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2019 Intern Summit: Night 1 at Team One

Posted By Administration, Thursday, June 20, 2019
Updated: Thursday, June 20, 2019

What a great evening it was! Our panel discussed how to get the most out of your internship, which included etiquette in your internship, networking tips and advice, combating preconceived notions, and much more before breaking out into discussion groups. During the even, we even got work that Francesca Greggs had won a Gold Lion at Cannes!

Spanning three evenings, ThinkLA's Intern Summit in L.A. gives interns the opportunity to connect with their fellow young professionals over snacks and beverages while learning insider tips and tricks from seasoned ad pros, all designed to help them survive their first years in advertising.
The Intern Summit's emerging advertising professionals find inspiration from industry experts across different disciplines, talents, races, genders, career paths, and more, and gain a deeper understanding of the advertising industry’s business practices and corporate culture.

The ultimate reward of the Intern Summit is the opportunity for attendees to have résumés critiqued by top industry recruiters and HR professionals before applying for their first job in advertising.


  • Alexis AscherSenior Integrated Media Planner, MullenLowe Mediahub
  • Danielle DeveraBusiness Development Manager, Omelet
  • Galina EydeProduct Coordinator, RPA
  • Francesca GreggsDirector of Creative Strategy, Edelman
  • Chip PeckSenior Manager of Talent Acquisition, Saatchi & Saatchi
  • Moderator:  Zach RosenbergGrowth Consultant

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IDEA Awards Gala 2019: All Eyes on Us

Posted By Admin, Friday, June 14, 2019
Updated: Friday, June 14, 2019

More than 1,000 of Los Angeles’ biggest thinkers in advertising gathered in the Beverly Hilton International Ballroom for the ninth annual ThinkLA IDEA Awards Gala to celebrate advertising’s greatest people, work, and companies in the region in 2018.

Presenting sponsor Teads set the tone with an elegant party atmosphere. The awards, which recognized Southern California’s most illuminated creative and tech-savvy brains, was produced by
ThinkLA, the nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering Los Angeles’ media, marketing, and advertising communities.

Other sponsors included Samsung Ads, TuneIn, Vevo, Xandr, NOM, Premion, Amobee, Twitter, imgur, Tremor Video DSP, Exponential, Blis, Conversant, and LoopMe. Production partners included Dash Two, Jukin Media, PopShorts, Rapport, Hope Creative, and V3.

The evening’s events included a cocktail reception and dinner, followed by dinner and the awards show, and concluded with an after-party on the Beverly Hilton pool deck.

During the gala, presenters bestowed agencies, brands, and individuals with achievement awards for the best annual campaigns, companies, and professionals in their fields. Submissions, which were produced by and/or for Southern California-based companies and launched in the 2018 calendar year, were judged by key advertising, brand, and tech executives outside of the L.A. market. 


BEST AUTO CAMPAIGN: Walton Isaacson, Lexus & Black Panther: Long Live the King


BEST CAUSE MARKETING CAMPAIGN: Dailey, What Diversity Gives Us

BEST ENTERTAINMENT CAMPAIGN: Horizon Media, Brockmire Season 2


BEST INFLUENCER CAMPAIGN: Horizon Media, So Cal Honda Dealers Influencer Video Series


BEST VISUAL CAMPAIGN: 180 LA, Postmates “We Get It”

THINKLA INNOVATOR: Assembly Media, Ask Deadpool

CAMPAIGN OF THE YEAR: Walton Isaacson, Lexus & Black Panther: Long Live the King








SALESPERSON OF THE YEAR: Michelle Kim, Tremor Video DPS




EVENT PHOTOS     Photo Booth powered by NOM


Presenting Sponsor


Photo Booth Sponsor SpacerSupporting Sponsors

https://www.thisisnom.co/ Spacer https://premion.com/


Spacer https://tunein.com/business/ Spacer https://www.vevo.com/ Spacer https://www.xandr.com/

Table Wine Sponsor
Cocktail Party
After Party Sponsors



Last Touch Sponsor Spacer CheersMe Sponsor Spacer Atmosphere

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Spacer https://blis.com/ Spacer https://www.conversantmedia.com/

OOH Partners

            Video Production
Opening Video Printed Program

https://www.jukinmedia.com/ Spacer https://popshorts.com/ Spacerhttps://dashtwo.com/




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ELC Live! Path to the SheSuite

Posted By Jasmin mendoza, Monday, June 3, 2019

Attendees at our ELC Live! event enjoyed a great conversation around paths to the SheSuite! Major thanks to Steelhead and Deustch for hosting us, and thanks to our brilliant panelists:


  • Kim Getty, President, Deutsch
  • Laura Joukovski, Chief Media Officer, TechStyle Fashion Group
  • Paula Madison, Chief Executive Officer, Madison Media Management
  • Denise Wong, President, Midnight Oil
  • Moderator: Caitlin Bruno, Strategic Partner Management, Snap, Inc.

