Speaker - Jourdain Casale
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Jourdain Casale

Vice President, Strategy
Index Exchange

Jourdain grew up with computers long before they entered everyone's lives. He was self-taught in several programming languages as a teenager, had already started building websites in 1994, and created a full enterprise-grade CMS at 19. Jourdain brings a diverse background to Index Exchange, including an enduring interest for marketing and strategy. He participated in some of the world's first large-scale, global web-based procurement automation initiatives, and was an early adopter of financial technology for algorithmic trading in futures and equities. Jourdain was involved in the design and scaling of the technology platform for the exchange, throughout its more than a decade of evolution.

Jourdain has a long track record of involvement in groundbreaking technologies since his tenure at Hewlett-Packard where he was platform architect for a multi-billion-dollar global enterprise purchasing system. Since joining the company full-time in 2003, Jourdain has held positions in many areas of the business with a focus on Engineering and Publishing. He currently oversees the future of the Header Tag product group, spending much of his time on video products and large brand buyers. When he's not leading the header tag movement, Jourdain enjoys the suburban life with his wife and three children.

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