Programmatic Summit 2015 Agenda
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Building Brands, Leveraging Data, and Implementing Automation

Join IAB and thinkLA for our Second Annual Programmatic Summit on November 11, where experts throughout the digital ecosystem explain how they’re executing programmatic across their organizations. Join more than 300 brand marketers, media buyers, online publishers, ad networks, ad exchanges, and other solutions providers in candid conversations and debates surrounding automation and data.


Programmatic has transformed the digital media landscape, creating efficiencies on both the buy and sell side, as well as providing greater scale and allowing data to be utilized in new ways. The key to making programmatic most effective—and maximizing ROI—lies in implementation. This is true from employing true programmatic creative methodologies to rethinking internal organizational structures and ensuring that the entire digital ecosystem has the training necessary for proper execution.


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8:00 - 9:00 AM

Networking Breakfast and Registration

9:00 - 9:20 AM

Opening Remarks: Redefining Programmatic

Despite being years into the programmatic revolution, there still isn’t universal agreement around what does, and what doesn’t, define programmatic. IAB opens the day and provides guidance on what these terms mean to ensure attendees are all speaking the same programmatic language.


Joe Laszlo (Bio)
Vice President, Industry Initiatives

9:20 - 9:50 AM

All in on Programmatic: Brand POV

Hear insights into Kellogg’s approach to automation, including how the brand has shifted its ad spend to programmatic, and how it has impacted the company’s digital media budgets. Discover how brands are coming to terms with challenges with regard to transparency.


Gayle Smilianich (Bio)
Associate Director, KNA Media

9:50 - 10:20 AM

Programmatic Creative: From Right Media to Right Message


The industry’s embrace of programmatic has effectively delivered creative to the right person at the right time, but there is still an opportunity for programmatic to take creative to new heights. Discover how data can create meaningful programmatic creative, and how the creative and media teams are bridging the gaps that currently exist in this field.


Bob Arnold (Bio)
North America Digital Strategy & Media Lead

10:20 - 10:50 AM

Networking break and refreshments

10:50 - 11:30 AM

Building Trust: Unlocking the Challenges of Transparency, Fraud and Viewability


Programmatic has the potential to fulfill the promise of right message, right time and right person. But there are some legitimate questions on whether concerns over transparency, fraud and viewability might undermine our collective ability to achieve that goal. We also need to build trust by better understanding the value of the different parts of the ecosystem and how best to demonstrate ROI of campaign spends to ensuring dollars continue to flow to programmatic. Learn how different actors across the landscape are working to unlock programmatic’s value.


Joe Barone (Bio)
Managing Partner, Digital Ad Operations
GroupM Connect North America

Alanna Gombert
General Manager, Digital Supply Investment,
Omnicom Media Group

Adam Moser (Bio)
Head of Ad Operations

Kaylie Smith (Bio)

Head of Seller Cloud
Rubicon Project

Moderated by Scott Cunningham (Bio)
Senior Vice President, IAB and General Manager
IAB Tech Lab

11:40 AM - 12:40 PM

Deep-Dive Track Sessions:
Dig into the topics that matter most to your business objectives.

Track 1


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Track 2


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Track 3


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Track 4


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Track 1

The Sweet Spot: Navigating the Media Mix with Video

This track explores how programmatic comes into play to impact the ideal media mix. In 2014, programmatic advertising revenue comprised approximately 52 percent of all display-related revenue (including digital video), and it’s only expected to increase. Many marketers are indicating that they plan to increase their programmatic budgets as well, but determining the ideal mix is a key challenge.


Using Video in Your Programmatic Strategy

Learn how Sawyer Studios and Tremor Video are working with top producers to determine the most effective media strategy for entertainment. In this case study presentation, discover how they’re incorporating video into their programmatic strategy—and how they are doing it all in-house.


Zak Soreff (Bio)Executive Vice President, Sawyer Studios

Abbey Thomas (Bio)Head of Entertainment and Auto, Tremor Video


Display Versus Video: Understanding Monetization Approaches

Quality video inventory remains scarce, making it difficult for marketers to buy in the open marketplace. In this fireside chat, the buy and sell side highlight the differences in display and video programmatic and discuss how metrics and ROI differ.


