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Mobile Breakfast 2019 Sponsored by Taboola (Recap)

Posted By Web Admin, Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Our 2019 Mobile Breakfast focused on the theme of Grow Your Mobile Competence: How to Better Connect, Create and Convert through Mobility

Being "mobile-first", "mobile-ready", etc. -- it's tough to excel in mobile. In the modern digital economy, many brands still find it challenging to tailor their content and marketing decisions for mobile, from site design to the types of ads they invest in. Few brands would say they're strong at optimally deploying marketing resources and streamlining their mobile commerce experiences. These decisions increasingly impact the bottom line.

Whether your content and ads are brilliant but need work on conversion, or your commerce efforts are great but you need to expand reach and engagement, we've got you covered. Grab your rectangular marketing device, hail a ride share, hop on a Bird... and head to the ThinkLA Mobile Breakfast. We'll help you unlock your potential in mobile.

For a more in-depth recap, read our blog post.

See last year's Mobile Breakfast Recap.

Raffle winners:

From Taboola: $500 spa day at Peninsula Beverly Hills
Winner: Courtney Helland, OMD

From Aki: $150 If Only Gift Card
Winner: Christine Bernal, RPA

From Spectrum: Dodgers Tickets and Pre-Game Experience
Winner: Tracy Camparone, Mirum Agency 








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https://www.spectrumreach.com/ https://www.fandango.com/


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Heidi Browning(bio)
EVP, Chief Marketing Officer
Iva Campisano(Linkedin)
Chief Visionary
Left Front Media
Robert Derow(Bio)
BCG Digital Ventures
Greg Crockart(bio)
Business Director
Mirum Agency

Melissa Eccles(bio)
Group Creative Director
Amazon Studios
Walter Geer III(bio)

Joao Machado(Linkedin)
SVP, Product Marketing
Sabio Mobile

Evan Sigel(bio)
Media Sales Director, Brand and Agency Partnerships

Straith Schreder(Linkedin)
Creative Director
Benny Thomas(Linkedin)
Managing Partner
Rise & Shine & Partners
Cory Treffiletti(LinkedIn)

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Mobile Breakfast 2018

Posted By Emily Hope, Thursday, March 8, 2018


Over 750 attendees gathered for our Mobile Breakfast at the Beverly Hilton. Guests heard from Jack in the Box, Tastemade, Google, Instagram, Waze and other brands about their "mobile-first" strategies.   

We would like to extend a big "Thank you" to our keynote speaker: Iwona Alter, VP, Marketing at Jack in the Box, and to our other speakers: Aaron Austin, Sarah Bachman, Ben Blatt, Karin Gilford, Oren Katzeff, Raghu Kodige, Melaney Lubey, Nick Mokey, Joanne Nichols, Sarah Ohle, Kate Slovin, Autumn White, and Doug Zanger for an educational morning.



  • Victoria Adelhelm, Account Manager, Fetch: Sonos Speakers, courtesy of Nucleus
  • Samantha Baseford, Associate Media Director, RPA: Beats By Dre headphones, courtesy of AdColony
  • Matt Lipschutz, Zimmerman Account Director, Zimmerman: Apple Gift Card, courtesy of Sabio Mobile
  • Daria Hannah, Senior Strategist, GiantSpoon: Google Home Mini, courtesy of Waze 


  • Iwona Alter, Chief Marketing Officer, Jack In The Box
  • Aaron Austin, Mobile App Sales and Strategy Expert, Google
  • Sarah Bachman, SVP, Digital Experience Lead, Horizon Media
  • Ben Blatt, Executive Director, Digital Marketing, ABC/Disney
  • Karin Gilford, SVP/GM, Movies Anywhere, Walt Disney Studios
  • Oren Katzeff, Head of Programming, Tastemade
  • Raghu Kodige, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder, Alphonso Inc.
  • Melaney Lubey, VP Marketing & Strategic Partnership, dailyKarma
  • Nick Mokey, Managing Director, Digital Trends
  • Joanne Nichols, Head of Strategic Partnership, West Coast Waze
  • Sarah Ohle, Marketing Insight Lead, GroundTruth
  • Kate Slovin, Product Marketing Manager, Instagram
  • Autumn White, Head of Digital, West Coast, OMD
  • Doug Zanger, Editor, The Drum Americas