The audience was engaged in conversation with L.A.’s top executive women who are taking charge in the marketing and advertising industry. These inspirational leaders shared their origin, insights, and key lessons that made them who they are today. It was an amazing night full of mentorship, engaging discussion, empowerment, and connection. SheSuite is the new C Suite.

Read reflections about the event on our blog.

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Auto Breakfast 2019 Sponsored by PlaceIQ (Recap)

Posted By Admin, Thursday, April 11, 2019
Updated: Thursday, April 11, 2019

What an event this was! The speakers, the panels, the 900+ attendees...the L.A. traffic! We had a jam-packed morning of insight and impact. Thank you for being there, and thank you to our speakers!


  • Dino Bernacchi, CMO, Mazda, N.A Operations


  • Steve Arhancet, Co-CEO and Owner, Team Liquid
  • Jerry Beers, Managing Director, Central Agency Analytics, Saatchi & Saatchi LA
  • Marc Bland, VP, Diversity and Inclusion, IHS Markit
  • Brian Diamond, VP, Group Media Director, Canvas Worldwide
  • Drew Breunig, SVP, Strategy, Place IQ
  • Mindy Hamilton, SVP, Partnership, Marvel
  • Phil Hruska, Manager, Media, Honda
  • Ryan Johnson, SVP, Group Director, RPA
  • Mary Jane Kroll, Media manager, Lexus
  • Raj Register, Head of Brand Strategy and Growth Audience Marketing , Ford Motors Co.
  • Chris Yeo, Brand Partnerships , Reddit

AUTO BREAKFAST VIDEOS courtesy of Google 



CONGRATULATIONS to our raffle winners!

From Place IQ, Apple Watch  |  Winner  -  Alice Abousleiman, RPA
From Teads, Porsche Driving Experience  |  Winner -  Rebecca Kline, Canvas Worldwide
From Twitter, Bluetooth Headset  |  Winner -  Lindsay Yu, RPA
From IHS Markit, Dash Camera  |  Winner -  Mya Le, RPA
From U.S. News, Apple Air Pods  |  Winner< -  Andrew Barton, Innocean Worldwide
From Spectrum, iPad Mini  |  Winner  -  Gresia Franco, RPA
From Cox Automotive, $200 Car Detailing  |  Winner  -  Kellen Laker, Team One

Curious about last year's Auto Breakfast? Read the Auto Breakfast Recap here.

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ELC Live! Brand Authenticity Recap

Posted By Administration, Friday, March 29, 2019
Updated: Friday, March 29, 2019

Attendees at our ELC Live! event enjoyed a great conversation around brand authenticity... for real! Major thanks to El Camp and Ignited USA for hosting us, and thanks to our brilliant panelists:

Kasi Bruno, Managing Director, Research, and Cultural Intelligence, Culture Bureau
Matthew Brian Buchenroth, Head of Creative and Creative Entrepreneur, Pluto TV
Sybil Grieb, U.S. Head of Influencer Strategy and Programming, Edelman
Mia Von Sadovszky, SVP, Group Planning, Director, RPA

Brands are integrated into all aspects of society and, as consumers demand them to be more responsible participants, brands are expected to be more personal and transparent with their target audiences. Yet, in a world full of social media fads and temporary bandwagon philanthropy, can brands ever really be considered authentic? Join us for a conversation around brand safety, the use of social influencers and managing an authentic brand image in today's market. We asked: Are brands for real?


Tags:  authentic  authenticity  brand  brand image  ELC  influencers  live  responsibility  social  transparent 

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Mobile Breakfast 2019 Sponsored by Taboola (Recap)

Posted By Web Admin, Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Our 2019 Mobile Breakfast focused on the theme of Grow Your Mobile Competence: How to Better Connect, Create and Convert through Mobility

Being "mobile-first", "mobile-ready", etc. -- it's tough to excel in mobile. In the modern digital economy, many brands still find it challenging to tailor their content and marketing decisions for mobile, from site design to the types of ads they invest in. Few brands would say they're strong at optimally deploying marketing resources and streamlining their mobile commerce experiences. These decisions increasingly impact the bottom line.

