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+49 Media Talks About the Canadian Market

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, May 27, 2020

By Billy Poole
Vice President,
+49 media

Strategizing and buying media in Canada is nothing like the US.  And for brands and agencies, it can be difficult to navigate. And the challenges don’t start with just the buying of media. They start in language, culture, heritage, and history.

Language and Geography of Canada

A key thing to understand about Canada is that it is unusual for language and geography. While there are many similarities between the US and Canada, there are equally many differences. Yes, the main language is English, but Canada is a bilingual English/French culture. The province of Quebec which has the second largest city by population in the country (Montreal) is dominated by French culture. Most Quebecois speak French as the primary language.

The size of the country’s land mass makes Canada the second largest country in the world behind Russia. Although most images of Canada associate the country with wide open rural vistas, the Canadian population is largely urban. Over a third of the country live in three cities, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver even though the country’s 10 provinces and three territories comprise 3.8 million square miles of land!

The Media Players in Canada

There are many nuances of the Canadian oligarchical media landscape. In Canada, the vast majority of media inventory is negotiated between a few major media suppliers (Bell Media, Corus, Rogers, Quebecor, CBC etc) and holding companies like GroupM.

Every year, 80% of all Canadian media inventory is bought by a few large multinational agency groups. Any independent agency or brand that is not a part of these large agencies is stuck in the unfortunate position of scrambling to find and buy the remain 20% of inventory with higher rates and less availability.

In Canada, agencies act as principal, and the only way for marketers to access better than marketplace rates and services is to partner with large multinational agencies. This is especially a problem for traditional media (TV, Radio, Outdoor) where an erosion in audience has translated to less available inventory. Unless an agency can compete with the millions of dollars that are negotiated in high volume deals, Canadian media suppliers will not provide smaller agencies with a competitive rate/service in an effort maintain their revenue yield.


Billy Poole is Vice President at +49 Media.

+49 Media is a division of Mindshare and Group M. Group M, part of WPP, is one of the largest media buyers in Canada. +49 helps brands and independent agencies in the U.S. access Group M media inventory while providing valuable market intelligence and a one-stop-shop for buying media with all Canadian media suppliers. Since the division’s launch in April 2019, +49 helped agency partners save between 15-55% of media value while providing an effective media plan for targeting their consumer and navigating the complex Canadian media landscape.

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Myra Marayag, VP of Sales, Defy Media

Posted By Don Lupo, Thursday, August 9, 2018
Updated: Wednesday, August 8, 2018

How did you get started in advertising? What's been your career road map?

My first job was an Assistant Producer working on the Lexus account at TeamOne Advertising. After a few years, I moved over to an Account Strategy role since working with clients and brainstorming with my creative teams was extremely fulfilling for me. I learned so much at TeamOne and that agency will always have a special place in my heart. Plus, they had beer on tap which helped a ton! After finishing up my Master’s Degree at USC, I moved to New York and landed a job in digital media working on the Volkswagen, Diageo and Konami accounts. After a few years of working on Madison Avenue, L.A. was calling me back, since my husband (boyfriend at the time) and I were doing long distance for a few years, so it was time to head back west


I made the move over to the publisher side and worked at CBS Interactive selling their Entertainment and Gaming properties. My boss at the time continues to be my business mentor to this day. And now, I currently work at DEFY Media as a brand storyteller, helping grow revenue across the Gaming, Automotive and Entertainment verticals. My experience working on both agency and publisher roles has helped me understand this industry so much and I’ve been tremendously lucky to have worked with so many great people! 

What keeps you motivated? Do you have a personal motto?

Honestly, my family keeps me motivated. Every day I get home from work and my kids (ages 4 and 2) don’t care if I closed a deal or crushed a PPT presentation. They care about the simple things, like how the flowers smell in our backyard or watching airplanes fly in the sky. Seeing the world thru their eyes really makes me want to be a better person in all avenues of my life.

As for a personal motto, I’m a big believer of the saying: “Surround yourself with good people, surround yourself with positivity and people who are going to challenge you to make you better.” 

What excites you most about this industry?

There’s so much change happening in the industry today so it’s exciting to see how much of it is continues to evolve. One year, MCN’s are the hottest thing to talk about, now it’s all about the power of influencers. It definitely keeps you on your toes as you need to constantly educate yourself in the marketplace to see who is really disrupting the industry.  



Photos: Don Lupo


Where is advertising heading? What do the next five years look like?

We already see it now but there’s such a big focus on the power of content. Major companies are consolidating so that they can create more premium content for consumers (i.e. Disney acquiring Fox). Companies like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu are all doubling down to make sure they have the next Handmaid’s Tale or Stranger Things franchise. The concept of Skinny Bundles really shows you that content is king and that consumers will dictate what they want to watch, so I think in the next five years, companies who create authentic content with truly engaged audiences will succeed. 

Being a female Sales Executive in our industry must not always be an easy journey. What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned so far?

Trying to take on too many things and spreading myself too thin. I learned quickly that you really have to focus on the important things that move the needle. Also, I think it’s important to make yourself a seat at the table since it’s not always given to you. But make sure you are worthy of that seat! 

