cultivate relationships."
  • "Networking and developing relationships with your coworkers is imperative to your internship. Work hard and give everything you do your own personal touch. Stand out."
  • "I learned to be confident and work your butt off in order to get what you want."
  • My biggest takeaway was the mindset that I can find opportunities to make a difference and produce something for the team in any down time. I feel like I can use my opportunities and time more efficiently now.


  • “Don’t live to work, work to live.”
  • “Learning how to say no is learning what you want to prioritize.”
  • “The only way you win is to out smart people. It’s all about outsmarting your competitor.”
  • “Nobody in this industry knows everything about this industry.”
  • “It’s important to realize when things are out of your control; learn how to effectively communicate and set realistic expectations so that you and your team can follow.”

PHOTOS (courtesy of Pangtastic Photos)




http://www.doner.com/     http://www.doner.com/



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IDEA Awards Gala 2018: The Power of Us

Posted By Emily Hope, Thursday, June 7, 2018

Cheers to the dreamers, the doers, the makers, the risk takers. Here's to the Best of Us.

The IDEA Awards Gala honors campaigns, agencies, clients, marketers, media partners and individuals that exemplify the best our region has to offer. For the eighth year, we celebrated Southern California's advertising, marketing and media superstars. 

Thank you for supporting your fellow marketing and advertising family by showing up for our premier event of the year. BIG congratulations to all of our finalists, winners, and entries and special thanks to our host, Paul Ollinger, commentators: Jacklyn Uweh and Chris Denson, and our event partners and sponsors who helped us create all of the magic! #ThinkAwards #PowerOfUs






IDEA Awards 2018 Highlight Video

IDEA Awards Gala Video Opener








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http://adworks.att.com/ http://facebook.com

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https://www.conversantmedia.com/ http://imgur.com/

After Party Sponsor Host Sponsor Atmosphere Sponsor Table Wine Sponsor
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Winners Circle Sponsor Cheersme Sponsor Tasty Treat Sponsor
https://loopme.com/ https://www.buzzfeed.com/

http://www.defymedia.com/ http://www.printv3.com/ http://rapportww.com/us/

Creative Partners
http://liquidadvertising.com/ https://vimby.com/

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Pokeraoke 2018: The Tiki Edition

Posted By Emily Hope, Monday, May 7, 2018

On May 3, we took over Ohm Nightclub in Hollywood for a fabulous tiki casino night! At our eleventh Pokeraoke event, over 600 industry professionals dressed in their best tiki dress for an evening of casino games, karaoke, and Texas hold ‘em.

Congratulations to the winners!

Poker Tournament sponsored by AdTheorent:

  • 1st place: Brian Banks, VP, Director of Digital Strategy, Davis Elen
  • 2nd place: Gary Buttice, Digital Media Planner, Quigley-Simpson
  • Poker-Rookie: Jackie Lee, Associate Director, Canvas Worldwide

Karaoke sponsored by Ranker:

  • 1st place: Mimi Estell, Mirror Digital
  • 2nd place: Ralph Batac, Carat
  • 3rd place: Deveny Rohier, MediaCom
  • Runner-up: Josh Elliot, NBCuniversal

Casino Game chip leaders:

  • Kevin Scheller, IAS
  • Logan Smetana, Rolling Stone
  • Ashley Warren, Quigley-Simpson



Event Photos Clearstream Photo Booth





Poker Tournament Sponsor


Onstage Sponsor

Photobooth Sponsor
https://www.ranker.com/ Sponsors
Exposure Sponsor Creative Partner
https://www.nativo.com/ www.nickvaldivia.com

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Advanced TV 2018

Posted By Emily Hope, Thursday, April 26, 2018

At ThinkLA’s second Advanced TV Breakfast on April 26, 500+ attendees heard from a variety of speakers and panelists across the ATV spectrum. Thank you to our attendees, speakers, volunteers, and especially our sponsors: Spectrum Reach, Alphonso, Samsung Ads, SpotX, and Roku. 

