Supporting the new generation of leaders within our industry. 

Our program is currently active and the next session will launch in November!



Call for Mentors: May 1 - June 2 
Call for Mentees: June 5 - 30
Matches Announced: July 10 
Fall Program Live: July 10 - Nov. 30

"My mentor is the greatest gift that ThinkLA has given me. In the few meetings we have had, he has inspired me and helped me in so many ways." - Employee, Canvas WW


About Mentoring

ThinkLA's diversity-driven mentorship program supports the new generation of leaders within our industry. We connect emerging, diverse talent with seasoned professionals that are passionate about giving back. Mentees are given the opportunity to be matched with a wide-array of Mentors across different talents, races, genders, career paths, and more, to gain a deeper understanding of the ad industry’s business practices and culture, gain expertise, build a professional network, and design realistic goals.

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Mentors and mentees are encouraged to meet informally and at ThinkLA events at least six times over the course of the program. After completing a brief questionnaire, matches will be made by the Mentorship Committee based on both parties' experience, career goals, and geographic meeting preference.

At the completion of the five-month program, the mentee and mentor will complete an evaluation on the program and have the opportunity to be matched again.

Mentor Mentee

Our Mentors

Mentees will have the opportunity to choose the top three mentors they'd like to be matched with, although the final matching will be completed by the Mentor Committee.


Brian Alexander

Sales Director
"I am passionate about evolving the digital landscape and solving the challenges that are constantly emerging"

Astghik Angaladian

Management Supervisor
Campbell Ewald  
"Professionally I'm passionate about data, technology and innovation. Personally I'm passionate about sustainability, art and love any active sports."

Jonathan Basiri

Director, Brand Partnerships
"I'm an LA native passionate about my city and LA sports teams, my dog , my girlfriend, and concerts. I also participate in CrossFit workouts about 4-5 times a week."

Jim Baudino

VP of Marketing & Business Development
"Family, travel, challenges, new experiences."

Ben Benya

Benya Consulting
"I'm passionate about learning."

Jessica Chow

Client Partner
"I'm passionate about Eating, Traveling, Living Green, Salsa Dancing, Shoes"

Oscar Contreras

Account Executive
"I'm most passionate about music and technology which is why I absolutely love what I do for work. I also love sports, news, movies, cars, and restaurants with great ambiance."

Kelly Davies

Demand Executive
"I'm passionate about People!"

Adam Gausepohl

Popshorts, Inc.
"I'm passionate about creating quality content."


Steve Gibson

 VP Group Director of Search
Canvas Worldwide
"I am professionally passionate about search marketing, analytics, pattern recognition, group and social movement. Personally – Creating a positive impact where and when I can. Paying forward."

James Green

Chief Marketing Officer 
"I am passionate about building brands through the power of direct-response marketing. I am also passionate about helping build the next generation of multi-channel marketers."

Tim Hand

VP Sales 
Kelley Blue Book 
"I strive to empower our team to become leaders pass along what i've learned myself ."

Justin Henry

"I am passionate about discovering new and different ways to do things, that help to create better solutions for all involved. This is how progress is made."


Chris Inners

West Coast Social Director
"Work is going to be work so I like to find ways you can be the most productive while having fun and enjoying what you're doing. Also country music."

Tiffany Jackson

Director, Strategic Planning
"I love working with clients to create compelling and creative campaigns. Much of my career has focused on entertainment which is dynamic and...entertaining!"

Karen Kohn

Director of Project Management/Creative Services
Walton Isaacson
"I am passionate about great creative ideas, passionate about creating processes that enhance peoples worklife."


Anna Kondrashova

Associate Director, Digital Investment
Canvas Worldwide
"Advertising in general and media specifically. I am fascinated with the digital world we live in and the impact media and technology have on all the aspects of our lives. I am very passionate about individual growth, entrepreneurship, leadership and making a positive impact on the world around us."

Julian Lile

Director of Sponsorships
LA Auto Show
"Music, technology, being active, personal finance."

Don Lupo

SVP, Director of Digital Production
Dailey, ThinkLA
"Helping people, photography, technology."

Joao Machado

Director of Mobile, NA
"I'm passionate good advertising. the stories told by brands. dislike the emphasis on data, data, data every second of the day. love the creative energy in people and the brave souls who share that with the world."

