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A Musical Conversation with Phelps' AdJam Band, Rukus

Posted By Web Admin, Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Will Shepler – Singer, Ruckus

Are you old enough to remember mosh pits? Can you tell me what a mosh was? Went to a free Staind concert circa 2001 in Atlanta. Got 50 rows from the front, couldn’t breathe. Then the mosh pits formed and squished us more. not fun.

What else could the letters EDM stand for? Ecstatic Drugs, Man

Why did you choose your festival song? Have you seen it performed live? Is it Haim? ‘Cause Haim is totally way better live, right? Corey Haim?

Do you have any reefer? Thanks. Just grass.

Amanda Chavez –  Singer, Ruckus

Have you been to a festival this year? Do you have any money left? Coachella and FYF. All of my money goes to festivals and concerts, so I am always broke.

If you went to a festival this year, did you lose anything? Your car keys? Your wristband? Your lunch in a port-o-let? My damn mind.


Shane Brouse –  Bassist, Ruckus

Are you old enough to remember mosh pits? Can you tell me what a mosh was? I am too old to remember mosh pits but my millennial friends say that there was one at the Melvins show we were at last month. The Melvins are older than me. Hopefully they aren’t counting on me to remember that they have mosh pits.

Have you ever had to choose between two favorite bands who were on at the same time? What was were your criteria? Do you use that same criteria in your agency life? I chose the one playing closest to the toilets. Yes, that’s universally applicable.

Tits, bits and pits. Discuss. Is the 2017 version of “Ass, grass, or cash”? Either way…No one rides for free!

Has a guitar ever gotten you laid? What is the best brand of guitar for getting one laid? Asking for a friend. No, but a guitarist has (I’m a bassist so I need all the help I can get).

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