  • Most overrated trend? “VR for entertainment. There are many applications, but not for entertainment.” - Ben Blatt, ABC / Disney
  • There will be over 75 billion connected devices by 2020. IoT is accelerating quickly but could use some standardization.
  • There is great consumer satisfaction in voice-enabled devices but use is still lagging behind relative to other mobile devices.
  • By 2023, auto manufacturers predict that a single car will have 100 million lines of code. The first Space Shuttle launched with 500,000 lines of code.
  • "Don't just do innovative things and expect a result - what may work in traditional media but doesn't always in mobile." - Karin Gilford, SVP/GM, Movies Anywhere, Walt Disney Studios
  • "Our 24/7 operations help us leverage the instant, mobile, "want it now" culture marketing for our brand." - Iwona Alter, Chief Marketing Officer, Jack in the Box
  • The casual mobile gamer spends time — and money. According to Jun Group, revenue is at $50 billion. Hollywood B.O. revenue was $40 billion in 2017.








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https://a.ki/ https://foursquare.com/
http://www.sabio.us/ http://www.sabio.us/

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Mobile Breakfast 2017

Posted By Emily Hope, Tuesday, March 28, 2017
Updated: Tuesday, March 28, 2017

We would like to extend a big "Thank you" to Henry Blodget, Charlotte Cochrane, Matt Doherty, Rita Drucker, Dan Greenberg, Amy King, Gustavo Leone, Serge Matta, Kimberly Smith, and Missaka Wijekoon for a highly educational morning.

After an enlightening and informative keynote by Henry Blodget, attendees were treated to a vibrant panel discussion among mobile and location marketing experts. Led by Charlotte Cochrane, the panel discussed the benefits and issues surrounding GPS, beacon technology, and much more. Rita Drucker of Yahoo! presented detailed information on mobile use and consumer behavior, while Dan Greenberg of Sharethrough and Gustavo Leone of Mattel held a fireside chat discussing recent Barbie campaigns and their connection to mobile interaction.   


  • Henry Blodget, Cofounder, CEO, and Editor-in-Chief, Business Insider
  • Charlotte Cochrane, SVP, Managing Director, Digital, Horizon Media
  • Matt Doherty, Regional Sales Director, PlaceIQ
  • Rita Prosyak Drucker, Head of Yahoo Storytellers, Yahoo
  • Dan Greenberg, Co-Founder and CEO, Sharethrough
  • Amy King, Director, Product Marketing, MaxPoint Interactive, Inc.
  • Gustavo Leone, Content Development & Distribution of New Media, Mattel
  • Serge Matta, President, xAd
  • Kimberly Smith, Director, Brand Partnerships, Foursquare
  • Missaka Wijekoon, Mobile Chief Technology Officer, Sabio Mobile







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Highlights from Mobile Breakfast 2015

Posted By Administration, Friday, March 27, 2015
Updated: Friday, March 27, 2015

At ThinkLA's Mobile Breakfast 2015, we learned about how mobility is essential to being connected to things in our everyday life. We explored current and upcoming trends in the mobile world that will impact us and the way we connect to others. 


Edwin Wong, Sr. Director, B2B Strategic Research & Insights at Yahoo!, discussed smart phone dominance. There are three main factors that continue to keep us connected… 1.   Screen size – The larger the screen, the more time a user spends with their phone. 2.  Better apps – the most successful apps provide real value, convenience and connection. 3.  Cross screen use is creating sequential experiences.