Whether your content and ads are brilliant but need work on conversion, or your commerce efforts are great but you need to expand reach and engagement, we've got you covered. Grab your rectangular marketing device, hail a ride share, hop on a Bird... and head to the ThinkLA Mobile Breakfast. We'll help you unlock your potential in mobile.

For a more in-depth recap, read our blog post.

See last year's Mobile Breakfast Recap.

Raffle winners:

From Taboola: $500 spa day at Peninsula Beverly Hills
Winner: Courtney Helland, OMD

From Aki: $150 If Only Gift Card
Winner: Christine Bernal, RPA

From Spectrum: Dodgers Tickets and Pre-Game Experience
Winner: Tracy Camparone, Mirum Agency 








Presenting Sponsor


Supporting Sponsor

https://www.spectrumreach.com/ https://www.fandango.com/


Exhibit Sponsor  Promotion Sponsor


Heidi Browning(bio)
EVP, Chief Marketing Officer
Iva Campisano(Linkedin)
Chief Visionary
Left Front Media
Robert Derow(Bio)
BCG Digital Ventures
Greg Crockart(bio)
Business Director
Mirum Agency

Melissa Eccles(bio)
Group Creative Director
Amazon Studios
Walter Geer III(bio)

Joao Machado(Linkedin)
SVP, Product Marketing
Sabio Mobile

Evan Sigel(bio)
Media Sales Director, Brand and Agency Partnerships

Straith Schreder(Linkedin)
Creative Director
Benny Thomas(Linkedin)
Managing Partner
Rise & Shine & Partners
Cory Treffiletti(LinkedIn)

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2018 Toys for Tots: 80's Style

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, December 11, 2018
Our Toys for Tots Holiday Party was totally rad! Guests showed up in actual 80s fashion and prom dresses that were, like, totally gnarly! Oh, and our theme was 80s Prom which, even if you don't live in the Valley or watch Miami Vice on Friday nights (as if), was tubular to the max! 

Our Holiday Party has become a long-standing tradition. The theme may change, but the Marines are a constant! More than 400 attendees with arms full of toys came to enjoy live music from the band Centerfold, along with cocktails and delicious food, and the opportunity to socialize with key industry colleagues. Together we collected over 1,000 toys for Toys for Tots!






Photo Booth Sponsor

Dessert Sponsor

Centerpiece Sponsor
Registration Sponsor Event Partner



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Harnessing The Power of MarTech: 2018 Summit

Posted By Administration, Monday, December 3, 2018

On a crisp L.A. afternoon, the Doubletree Hotel in Culver City hosted some of the best and brightest minds in the world of Marketing Technology, or as one moderator proclaimed… ”cough, nerds”. Zingers aside, the stage was set for a deep conversation about navigating the complexities, technologies, and organizational challenges of MarTech and how to harness its power.

The event was kicked off by ThinkLA Co-President Tim Hand who welcomed the group. Tim handed off the mic to the event co-chairs Kim Brown Robinson and Paul Santello for opening remarks. They explained the focus of the event: a robust discussion on the convergence of advertising and marketing technologies representing an incredible opportunity for those who understand how to manage them. Hopefully, the audience would walk away gaining insight into building and optimizing their MarTech toolbox, discovering cutting-edge innovative customer experiences, and learning strategies for successfully implementing key technology solutions. And even if none of that happened, there was a raffle and cocktail reception awaiting those who made it all the way through. 

The opening keynote speakers were Patrick Dolan, IAB President and Anna Bager, EVP Industry Initiatives. They set the stage with several pieces of data from the most recent IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report. TL;DR: there’s growth, growth and more growth. 

Overall, digital continues to grow with double digit increases in areas like social media and the emergence of audio as a separate category. (Alexa is listening… always.) And it’s not just the usual goliaths driving this upward trend: direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands ditch the traditional ways of thinking through buying efficiencies and an embrace of MarTech, giving the category leaders fits. But the waters are choppy for everyone as customer journeys get more complex every day and regulations such as GDPR and CCPA make companies finally be nice to their lawyers. The pi
èce de résistance of the presentation was the often-seen and crowded chiefmartech.com slide, eliciting gasps from the audience and a cross-eyed author of this recap.

Notable quote: “DTC brands are causing the big guys death by a thousand paper cuts”.

The data portion of the day was kicked off with a commercial break by one of the event’s wonderful sponsors, Matt Russo from Gimbal.

