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ELC LIVE!: Path To The She Suite

Posted By Web Admin, Monday, October 22, 2018

We'll just say it: There aren't enough women in the C Suite (duh). So, as part of the ELC Live! seriesThinkLA's Path To The She Suite event hosted powerful women from all walks at the beautiful, female-owned, fully-independent agency, Zambezi and brought together executive women leading the marketing and advertising industry to share how they got where they are (brilliance and hard work, no doubt) and what the key lessons have been along the way. 

ThinkLA's powerhouse panelists answered thought-provoking questions from their opinion on the term #ladyboss to how having a sacred routine can be the anchor that makes you a better leader. Thank you again to our fabulous panelists and to Zambezi for hosting us.

Thank you to Jessica McEwan, copywriter at RPA and instructor for The Book Shop School for Ads for the following panelist takeaways and please read her article on the ThinkLA Member blog!


“Careers are a jungle gym, not a ladder.” – Sheryl Sandberg

“There is no work/life balance, there’s only work/life integration. You just have to enjoy what you do. The only way you can spend this much time working is if you like it.” – Jiah Choi

“Be open to discourse and uncomfortable conversations. That is part of your job. If you want to be a leader, you have to lead those conversations. If you have an issue with someone, you have to talk to them and sit them down and say, ‘I have an issue with you.’ That is such a powerful thing that I’ve only recently learned to do. But don’t assume malice every time. Pull back your immediate emotional reaction.” – Sarah Ceglarski

“People in successful leadership positions are curious and always looking to grow. Warren Buffet spends half his day reading.” – Jean Freeman

“Remember that when you get to where you are going, the people you need to mentor may not look like you or have the same background.” – Sheila Marmon

“There are incremental things you can do to promote diversity and equality. It doesn’t always have to mean joining a huge movement.” – Yumi Prentice



Sarah Ceglarski (Linkedin)
Partner, CMO
Jiah Choi (Linkedin)
Partner, CEO
Jean Freeman (Linkedin)
Principal and CEO
Sheila Marmon (Linkedin)
Founder and CEO
Mirror Digital


Yumi Prentice (Linkedin)
President and Managing Partner
David & Goliath
Claire Thompson (Linkedin)
Associate Director, Brand Connections
VICE Media



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Self-Care for Working Women

Posted By Sara Hope, Thursday, September 20, 2018

We had a blast this past Tuesday night when a group of powerful women launched into self-care at the beautiful, female-owned, fully independent agency, Zambezi, to learn about treating themselves as well as they treat others. Chelsea Szabo, coach, speaker and trainer at Verbal Courage shared what self-care is at it's core, the biggest hurdles women face to achieving it and helpful tools to begin practicing it immediately. To help further spread the practice of self-care, you can access a 101 Acts of Self-Care below.



Chelsea Szabo's 100 Acts of Self-Care

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