Best Social Campaign

This award recognizes exciting and effective approaches to shaping social conversation in support of marketing efforts.

Best Mobile Campaign

The most innovative and successful use of mobile media (mobile and/or tablet platforms

Best Video Campaign

Best use of streaming or video-based advertising (short-form or long form).

Best Visual Campaign

The most successful and unique visual advertising design including rich media, website, OOH, print (single execution or series).

Best Experiential Campaign

Recognizing the best live event, stunt, competition, social gathering and physical installation or exhibition centered around a brand.

Best Branded Content/Storytelling Campaign

This award is for a series, narrative or campaign on any platform that is the creation of, or natural integration into, original content by a brand. This includes creating original content or programming by partnering with a publisher, influencer, customers, or media partner.

Best Cause Marketing Campaign

A creative execution aligning a brand’s values with a non-profit cause, a social change initiative, or a marketing campaign promoting a non-profit cause.

ThinkLA Innovator

Celebrates a campaign or marketing initiative that is completely new in the marketing and advertising landscape. It embodies progressive thought and ideation that is original and extraordinary. It can be a use of technology, communication platform, approach to solving a marketing problem, or a never-before-seen execution.

Campaign of the Year

A campaign that delivered a unified, creative and innovative message across multiple platforms while effectively leveraging the unique aspects of each. The campaign must include a minimum of three different elements (media, TV, print, OOH, radio, social, experiential).


Agency of the Year (Three Awards)

Given to three Southern California-based advertising agencies with inspired leadership, demonstrated creative excellence, outstanding service, and a passionate dedication to the ThinkLA community.

  • Media/Full Service Agency (over 50 employees)
  • Creative/Full Service Agency (over 50 employees)
  • Boutique Agency of the Year (under 50 total employees)
  • Partner of the Year

    A company that has demonstrated consistent dedication and commitment to advancing marketing and advertising. The recipient demonstrates creativity and flexibility, and is on the forefront of innovation.

    Silicon Beach Startup Award

    An young, innovative company working to solve a marketing/advertising problem that creates a repeatable and scalable business model. Must be privately owned, have more than three full-time employees, be headquartered in Los Angeles County, and have filed for incorporation no later than 2012.


    Salesperson of the Year

    A salesperson who has displayed outstanding skills and enthusiasm in bringing the benefits of marketing/advertising solutions to his/her agency/client partners, has more than five years years’ experience, and is an active participant in the ThinkLA community.

    Agency Person of the Year

    An individual working in any capacity at an agency who has displayed outstanding skills and enthusiasm in relation to his/her clients’ businesses, has more than five years’ experience, and is an active participant in the ThinkLA community.

    Client of the Year

    An individual working in any capacity on the client side, brand or product marketer, who has displayed outstanding skills and enthusiasm in working with a Southern California advertising agency or partner.


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