2014 Interactive Idea Awards Instagram Contest
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The 2014 Interactive Idea Awards

Our theme: thinkLA Confidential
Our tagline: “Who Killed It?”

Hey L.A., how thinkLA Confidential is your company? Inspire us and win a limo ride to the Interactive Idea Awards!
  1. Upload a killer black & white company photo on Instagram that shows us your thinkLA Confidential vision…urbane yet gritty, suave yet noir.
  2. Tag your photo with #thinkAwards and @thinkLA
  3. Add a caption describing your photo (include company name). 
  4. Ask your colleagues and fans to Like. Share. Comment.

Each IG "like" = 1 point each
Each IG "comment" = 2 points
The most points by 5pm on 5/30 wins a limo ride to the Awards.*

*Prize includes limo ride only to/from the Gala and after party admittance on June 5th. To purchase Gala tickets, click here.

Eligibility & Guidelines:
To enter, your company must be based in LA and work in the media, marketing or advertising space. Entries that contain pornographic material or which are otherwise extraordinarily offensive will be disqualified. Only one photo per company will be considered. Limo can seat up to 10 people and will pick up/drop off from your company’s location.

Last updated: 5/30/14

"Happy Wednesday!"
Likes: 37
Comments: 1
Points: 39

RPA Advertising
"This is the City of the Angels and you haven't got any wings."
Likes: 186
Comments: 86
Points: 358

"DGWB kills it Santa Ana style. Jon Gothold, DGWB Advertising, Santa Ana."
Likes: 180
Comments: 112 
Points: 404

Submitted by: Trace Przybylowicz
Likes: 62
Comments: 8
Points: 78

Jetset Studios
"Jetset Studios killed it."
Likes: 10
Comments: 1
Points: 12

Power 106
"The Game showing his hometown of #LA some crowd love at #POWERHOUSE 13."
Likes: 1718
Comments: 16 
Points: 1750

"The #phelpstars killed it with intimidating dodgeball poses"
Likes: 15
Comments: 0
Points: 15

"UM - killin' it every day."
Likes: 43
Comments: 12
Points: 67

Profiles In History
"Killin our creative brainstorm sesh with #DarthVader & The #Joker over a game of #Jumanji"
Likes: 43
Comments: 6 
Points: 55

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