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Candela Rebot
Sparkd Studios

Candela Rebot is Head of Content for Ghost Gaming, a competitive NA eSports organization currently competing internationally in games such as Call of Duty, Rocket League, CSGO, Player Unknown Battlegrounds and Gears of Wars. Candela, or "Miss Betty" as many of her fellow gamer coworkers know her, is also known for her creative direction at Sparkd Studios, a self-started independent production studio that became the first one to cater exclusively to eSports film making and production talent management. After building over 7 years of Advertising experience with national brands such as Honda, Southwest Airlines, and Arco, Candela is now one of the few leading creatives in the gaming production circle to be leading the way for eSports content, a growing industry that profited $1.5 billion in 2017 alone. She also thoughtfully enjoys working late, making "Asados" (Barbecues), and forcing people to play with her cat Dante, an american, short-hair black panther; I mean, Cat.



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