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Entertaining Cord Cutters with Advanced TV

Posted By Sponsored Content, Wednesday, July 17, 2019

By Frank Pasquine

Content Manager

Tremor Video

It is often said that, "The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing." It is our job as entertainment marketers to tell our story to the right audiences without feeling intrusive. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have fun in the process.

Over the years, there’s been no better platform for brand storytelling in the entertainment marketing space than the centerpiece of the modern living room — the television. However, we’re no longer living in an era dominated by linear and cable television. Over-the-top (OTT) video is where it’s at. 

For those of you unaware of what OTT is, it’s pretty simple. OTT covers any premium long-form video content that is streamed over the internet through an app or device onto a TV (or PC, tablet, or smartphone) without requiring users to subscribe to a wired cable, telco or satellite TV service. This content is accessed on Connected TV (CTV) devices include streaming players/sticks (e.g. Roku/Amazon Fire TV), gaming consoles (e.g. PS4), and smart TVs. Just think of how many times you’ve binged The Office or Stranger Things through your favorite streaming platform. It’s almost as if cable is now your old high school friend. Sure, you might still keep in touch, but OTT is your new best friend that you’d rather hang out with!

Let’s take a look at the facts. U.S. cord cutters will increase to 55 million in 2022, from 33 million in 2018, and there are over 820 million connected video devices in the US. Soon you’ll be left with no choice but to include CTV in your video strategy. 

We shouldn’t fear these changes; we should embrace them. Delivering your video to the big screen without as big of a price tag, engaging with millennials and cord cutters, and creating customized creative messaging are just some of the reasons why the latest video advertising trend is rapidly surpassing traditional TV advertising.

Advanced TV solutions provide the ability to be more creative and intelligent in your brand storytelling. You still have access to the largest screen in the room, only now it comes with the ability to reach your audiences with more granularity. So, your new horror movie trailer can now reach cord cutters who not only frequent the movie theater, but also binge on shows like American Horror Story or The Walking Dead. Not only that, viewers will be able to enjoy the full video trailer, as they’re unable to skip ahead on CTV like they would on YouTube.

Furthermore, advertisers can leverage an abundance of data in order to take their creative execution one step further. For example, at Tremor Video, we have an in-house Creative Studio that can build custom overlays, end cards, or branded title cards, based on unique audience data, and incorporate them with unique messaging that is more likely to engage your audience.

Even for those still watching their primary programming on traditional TV or cable – we also have the ability to reach them while they’re multitasking on their phones, tablets, and computers. This past year, through the process of retargeting TV viewers via their second devices, Tremor Video was able to provide actual impactful results for major entertainment clients with KPIs like lift in TV tune-in and lift in movie goers—not to mention overall brand awareness, clicks, downloads, and more. 

The possibilities are seemingly endless. This all starts by being proactive during initial planning and including stakeholders from each team that will work on your campaign. Begin with a creative strategy brief, then align on goals, share insights on what works, and streamline effectively from the get-go. When done right, it makes your brand feel organic to the content and to the consumer you’re connecting with. The key is to understand the technology that is readily available, embrace consumer viewing trends, and think creatively when strategizing your video campaigns. 

After recently joining forces with YuMe by RhythmOne, a leader in Advanced TV solutions, Tremor Video can now offer customers an even more robust set of CTV advertising solutions. If you’re interested in learning more, visit


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