Advanced TV is more than a buzzword, but some still have trouble explaining what it is and why it should be an integral part of marketing and media efforts. It goes beyond the traditional thinking of what “television” is, marrying the complexities of digital video, targeting, and buying with the scale and reach of linear television. With increasing fragmentation of video content distribution and consumption, marketers and advertisers need to evolve how they leverage Advanced TV to target, engage, and measure the impact of campaigns. #ThinkTV



  • Jeffrey Boehme, SVP, Television Research, comScore
  • Jason Croddy, VP, Group Account Director, Canvas Worldwide
  • Asaf Davidov, Director, AdSales Research, HULU
  • Robert Hayes, EVP, Digital Marketing, NBC Universal
  • Bill Herman, Director, Digital Sales, Spectrum Reach
  • Omara Hernandez, SVP, Media Director, Canvas WorldWide
  • Ryan King, VP, Research, Samba TV
  • Julie Piepenkotter, EVP, Research, FX Networks
  • Jessica Ruggeri Houge, SVP, Digital Client Solutions, Nielsen
  • Matt Schimdt, Regional VP, Agency Development, SpotX
  • Andre Swanston, CEO/Co-Founder, Tru Optik



  • "ATV is what cable was 30 years ago and Cable is a huge part of what Advanced TV is now. For the consumer, it is the ability to watch TV at your fingertips." - Bill Herman
  • “It’s been the year of mobile for a long time, but we needed more measurement of connected TV, when the advertising support was non-linear.
  • The real charge for Neilson was to find all the pieces and make sense of them for marketing.” - Jessica Ruggeri Hogue
  • There are 17 different devices with at least 1MM household penetration. Until that clears up, advanced TV is moving uphill, and ripe for a disruptive takeover.
  • On solving OTT Platforms because there is no current standardized measures for ATV: "There are 3 steps to solve: 1. Audience validation 2. Serving-based ad metrics 3. Attribution for the Advanced TV ecosystem." - Asaf Davidov
  • "What once felt like we were trying to find water with a stick, the new cross-platform tools are engaging advertisers and quantifying viewership like never before." - Julie Piepenkotter
  • Advertisers are demanding higher accountability. Need to produce unduplicated reach across screens on connected TV devices. Advertisers want to know where the lift is coming from.
  • “Snapchat gives us a unique opportunity to market in a new way, with 20 second clips in a non-linear way” - Robert Hayes 



  • Nicholas Davis, Canvas: “Best of Spectrum Reach” (two MTV Movie Awards tickets, Spectrum SportsNet signed Lakers basketball, Sonos PLAY: Wireless Speaker), courtesy of Spectrum Reach
  • Daniel Le, Canvas: Swag Basket, courtesy of SpotX
  • JC Williams, Horizon Media: 49" TCL Roku TV, courtesy of Roku
  • Elizabeth Cho, Campbell Ewald: Apple HomePod, courtesy of Alphonso







Presenting Sponsor


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Auto Breakfast 2018

Posted By Jasmin mendoza, Wednesday, April 11, 2018

We hope everyone enjoyed Auto Breakfast presented by PlaceIQ!

We are beyond grateful to those who attended, the knowledgable speakers and especially to our sponsors who helped make all the magic happen. This year’s event was presented by PlaceIQ, and supported by Alphonso, Media IQ, Cox Automotive, Foursquare, IHS Markit, Thinknear, and US News.

"I had a great time. I've been to many of these talks and this was the first time my attention was kept through the entire presentation."

- "Wonderful speakers and a great variety of topics. Can't wait for next year!"

- "Auto breakfast continues to be one of the best industry events in Los Angeles. Amazing speakers that gave interesting insights." 


