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Nine Top L.A. Ad Executives Give their Marketing Predictions for 2015…

Posted By thinkLA, Monday, December 22, 2014
Updated: Monday, December 22, 2014


 In 2014, there were amazing changes in the world of marketing – from technology trends and changing business models, to data, data and more data! But looking at 2014 is, well, old news now. As quickly as these evolutionary marketing trends hit us, it will move that much faster next year. After all, the only constant is change. To plan for the year ahead, marketers and agencies need to figure out what’s next and where to focus. So we at ThinkLA thought this would be a good time to start looking ahead to 2015. We asked nine LA-based advertising heads to share with us their predictions for 2015; and think you’ll find their insights not only inspiring, but very telling… 

What are some marketing trends to watch for in 2015?


Speed to market in terms of ideas and execution will be more important than ever as brands strive to get talked about and remain relevant with audiences who consume content faster than ever before."


Brands with character, versus brands with characters, or spokespeople, will win in the long-run.


We will see more and more content that starts in the social space and moves to paid media – advertisers will place their dollars behind ideas that earn some traction first.


Michael Allen, 180LA Global, CEO

In 2015, we’ll see increased extremism driven by the disparity in marketers' ability to embrace and operate in our constantly-consuming society. We’ll see a few breakout successes, but ultimately more waste as marketers veer between caution and attempting to break the internet.


Cathy Saidiner, BLITZ, President

1. Programmatic buying. Currently $10 billion in digital media, expected to double by 2016. Expanding beyond display to video and eventually offline media channels. Issue of transparency, viewability and impact on staffing. Automation will bring efficiency and the need for less bodies.


2. Branded content is king. Represents a way to engage brands with consumers that is less cluttered and keeps competitive separation. It will become more and more important to surprise and delight commercial - adverse consumers.


3. Mobile growth. Mobile traffic will overtake desktop this year. Location based marketing will grow allowing marketers to deliver content tailored to user wherever they are.


Zachary Rosenberg, EVP, Chief Growth Officer at Horizon Media

2015 will be the year of original content, real-time marketing and the return to analogue. Netflix has completely disrupted the entertainment industry with original content creation and subsequently paved the way for entertainers to unify every consumer in a way that brands and products simply can't. Additionally, brands like Oreo, Arby's, and Kit Kat have thrown open the doors of real-time marketing with split-second responses that support trending events in an organic way. The continual rise of real-time marketing, if done right, can be incredibly effective for connecting consumers to brands. That being said, I do also think we'll see brands go back to basics with analogue or old school tactics, like live activations, that will drive high engagement levels on all social platforms. Combine that tactic with digital marketing outlets and you have an amazing marketing combination.


Ryan Fey, Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer, Omelet

As an independent IMC agency in LA for 34 years, here are some marketing trends we see for 2015:

1. We predict an increase in competition between ad agencies and PR firms for social media assignments

2. Clients with little to no TV budget will increasingly plan for pre-rolls on the web

3. The volume of video production will increase as a result of increasing pre-roll buys


Joe Phelps, Founder/CEO at Phelps

Accelerated Simplification. Too much time and resource is wasted just talking about how to simplify and how to reduce. This applies to all aspects of marketing and marketing organizations. The technology, information and data that has been available and at our finger tips can allow us to be much more responsive, nimble and relevant. In an industry fraught with complexity, simplification will stand out as an advantage.


Luis DeAnda, President, TBWA\Chiat\Day

1. Programmatic buying in TV. The data and technology are now ready for more broad experimentation in both local and national TV markets.


2. Improved mobile ad creative. Currently mobile ad units are more interruptive and disruptive than they should be. So efforts are underway to improve the experience and be more native and helpful - to the platform.


3. Viewability and fraud protection measurement becoming currency, disincentivizing the farming of non-viewable and non-human impressions.


Jackie Stasi, Managing Director of Investment, Initiative

We will continue to see strong and purpose-driven storytelling cut through the listicles and other click bait that awaits the average Internet user. We expect to see more content, campaigns and consumer interactions that are designed to be consumed, shared and generated on mobile devices.


We are already producing more micro stories that echo and reinforce macro brand themes for our clients. This is and will be a mix of generating purpose-driven original content and curating existing assets.


Simple has always won over complexity, but will do so now more than ever.


Alastair Green, Executive Creative Director, Team One USA

Transparency will lead the way. Brands that embrace honest and authentic engagement with customers will enjoy a truth multiple. This is the reward of higher brand loyalty and evangelism that is the by product of trust.


Lucas Donat, CEO and Chief Creative Officer at Tiny Rebellion

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