The location based panel discussion mostly centered around enhanced targeting capabilities of mobile platforms, specifically geo-targeting. Since 85% of all data has some type of location reference, geo-targeting has vastly improved over the years. Beacons can push sale notifications to a user when they enter a geo space and geo-tracking can indicate an in-store visit or other locations that a customer may go, but there are some challenges or concerns. The main concerns are privacy and quality of location data. Lastly, the panel predicts that in 2017 mobile ad revenue will be two times what it is now in display ad revenue.


Sr. Director of Digital Marketing at Mattel, Heather Miller, shared Mattel’s mobile strategy and several specific mobile experiences that they have created to connect with their consumers. Mattel’s strategy is to lead with digital in everything that they do, and their goal is to provide connected brand engagement experiences. There is well documented research proving kids are extremely immersed in digital play on mobile devices. The IAB states that moms spend 35% more time on mobile devices than any other platform. They feel the app experience is a much safer environment than surfing the web. 

Insights provided by:

Kevin Stone

Digital Sales Manager, Time Warner Cable Media


Thank you to our Speakers:

Edwin Wong, Senior Director, B2B Strategic Research & Insights, Yahoo!
Asif Khan, Founder & President, LBMA moderator
Monica Ho, SVP of Marketing, xAd
David Shim, Founder & CEO, Placed
Tyler Bell, VP of Product, Factual
Loren Hillberg, President & GM, Thinknear
Heather Miller, Sr. Director of Digital Marketing, Mattel
Ashwin Navin, CEO & Co-Founder, Samba TV


Thank you to our sponsors:


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Mobile Breakfast 2014

Posted By Administration, Friday, March 21, 2014

Over 900 guests heard from industry leaders about the future of mobile including landscape, marketing tools and wearable technology.

Speaker Presentations
Henry Blodget's Presentation:
Coco Jones' Presentation:
Vaino Leskinen's Presentation:
Press Coverage

Why the IAB mobile ad unit will die by David Zaleski, iMedia Connection

2 mobile mistakes costing you time and money by David Zaleski, iMedia Connection

Are You Convinced to Rock Google Glass Yet? by Franchesca Nguyen, iMedia Connection

Why Every Year is the Year of Mobile by Jennifer Marlo, iMedia Connection

How “Angry Birds” Ignited Sales at McDonald's by David Zaleski, iMedia Connection

Business Insider CEO on the State of the Mobile Landscape by David Zaleski, iMedia Connection


Congratulations to the raffle winners:
Natalie Rusinko, Horizon Media Mobile Meeting Kit Courtesy of E!
Lisa Takahashi, Garage Team Mazda Jaybird wireless headphones Courtesy of Millennial Media
Karen Guthrie, Horizon Media iPad mini Courtesy of AdColony
Cassie May, Moxie USA iPad mini and Thinknear hoody Courtesy of Thinknear
Wesley Minor, OMD Apple TV Courtesy of Celtra
Mark Chu, Action Sports Lifestyle Group iPad mini Courtesy of PayPal
Alex Ornstein, Initiative Jambox Courtesy of Rocket Fuel

Thank you to our speakers:
Henry Blodget,
CEO and Editor, Business Insider
Vaino Leskinen,
Head of Mobile, TBWA's Media Arts Lab
Heidi Browning,
SVP of Strategic Solutions, Pandora
Coco Jones,
Head of Brand Partnerships, Shopkick
Janine Gianfredi,
Marketing Lead, Google Glass

Thank you to our sponsors:

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Mobile Breakfast 2013

Posted By Administration, Thursday, March 21, 2013
Updated: Thursday, February 20, 2014

View Photos

What were host Joao Machado’s main takeaways on mobile at the breakfast event?

  • Adopt early
  • Test often
  • Measure success
  • Understand that mobile is not desktop
  • Break the planning cycle
  • Distribute content
  • Sustain. Sustain. Sustain. Sustain.

And please build proper creative!

Click here to view presentation slides.

Many thanks to our sponsors:






Millennial Media



Millennial Media


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