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Mobile Breakfast 2019 Sponsored by Taboola (Recap)

Posted By Web Admin, Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Our 2019 Mobile Breakfast focused on the theme of Grow Your Mobile Competence: How to Better Connect, Create and Convert through Mobility

Being "mobile-first", "mobile-ready", etc. -- it's tough to excel in mobile. In the modern digital economy, many brands still find it challenging to tailor their content and marketing decisions for mobile, from site design to the types of ads they invest in. Few brands would say they're strong at optimally deploying marketing resources and streamlining their mobile commerce experiences. These decisions increasingly impact the bottom line.

Whether your content and ads are brilliant but need work on conversion, or your commerce efforts are great but you need to expand reach and engagement, we've got you covered. Grab your rectangular marketing device, hail a ride share, hop on a Bird... and head to the ThinkLA Mobile Breakfast. We'll help you unlock your potential in mobile.

For a more in-depth recap, read our blog post.

See last year's Mobile Breakfast Recap.

Raffle winners:

From Taboola: $500 spa day at Peninsula Beverly Hills
Winner: Courtney Helland, OMD

From Aki: $150 If Only Gift Card
Winner: Christine Bernal, RPA

From Spectrum: Dodgers Tickets and Pre-Game Experience
Winner: Tracy Camparone, Mirum Agency 








Presenting Sponsor


Supporting Sponsor

https://www.spectrumreach.com/ https://www.fandango.com/


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Heidi Browning(bio)
EVP, Chief Marketing Officer
Iva Campisano(Linkedin)
Chief Visionary
Left Front Media
Robert Derow(Bio)
BCG Digital Ventures
Greg Crockart(bio)
Business Director
Mirum Agency

Melissa Eccles(bio)
Group Creative Director
Amazon Studios
Walter Geer III(bio)

Joao Machado(Linkedin)
SVP, Product Marketing
Sabio Mobile

Evan Sigel(bio)
Media Sales Director, Brand and Agency Partnerships

Straith Schreder(Linkedin)
Creative Director
Benny Thomas(Linkedin)
Managing Partner
Rise & Shine & Partners
Cory Treffiletti(LinkedIn)

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Young Stars Fashion 4WRD 2017

Posted By Sara Hope, Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Fashion styles may repeat every 20 years, but how we shop is trending forward at a faster rate than ever. Technology has created new e-commerce platforms and the traditional methods of the personalized shopping experiences have become surprisingly in-vogue. At the same time, more brands and artists are collaborating with designers and influencers, promoting innovation and gaining mass awareness. 


  • Lisa Sugar, Founder & President, POPSUGAR
  •  Lindsay Miller, News and Culture Director, POPSUGAR
  • Joy Claire, Founder, Clairvoyant Agency
  • Dechel Mckillian, Founder, Designer, GALERIE.LA
  • Onch Movement, Designer
  • Breanna Warner, Director of Brand Marketing, Alliance Apparel





YoungStars is ThinkLA's quarterly panel discussion and mixer with diverse thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and influencers, all under the age of 35, in the LA media, tech and advertising industries. 

Tags:  #ThinkStars  fashion  fashion tech  panel  technology  thinkLA  Young Professionals  YoungStars 

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Futurology with Dietmar Dahmen: This Sh*t is Happening 2014

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, July 22, 2014
Updated: Wednesday, July 23, 2014

On July 22, ThinkLA welcomed Dietmar Dahmen, Chief Innovation Officer, ecx.io, who discussed how change is happening all around us at a much faster pace than we could ever imagine. “We don’t like new ideas because we have to relearn concepts and unlearn the bad ones, but in order to improve your brand's survival, you must adapt," said Dietmar. As Google Glass, Glyph, Necomimi and other futuristic gadgets and trends emerge, it is important for marketers to:

1. Re-adjust their approach to these advancements by asking, "what could others do to destabilize your business?" Then find a solution.
2. Discover what consumers expect and what they do not expect, to make your brand memorable. Make the message individualized.
3. Track what people are doing and customize their narcissistic reality with speedy results.
4. Understand that if you need to explain something, the idea won't work. Ensure that your customers have easy and convenient information they can understand.
Presentation Comic

Thank you to Dietmar Dahmen for leading this presentation, and to LMU for hosting us.

And thank you to our moderator:

Jason Yoong, Portfolio Manager, Integrated Media, Universal McCann

Tags:  Branding  Innovation  technology  trends 

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