  • Marc Bland, VP, Diversity & Inclusion, IHS Markit
  • Drew Breunig, SVP, Strategy, PlaceIQ
  • Kimberley Gardiner, Director, Marketing Communications, Kia Motors America
  • Gregory Johns, EVP, Chief Digital Officer, Canvas Worldwide
  • Mark Miller, Chief Strategy Officer, TeamOne
  • Carlene Rowe, Director, Sports & Entertainment, Conill
  • Cilmara Santos, SVP, Client Services and Brand Partnerships, Conill
  • Christopher Scuro, Digital Operations Director, Global Team Blue


  • “We are the youngest mainstream auto brand on the market, which means we can leverage those who may not judge us a a brand, but see that our products are just THAT awesome.” - Kimberley Gardiner
  • "There is no digital marketing, only marketing in a digital world." - Greg Johns
  • "The best short-term strategy is a long-term strategy. Your goals should be working towards what you want to accomplish in 10 or 30 years." - Mark Miller
  • "There is no cookie-cutter approach to influencer marketing, but choose influencers that own, love and are loyal to your brand. Consider 'non-traditional' multicultural properties as influencer content opportunities." - Carlene Rowe and Cilmara Santos
  • "Many Luxury Automotive campaigns fly over the heads of African American and Hispanic consumers like foreign objects in the night...it's time for an African American pickup campaign" - Marc Bland


  • Sunaia Severensson, Goodway Group: Beats by Dre, courtesy of PlaceIQ
  • Veronica Crews, RPA: Apple iPad, courtesy of Alphonso
  • Charlotte Cochrane, Horizon Media: FitBit, courtesy of MediaIQ
  • Teresa Tran, Horizon Media: Amazon Echo, courtesy of IHS Markit
  • Brad Marsh, Team One: Ring Doorbell, courtesy of Thinknear
  • Jeff Salkowski, Schiefer ChopShop: Kia Headphones







Marc Bland, IHS Markit PlaceIQ and Global Team Blue




Presenting Sponsor


Supporting Sponsor


Book Sponsor








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Takeaways from YoungStars: Inclusion in the Media World

Posted By Emily Hope, Friday, March 16, 2018

On Wednesday, March 14, we invited industry pros from Universal Pictures, HBO, Sparkd Studios, and OMD to discuss diversity, race, gender, inclusivity, and how all of that plays into the media landscape. Many thanks to our panelists for sharing their knowledge, and to Grindr for hosting us. 


  • Zach Stafford, Editor-in-Chief, INTO
  • Ben Cory Jones, Writer/Producer, HBO's 'Insecure' and Netflix's 'Step Sisters'
  • Candela S. Rebot, Founder/Creative, Sparkd Studios
  • Ivette Martinez, Group Director, OMD
  • Jonathan Gist, Director, Multicultural Publicity and Promotions, Universal Pictures



On navigating assumptions about millennials….

  • "If something comes out of your mouth and you know what your talking about, that’s when people pay attention to you. That’s when people really trust you. Know your sh*t." - Ivette Martinez

On breaking into the industry…

  • "It’s still very difficult to convince people your story matters. We are constantly breaking in. You have to keep pushing hard, you always have to seek opportunities that are going to teach you something and grow, and meet people who have a strong network." - Ben Cory Jones
  • "Advertising is cutthroat - especially for females trying to make any sort of difference. I had to tap into my resources." - Candela S. Rebot
  • "Pitch it, pitch it, pitch it until it works out. I just pretended that I knew was I doing until it actually worked." - Candela S. Rebot

On being marketed to as a minority….

  • Who do people want to see, who do people care about? "They want to see themselves. At the end of the day I want to see myself." - Johnathan Gist
  • "Whatever area you consider yourself to be an “other”, that is something that you never forget. As a minority we have to do a lot of teaching to other people about who we are." - Ben Cory Jones
  • Inclusion is less about who’s in the room but about how you feel in that room.
  • “Staying true to the culture, means staying true to yourself.” - Ben Cory Jones 

On multiculturalism in media:

  • "Total market is not only catering to a general market audience, it’s about finding those nuances, talking to a diverse segment and making it part of the total market conversation." - Ivette Martinez
  • "I love that we can create this conversation around a horror movie (Get Out) but it’s still so culturally relevant, its still so powerful and everyone can walk away with something different, something relatable." - Johnathan Gist

On work life balance…

  • "If I am still pulling from the same well of stories that means I haven’t lived enough. We have to give ourselves time to do that." - Ben Cory Jones
  • "Everything isn’t urgent. It’s about realizing your worth and what you bring to the table. The world is not going to end tomorrow. It’s not ER, it’s PR." - Johnathan Gist

