Entry Process


  • All entries are subject to eligibility review and approval.
  • Submissions are accepted ONLY for work produced by and/or for a Southern California-based company and presented to the public in calendar year 2016.
  • Joint, team, and individual entries are acceptable.
  • Entries may be from ThinkLA members or non-members.
  • There is no limit on the number of entries an individual or company may submit, but there is a limit of two (2) categories per entry. If an entry is entered into more than 2 categories, additional entries will be removed from judging and fees will not be refunded.

Submit An Entry


If you're new to the awards, begin HERE. The information you'll need is:

  • Your contact info
  • Entry name
    - Campaigns: the title of the spot or campaign
    - Companies: the company being nominated
    - Individuals: the individual being nominated
  • The category you're entering into
  • A thumbnail image that represents your entry

If you've already registered for this year - congratulations!
You can just LOG IN.

  • Campaign Achievement Awards
    Submit a PDF document (2-page maximum) answering the following questions:
    • The Idea
      What were the campaign's objectives?
      Who was the target audience?
      What were the insights that shaped the idea?
      How was it relevant to the client and the target audience?
    • The Execution
      What was the creative/strategic solution? What channel(s) were used?
    • The Results
      You can include sales results as well as change in awareness and attitudes.

  • Company and Individual Achievement Awards
    Submit a PDF document (2-page maximum) answering the following questions:
    • Leadership
      How is the nominee a leader in the industry? How is the nominee viewed by colleagues, executives, subordinates, partners?
    • Innovation
      What are the nominee's strengths in innovative thinking, problem solving, and/or recognizing business opportunities?
    • Community
      How has the nominee contributed to our community in any or all of the following capacities: knowledge sharing, training, charity work, industry events, or any other substantive way?

  • Silicon Beach Startup Award
    Submit a PDF document (2-page maximum) answering the following questions:
    • Evidence of Success in Solving a Key Advertising/Marketing Challenge
      Please provide evidence of achievement in excess of targets and key milestones for clients. Has revenue / profit / market share exceeded expected levels? Who are your clients and what proof is there of strong customer satisfaction? How have you made an impact in the advertising/ marketing industry?
    • What is unique about your business
      What differentiates you from competitors? Have you changed industry practices, produced innovative products or services or found a new route to market?
    • Why the Business Should Win
      This should be specifically related to innovative solutions in the advertising/marketing industry.
      Requirement: provide at least one case study.

Please note that supporting materials are optional, but strongly recommended, especially videos:
  • Videos (max length 4 minutes).
  • Screen shots or descriptive images (no more than 5 per entry, .jpg or .png, 72DPI).
  • URL link (no more than 3 per entry): Can be commercials, websites, demos from technology partners and/or ad servers, etc.


For technical advice and support please contact Iceberg on Twitter or via email.

    All documents must be submitted in PDF format.

    Our video is powered by Vimeo, We strongly suggest following their recommended settings to leave the judges with the best impression, http://vimeo.com/help/compression.

    Screen shots or descriptive images (no more than 5 per entry, .png or .jpg, 72dpi, maximum size 11x17).

    Any entry that contains interactive content must provide a URL link to the live site, mobile application or game. Links can be commercials, websites, demos from technology partners and/or ad servers, etc. No more than 3 links per entry.
    Password information must be provided on the PDF document for protected sites
    Link must be live through December 2017

    High resolution files only, .png or .jpg, please.

    We accept .mp3, .wav and .ogg files.


How We Determine The Winners

  • Campaign Achievement Awards
    • Phase One: The ThinkLA screening committee, comprised of senior marketing professionals, will evaluate and score all entries. The top entries in each category will be determined.
    • Phase Two: An independent panel of highly acclaimed industry experts will determine the winner.

  • Company Achievement Awards
    • Phase One: An independent panel of highly acclaimed industry experts will score all nominees.
    • Phase Two: the ThinkLA community will vote for their favorites in each category.

  • Individual Achievement Awards
    The winner will be selected in each category, based on popular vote by the ThinkLA community.

QUESTIONS? Contact us at awards@ThinkLA.org

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