Shailley Singh from the IAB Tech Lab gave the audience a brief description of the great work his group does including developing standards, software and services for the industry. He then jumped into moderator mode with Matt Mendez from Oracle Data Cloud and Josh Peters from BuzzFeed on the panel. After some debate and definition of first-party vs. second-party vs. third-party data, the panel discussed the impact of GDPR and CCPA regulations. Everyone agreed that compliance isn’t just following the rules but a true embrace of the collection and usage of data from a consumer protection standpoint.

Notable quote: “One man’s first-party data is another man’s third-party data”

Matthew Thornton from Industry Index gave one of the more eye-opening and straightforward presentations of the day regarding Data Leakage. Through their research, it was noted that many of the top websites had a lot of first-party technology embedded on their site. In general, technology isn’t so bad, but with so much of it implemented, the result is a confused web team and ultimately, data leakage.

Notable quote: “It’s not a drip, it’s a deluge”.

The targeting portion of the day featured a panel led by Logan Gufstason of AdTheorent (another amazing sponsor of the event) joined by Karl Meyer of Samsung, Krista Thomas of VideoAmp, and Jason Zollan of Oath. The level of honesty and sharing of opinions was evident right off the bat as the panel agreed that there are pros and cons to some of the industry’s tried and true audience measurement/targeting tools. Nielsen was dubbed a “frenemy” because of its benefit of standardization across the industry but drawbacks due to its continued use of a panel-based methodology. However, a thoughtful approach to mixing and matching data could help solve the use of seemingly disparate targeting tools. That approach is especially helpful in areas like OTT and audio targeting as they lag behind desktop and mobile in targeting advances.

Notable quote: “Putting all your eggs in one basket…or betting on one horse…is probably not the way to go”.

After a small break to check out our exhibit sponsor Centro’s table in the foyer, bug agency people about RFPs, and grab a cookie or three, we got right back into the action.

Two more gracious sponsors, Lorenzo Moreno of the Trade Desk and Jeff Harp of Adelphic kept the momentum to start the ACTIVATIONportion of the agenda.

Dubstep music and sharp wit led the way for the next panel. A few glow sticks and Red Bulls could have started a full-on dance party, but the panel, comprised of moderator Leisha Bereson of Canvas, Kenneth Hurta of Brandfolder, PJ Miele of Amobee, and Matt Schmidt of SpotX, dove into topics such as who owns data and how is it actioned upon. The overwhelming consensus was: It takes collaboration and a focus on the end goal. In any given project, groups can get overprotective about deal points and it creates a lack of transparency and forms roadblocks. And then there’s specs. What is often a pain point given the unbalanced attention to targeting over creative could be so DAM easy through the use of a Digital Asset Manager. And finally, for the first time the entire day, someone mentioned “blockchain”. #tooklongenough.

Notable Quote: “Not having a smart, tech savvy team is like having a garage full of cars and no one knows how to drive” - Ian Wilson of Heineken (he wasn’t there but was quoted)

Rounding out the Activation section was an informative and resource-rich presentation from Kerry Bianchi of Visto diving into omnichannel programmatic. FYI, “multi” means more than one, “omni” means all places. Kerry explained that the trend of bringing programmatic activity in-house continues, but the four things to consider when making that decision are: 1) A thorough cost benefit analysis, 2) Getting your data house in order, 3) Be confident in the legal/operations side of the house, 4) Not underestimating or skimping on talent…getting it and keeping it.

Notable quote: “A ‘one-stop-shop’ probably isn’t feasible or even realistic”

We entered into the final topic of the day, analytics, with a mention of The Terminator and how AI isn’t scary technology that’ll take over the world. That’s just what they want us to think…

It was the presentation from Anya Ware of IBM Watson that got people comfortable with terms like Augmented Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. Her discussion started with four common challenges associated with data: 1) Unused data or data that isn’t actionable, 2) Lack of transparency, 3) Walled gardens and the scarcity of data coming out of them, 4) An explosion of tools, seemingly useful but creating confusion. To solve for these challenges, IBM implements AI that understands structured and unstructured data, uses reasoning that can form hypotheses, learns and develops skills and interacts using natural language processing. Ok, so maybe Skynet is real, guys. Kidding…but…we were introduced to Lucy, IBM Watson’s AI powered Marketing Assistant (and also the name of Watson’s daughter in real life #truestory). Lucy can be used for data aggregation and mining, sentiment analysis and personalization, which via several case study examples was proven to save organizations hundreds of hours driving smarter, more efficient use of data.