On failure…

  • "When the product you create is incumbent on someone’s opinion of it, you’re going to fail. In order to work in the business we work in, you constantly have to be reinventing yourself." - Ben Cory Jones
  • "It’s very easy to deflect the fault of something to feel better but it’s important to remember, we are only as good as our mistakes. Think about what you could have done better, if there is nothing you could have done better, do it again. At some point it’s going to click." - Candela S. Rebot
  • "Admitting when you failed is super important, that makes you human. We are all human. Admitting, apologizing, and figuring out how your going to fix it and make it better so that someone else doesn’t have to." - Ivette Martinez




 Full Panel (Facebook Live) Highlights Video 








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Mobile Breakfast 2018

Posted By Emily Hope, Thursday, March 8, 2018


Over 750 attendees gathered for our Mobile Breakfast at the Beverly Hilton. Guests heard from Jack in the Box, Tastemade, Google, Instagram, Waze and other brands about their "mobile-first" strategies.   

We would like to extend a big "Thank you" to our keynote speaker: Iwona Alter, VP, Marketing at Jack in the Box, and to our other speakers: Aaron Austin, Sarah Bachman, Ben Blatt, Karin Gilford, Oren Katzeff, Raghu Kodige, Melaney Lubey, Nick Mokey, Joanne Nichols, Sarah Ohle, Kate Slovin, Autumn White, and Doug Zanger for an educational morning.



  • Victoria Adelhelm, Account Manager, Fetch: Sonos Speakers, courtesy of Nucleus
  • Samantha Baseford, Associate Media Director, RPA: Beats By Dre headphones, courtesy of AdColony
  • Matt Lipschutz, Zimmerman Account Director, Zimmerman: Apple Gift Card, courtesy of Sabio Mobile
  • Daria Hannah, Senior Strategist, GiantSpoon: Google Home Mini, courtesy of Waze 


  • Iwona Alter, Chief Marketing Officer, Jack In The Box
  • Aaron Austin, Mobile App Sales and Strategy Expert, Google
  • Sarah Bachman, SVP, Digital Experience Lead, Horizon Media
  • Ben Blatt, Executive Director, Digital Marketing, ABC/Disney
  • Karin Gilford, SVP/GM, Movies Anywhere, Walt Disney Studios
  • Oren Katzeff, Head of Programming, Tastemade
  • Raghu Kodige, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder, Alphonso Inc.
  • Melaney Lubey, VP Marketing & Strategic Partnership, dailyKarma
  • Nick Mokey, Managing Director, Digital Trends
  • Joanne Nichols, Head of Strategic Partnership, West Coast Waze
  • Sarah Ohle, Marketing Insight Lead, GroundTruth
  • Kate Slovin, Product Marketing Manager, Instagram
  • Autumn White, Head of Digital, West Coast, OMD
  • Doug Zanger, Editor, The Drum Americas


  • Most overrated trend? “VR for entertainment. There are many applications, but not for entertainment.” - Ben Blatt, ABC / Disney
  • There will be over 75 billion connected devices by 2020. IoT is accelerating quickly but could use some standardization.
  • There is great consumer satisfaction in voice-enabled devices but use is still lagging behind relative to other mobile devices.
  • By 2023, auto manufacturers predict that a single car will have 100 million lines of code. The first Space Shuttle launched with 500,000 lines of code.
  • "Don't just do innovative things and expect a result - what may work in traditional media but doesn't always in mobile." - Karin Gilford, SVP/GM, Movies Anywhere, Walt Disney Studios
  • "Our 24/7 operations help us leverage the instant, mobile, "want it now" culture marketing for our brand." - Iwona Alter, Chief Marketing Officer, Jack in the Box
  • The casual mobile gamer spends time — and money. According to Jun Group, revenue is at $50 billion. Hollywood B.O. revenue was $40 billion in 2017.








Supporting Sponsors



https://a.ki/ https://foursquare.com/
http://www.sabio.us/ http://www.sabio.us/

Raffle Sponsor


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