Tito Melega

Executive Creative Director
"I'm passionate about Film, Storydoing, Team Building, mentoring and inspiring."

Renee Miller

President/Creative Director
The Miller Group
"Writing, cooking, yoga and helping young people reach their potential."

Daniel Mizraki

Senior Director, Client Development
RED Interactive Agency
"I'm passionate about the intersection of entertainment and technology. How we use technology to create better entertainment experiences and how brands play a role in this innovation."

Dayna Moon

Head of Partnerships - West
Pinsight Media by Sprint
"I'm passionate aboout DIGITAL MEDIA! ……. Travel (two continents to go), learning new things and keeping my Golden Retriever happy!"

Sara Morton

Independent Marketing Consultant
"I'm passionate aboout coffee, running, and mid-century modern furniture."

Paulo Munoz Carvajal

Group Planning Director
Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles
"Passions are Film. Art. Comics. Counter Culture. Punk. Occupy. Europe. Social justice."

Nicholas Pavach

Vice President of Sales
"New Media, Innovation & Golf. More specifically Mobile/Social Video."

Monique Pintarelli

"I am passionate about living a full life! I believe in working hard and finding time for the things that matter to you most. I am the mother of 2 boys, which keep me busy outside of the office. I am also passionate about mentorship and helping women in the industry."

Lisa Radist

Director of Strategic Partnerships
"I''m passionate about family, baking, entertaining, movies, & travel."

Chris Rogers

Sr. Account Exectutive
"Storytelling, building relationships and entertainment."

Zach Rosenberg

"I'm passionate about Media creativity."

Ben Sarmiento

VP of Sales
"I''m passionate about family, baking, entertaining, movies, & travel."

Matt Sexton

Sr. Sales Director
"Storytelling, building relationships and entertainment."

Tim Shu

Performance Marketing Coordinator
DQ&A Media Group
"I''m passionate about Digital marketing, Direct response marketing, Startup,s Data Analytics, and Web Development."

Owen Sidd

Head of Brand Partnerships
Captiv8, Inc.
"I'm very passionate about social media & influencer marketing and related data and analytics. Also startups and early growth companies within the digital/social space."

Diana Sithiyopasakul

HR Manager
Media Arts Lab \ For Good
"I'm passionate about Connecting inspiring and creative folks to roles that are fulfilling to them."

Lisa Solomon

VP Brand and Media Partnerships
"I am passionate about collaboration, creative thinking and working on projects that are first to market. I love brand advertising and marketing. When not working I love to spend time with my friends and family."

Jenn Tang

Senior Director of Sales
"I'm passionate about Street art, cooking something delicious and then eating it, standing up for yourself and what's right, doing great work that makes you happy and proud of yourself!"

Omar Vargas

Brand Supervisor
R&R Partners
"Aside from marketing and what triggers us consumers to purchase or follow a certain brand, I love anything outdoors, working out, food, music, sports and fitness. Anything that involves personal and mental growth. I feel in today's world that we need to connect more than ever."

Jana Wentz

Account Director
"I am passionate about collaboration, creative thinking and working on projects that are first to market. I love brand advertising and marketing. When not working I love to spend time with my friends and family."

Yvonne Williams

VP, Digital
Palisades Media Group
"I am passionate about mentoring and teaching our young agency talent about the media industry, how to foster client relationships along with building process that sets our employees up for success and the ability to make work enjoyable."

Nevelle Wright

Sr. Sales Manager
"I'm passionate about Media innovation & building creative solutions for brands."

John Yi

Associate Director of Strategy
Milner Butcher Media Group
"I'm passionate about technology, sports, and efficiencies."

Jason Philip Yoong

Business Development
*Jason is only available for video chat or phone calls
"Business, advertising, tennis, chess, game of thrones, podcasts, street art."


Patrick Young

Account Director
Saatchi & Saatchi LA
"I''m passionate my family and the Lakers."


As a mentee, you'll learn from your mentor's personal and professional experience, knowledge and skills. The one-on-one mentor relationship allows for individual attention to your career aspirations, professional development and networking needs.

We're looking for young professionals who:

  • Are currently employed within the media, marketing and; advertising industry
  • Are willing to initiate and maintain regular contact with their mentor
  • Are serious about their personal and professional development
  • Are current members of ThinkLA
Mentor Mentee


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