Notable quote: “90% of the world’s data was created in the last two years”

(You would think at this point there would be tumbleweeds in the room given it was late afternoon and we’d been talking about technology all day, but most of the audience was still there. It was impressive and a testament to the quality programming developed by the committee and speakers)

The audience was treated to lovely closing remarks in the form of a fireside chat with Sharon Harris of Deloitte and Jason Lee of Horizon. After Sharon revealed the winner of the day’s Best Moustache as Josh Peters from BuzzFeed, she summed up the day quite thoroughly yet succinctly. I won’t summarize her summary because, well, I just did that for you but needless to say it was all-encompassing. When asked for some words of wisdom about an approach to data strategy, Jason got his mic skills in order and offered six key tidbits: 1) Adapt your data conversation because the landscape is constantly evolving, 2) Simplify and identify your “north star” or end goal, 3) Identify and prioritize roles and responsibilities, 4) Establish a roadmap to that end goal, 5) Establish data governance, 6) Have a holistic approach. Then Jason tried to throw out something about blockchain but that cat was already out of the bag. He did however leave us with:

Notable quote: “Data. It’s important”

The closing keynote was skillfully delivered by Nichola Perrigo of RPA. The main points of her presentation were quite candid: Advice about data hygiene, a mention of Forrester’s Zero Party Data and the need for constant evaluation were given, but the importance of trust and attention to people were areas relatively unexplored by the other speakers. It was a human ending to an otherwise technology heavy day.

Notable quote: “There’s elegance in simplicity”.

And with that, an afternoon filled with acronyms and talk of technology ended with hors d’oeuvres, vodka sodas and the mutual exchange of rectangular, medium weight card stock with contact info… and a further appreciation of the power of MarTech.

Pranav Pandit is a ThinkLA event committee member and recent transplant from Chicago. He’s a free agent looking for the right gig utilizing his 19+ years in the advertising/marketing business.






Supporting Sponsor

Exhibit Sponsor

Pitch Sponsor



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CanJam Fall 2018 at LA Food Bank

Posted By Web Admin, Monday, October 22, 2018

What a great day of volunteering at the LA Regional Food Bank in Commerce! The ThinkLA community joined forces with the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank as a community of LA-based advertising, marketing and technology professionals to help provide food for thousands in need in the greater-LA area. 

Thanks to the 75+ ThinkLA and AMA-Los Angeles volunteers, we made 3,696 meal kits for seniors in the LA area!





Sponsors Sponsors





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ELC LIVE!: Path To The She Suite

Posted By Web Admin, Monday, October 22, 2018

We'll just say it: There aren't enough women in the C Suite (duh). So, as part of the ELC Live! seriesThinkLA's Path To The She Suite event hosted powerful women from all walks at the beautiful, female-owned, fully-independent agency, Zambezi and brought together executive women leading the marketing and advertising industry to share how they got where they are (brilliance and hard work, no doubt) and what the key lessons have been along the way. 

ThinkLA's powerhouse panelists answered thought-provoking questions from their opinion on the term #ladyboss to how having a sacred routine can be the anchor that makes you a better leader. Thank you again to our fabulous panelists and to Zambezi for hosting us.

Thank you to Jessica McEwan, copywriter at RPA and instructor for The Book Shop School for Ads for the following panelist takeaways and please read her article on the ThinkLA Member blog!


“Careers are a jungle gym, not a ladder.” – Sheryl Sandberg

“There is no work/life balance, there’s only work/life integration. You just have to enjoy what you do. The only way you can spend this much time working is if you like it.” – Jiah Choi

“Be open to discourse and uncomfortable conversations. That is part of your job. If you want to be a leader, you have to lead those conversations. If you have an issue with someone, you have to talk to them and sit them down and say, ‘I have an issue with you.’ That is such a powerful thing that I’ve only recently learned to do. But don’t assume malice every time. Pull back your immediate emotional reaction.” – Sarah Ceglarski

“People in successful leadership positions are curious and always looking to grow. Warren Buffet spends half his day reading.” – Jean Freeman

“Remember that when you get to where you are going, the people you need to mentor may not look like you or have the same background.” – Sheila Marmon

“There are incremental things you can do to promote diversity and equality. It doesn’t always have to mean joining a huge movement.” – Yumi Prentice



Sarah Ceglarski (Linkedin)
Partner, CMO
Jiah Choi (Linkedin)
Partner, CEO
Jean Freeman (Linkedin)
Principal and CEO
Sheila Marmon (Linkedin)
Founder and CEO
Mirror Digital


Yumi Prentice (Linkedin)
President and Managing Partner
David & Goliath
Claire Thompson (Linkedin)
Associate Director, Brand Connections
VICE Media



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