The Top 10 Reasons to Attend Our Après Ski Winter Party
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1. Where else is it socially acceptable to wear a turtleneck ever?

Photo credit: ftzdomino



2. Who wouldn’t want to network in full winter attire?



3. Snow. In LA. Enough said.



4. The best part of skiing is the after party anyway. All the fun, minus the physical exertion.



5. Maybe your old boss will be there and you can gloat about your recent success.



6. It’s one of the few times you can leave work before 6 to start partying.

Photo credit: John Moran



7. You know you need a night away from all those screaming kids.

Photo credit: Rachel Gardner



8. You can go full Cruella de Vil and look fabulous in head to toe fur.

Photo credit: Let Ideas Compete



9. You never know whom you will meet under the mistletoe.

Photo credit: ftzdomino




10. It’s for a good cause. Toys will be collected at thinkLA’s Holiday Après Ski Party for Toys for Tots.

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