Nicholas Galante (Bio)
Director of Programmatic    
Direct Agents

Brandt Best (Bio)
Business Development
USA Today Sports Media Group


Track 2

Programmatic Myth Busters: Fulfilling Your Mobile Budgets

There are a number of myths about what buyers can do—at scale—to reach their audiences on their mobile devices with native, video and hyper-targeted ads. Learn some of the most common misperceptions, hear from the innovators who have already broken through and share case studies and examples you can apply to your business.


MYTH #1: PMP & Guaranteed Orders are Just For Desktop

The explosive growth in mobile orders has provided a wealth of opportunity for buyers and sellers. Learn how and why both sides of the digital media ecosystem prefer this mode of transacting, as we shed a light on campaign successes.


Aaron Austin (Bio)
Head of Programmatic

Jennifer Lum (Bio)
Chief Strategy Officer & Cofounder

Joe Prusz (Bio)
Vice President, Head of Mobile
Rubicon Project


MYTH #2: There’s Not Enough Good Mobile Video (There are actually Six Flavors!)

Discover how to be successful with the high-impact, engaging format of mobile video. This session showcases how the unique combination of mobile and video is helping the industry migrate from interruption to so-called “advertainment” and branded content marketing.


Sean Kelly (Bio)
Regional Director of Sales, West



Track 3

The Custom at Scale Conundrum: Programmatic Native

This track will uncover how native advertising fits into the programmatic puzzle. Though native and programmatic have often been thought to be at odds with one another, there’s a growing need in the industry to blend custom content at scale.


Understanding Native Programmatic 

We will discuss what native programmatic is and how it works—and explain how it’s unique from regular programmatic methodologies. Discover what’s in store for the future of native programmatic and how it can achieve scale as we share insights and case studies.


Scott Messer (Bio)
Senior Director, Business Development,
Demand Media


Sandra Yassaka, Director, Global Publisher Solutions, MediaMath


Making Native Programmatic Work

This session unpacks real life examples of native programmatic. This nascent strategy can be a particularly useful part of the monetization strategy, if done right. Find out how those in the trenches are using native to create more meaningful, engaging campaigns.


Lindsay Lichtenberg (Bio)
Senior VP of Publishing Platforms and Partnerships
Starcom MediaVest Group

Scott Messer (Bio)
Senior Director, Business Development,
Demand Media

Jack Dempsey Southerland (Bio)
Senior Vice President of Programmatic Solutions

Moderated by Melissa Gallo (Bio)
Director of Product - Programmatic Automation and Data
IAB Technical Lab

Track 4

The Customer Journey: Attribution in Programmatic

In this session, learn how the marketer utilizes the path to conversion within programmatic. Reaching the right audience is one of the great promises of programmatic, but attribution is still critical in determining effective spend. Last touch attribution is no longer the only metric that matters, and the first visit needs to be incorporated into the funnel to determine the right incentives throughout the customer journey.


Attribution Gaming: Know If You Are Getting Ripped Off and How to Stop It

This session explores attribution gaming tactics that exploit the current flaws in bottom funnel attribution measurement. Learn why your current attribution model is likely wasting your budget, and how a simple split funnel metric can shine a light onto this unethical activity.


Seph Zdarko (Bio)
Head of Partner Strategy & Attribution Initiatives


Attribution In Action

Join us for a candid discussion with technology, platform and brand leaders about the attribution challenges we all face, how they're being addressed, and the opportunities more precise models will create for the industry.