What advice do you have for emerging professionals just starting in advertising?

I can’t say this enough when I mentor folks who are just graduating from college: network, network, network. Most career opportunities will happen due to your own personal network, so make sure your networking game is strong. Also, I recently attended a Women’s Leadership conference, and they reminded me that working on your own personal brand is extremely important.

Any closing thoughts for the ThinkLA community?

The ThinkLA community is amazing. If you aren’t actively involved, I definitely urge you to do so, as you’ll meet so many friends and business mentors who will help you grow in your career. 


Myra Marayag is VP of Sales at DEFY Media and currently serves on the ThinkLA IDEA Council.

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2018 Marketing and Advertising Predictions

Posted By Emily Hope, Wednesday, January 3, 2018

What's in store for advertising and marketing in 2018? Here's a few thoughts from the ThinkLA community.


"I predict the continued rise of women into the C-suite, as our skills, strengths and values become increasingly critical to the business success of our agencies, our holding companies, and our clients.”
Kristi VandenBosch, Chief Digital Officer, MXM, and ThinkLA Board of Directors Co-President


"2018 will see VR become more widely accepted not only as entertainment, but as a valuable consumer training tool, especially when it comes to site walk-throughs for travel and commercial applications. It will become a viable first step toward fully immersive environments for all people." 
- Don Lupo, Director of Content and Marketing, ThinkLA


"I envision more small and mid-tier agencies following suit of larger agencies, by taking control of their programmatic media buying, and bringing it in-house to utilize a self-service DSP. More advertisers will be looking towards meaningful KPI's - such as offline sales measurement, while traditional KPI's - such as CTR and VCR, will continue to become less relevant."
- Sunny Behniwal, Senior Account Executive, Adelphic, a Viant Inc. Company, and ThinkLA Young Professionals Council Member


"2017 forced both brands and agencies to think hard about their values, whether in their responses to the new political climate or to the#MeToomovement. In 2018, people won't be able to hide behind messaging. Marketers will have to decide what they believe, act upon it—and be judged accordingly.”
Jeff Sweat, Founder, Mister Sweatand ThinkLA Board of Directors Member


"I think we'll see a rise in the "micro-influencer". Given the crowded digital arena, brands will need to have an authentic message to break through the noise, to engage and interact with their costumers. The use of influencers, partners, customers (perhaps through testimonials), and even showcasing employees, will all be relatable ways for brands to tell their stories."
Emily Hope, Communications Manager, ThinkLA


"Deloitte or Accenture will make a bid to acquire one of the four largest ad agency holding companies.”
Eric Johnson, President and Founder, Ignitedand ThinkLA Board of Directors Member


"Search will be an x-factor for premium publishers in scaling traffic to quality (not to mention measurable, viewable, safe) content. Where social has long been the dominant source of publisher traffic, a trending uptick in search referral traffic could mean significant monetization opportunities for publishers."
- Claire Thompson, Senior Strategist, VICE Media, and ThinkLA Young Professionals Council Member


"Due to the investments companies like Google and Facebook are making, I believe augmented reality will be adopted by the masses in 2018. We’ll see brands trying to navigate their way through the immersive technology space to see which tech suits their brand/product, and I believe that AR will be that platform."
John Yi, Communications Director, Strategy, MBMGand ThinkLA Young Professionals Council Member


"Everyone is on the "content" bandwagon but very few are doing it correctly and effectively. For example, a few CMOs I’ve spoken to, are taking cause marketing in-house to integrate them into their brands, to start putting emphasis on quality communications."


"Traditional marketing campaigns will be replaced by Modular Marketing. We will see less identical campaigns, more modular framework for communication. This will allow marketers to be more flexible and able to replace themes, offers, messages within the framework."
Luis Camano, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Key Activationsand ThinkLA Board of Directors Member



"2018 will be a year where all the things we have started in years past, will become more relevant and refined. Ideas, strategies, data, content is all growing to be more agile. We'll see movements be mobile. And, I don’t mean that device that is attached to us at all times, I mean movements that are going new places, transitioning, evolving. We will see adaptive strategies, policies and people, doing things in new more ‘mobile ways’.  


Life/work balance (vs. work/life) will be more mainstream as people take life/work on the road, and the increase in collaborate workspaces will continue to change the way the workforce operates. This attitude can be seen in how #MeToo is growing to evolve into bigger conversations, such as #TimesUp.


We will see immersive experiences that people will travel for; to interact with brands, art and culture in a single multifaceted event (like 29Rooms, DesertX, Museum of Ice Cream). Big data will finally be activated in a way that can be used in a meaningful way for the consumer, as we now know how to both use it for targeting and content curation."

- Brook Hauge, Strategy Supervisor, Canvas Worldwide, and ThinkLA Young Professionals Council Co-President



"I’m being a bit selfish here by focusing on a trend that will benefit independent agencies like ours. Although large holding companies will maintain a large share of the market, independent agencies will continue to position themselves as viable alternatives to larger agency networks and win accounts. The stable independent agencies will build enough scale to attract talent, take on more business and provide a high level of service to advertisers."
- Zach Rosenberg, President, MBMG, and ThinkLA Board of Directors Member 




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