Joe Ayyoub (Bio)
General Manager, Attribution, Privacy & Ad Tech Solution

Seph Zdarko (Bio)
Head of Partner Strategy & Attribution Initiatives

12:45 - 1:45 PM

Networking Lunch

1:45 - 2:15 PM




Smarter Programmatic: Building Multi-Screen Audiences
Roman Room

The discussions surrounding programmatic within the advertising industry focus on fill rates and efficiencies; we need to reach higher and prioritize building the strongest multi-screen audiences. By leveraging more robust data and targeting capabilities, we can find and deliver smarter audiences at optimum receptivity and attention. At the center of the industry is the consumer. Stephanie Gaines, Vice President of Corporate Marketing, YuMe, explains how to optimize the value with nuanced and customizable end-to-end offerings.


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Actions Speak Louder Than Demographics?
Corinthian Room

Actions matter. Your brand code is made up of the actions people do with their hands and with their feet. Whether it's online shopping, reading content, visiting a store, or attending an event,  these actions are unique to your brand. And they change over time. Hear how you can capitalize on action data, whether it's for targeting or media optimization, on any channel from mobile to OOH. Presented by Tobey Van Santvoord, Regional Vice President of Sales, distillery.


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How to Identify, Refine and Focus on Metrics that Matter to Win in Programmatic 
Gold Room

Programmatic buying has become a key tactic in most marketers’ toolkits. With its promise of ease and efficiency, this buying channel often makes up a large percentage of a buyer’s budget. But how do brand owners define the metrics that matter to them – and their businesses – to ensure they are getting the most from programmatic? How can marketers use data to identify and refine these metrics? And, what’s the best way to communicate these goals – and assess impact – across all partners? During this session, comScore Senior Vice President Aaron Fetters answers these questions and shares some programmatic success stories.


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Marketing to the Moment Across Devices
Emerald Room

Today's consumer now uses several different devices to browse, research, engage, and shop. With most people using a combination of desktop and mobile devices to buy clothes, deposit checks, and even track workouts, marketers should be focusing less on devices and more on the people behind them. Ian Dailey, Rocket Fuel’s Head of Mobile Product Marketing, explains how advertisers can drive results through a better understanding of the multi-device consumer journey.


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2:20 - 2:50 PM

Private Marketplaces: A Tactical Approach to Reach and Scale


While programmatic spending has grown exponentially, it’s the private marketplace arena that many publishers and advertisers have their eyes on as they seek out more targeted approaches to their trading models. We will discuss the opportunities that PMPs provide across the ecosystem, and shed light on how they have improved in their audience reach and scale.


Moderated by Joe Laszlo (Bio)
Vice President, Industry Initiatives

Eyal Ebel (Bio)
Director of Programmatic Sales
Gawker Media

Kathy O'Dowd (Bio)
Global Director, Programmatic Marketplace & Channel Development

2:50 - 3:20 PM

What’s Next: Programmatic TV


Programmatic has moved way beyond a display-only media buy, moving into all mediums, from mobile and radio to out-of-home and print. But programmatic TV is the future of automation, with the move away from traditional targeting. Discover recent trends that have developed due to audience fragmentation and the impact of these changes on linear TV viewership. Learn how buyers can better invest their television spend and reach the right audience, while sellers can better assure advertisers of the value of their viewers.


Moderated by Melissa Gallo (Bio)
Director of Product - Programmatic Automation and Data
IAB Tech Lab

Dan Ackerman (Bio)
Head of Programmatic TV    

Serena Duff (Bio)
Executive Vice President, General Manager
Horizon Media

3:20 - 3:50 PM

(Hu)Man Versus Machine: Training the Workforce


The idea that programmatic means leaner teams as a result of automation is a myth. Instead, educating the workforce to understand how to transact programmatically is critical—and no small feat, to be sure. By rethinking the way they work with technology providers now and in the future, CBS Interactive and UM have deployed best practices that align programmatic with how the organizations go to market. Learn about some of the challenges in the programmatic marketplace today, and discover how premium publishers are rectifying the share of information with agencies.


Yvonne Abt (Bio)
VP, Digital

Moderated by Joe Laszlo (Bio)
Vice President, Industry Initiatives

Jason White (Bio)
General Manager & Vice President of Programmatic Revenue
CBS Interactive

3:50 PM

Closing Remarks

4:00 PM

Networking Cocktail Reception

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