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"Mentoring has allowed me to give back to the community, and it continues to teach me as well."  - Don Lupo, Director of Content and Marketing

Call for Mentors EXTENDED | Now through June 15
Call for Mentees | 
June 18 - July 8 
Matches Announced | 
July 16
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July 16 - Nov. 30 


Creatives are a different breed, especially in the advertising world. That’s a very good thing, and ThinkLA wants to support and celebrate that unique difference with a dedicated track in our mentorship program.

If you’re a creative professional in our community, let yourself shine.

For aspiring creatives who are pursuing a career in advertising, the ThinkLA Mentorship Program is the opportunity to talk with leading creative professionals in Los Angeles who can help guide, answer questions, and support their dreams and goals.

ThinkLA's diversity-driven mentorship program supports the new generation of leaders within our industry. We connect emerging, diverse talent with seasoned professionals who are passionate about giving back. 

Mentees are given the opportunity to be matched with a wide-array of Mentors across different skill sets and backgrounds to gain a deeper understanding of the ad industry and build a professional network..

After completing a brief questionnaire, matches will be made by the Mentorship Committee based on both parties' experience, career goals, and geographic meeting preference. Mentors and Mentees are encouraged to meet informally and at ThinkLA events at least six times over the course of the program. 

At the completion of the five-month program, the mentee and mentor will complete an evaluation on the program and have the opportunity to be matched again.

Creative Mentors

If you’re a creative professional, we need you.
Potential mentees need you.
And the industry needs smart, young, aspiring creatives who have benefited from your mentorship and leadership.

Be a part of our Creative Mentorship program and help make a difference in someone’s career and life. The one-on-one mentorship matching will be completed by the Mentor Committee and overseen by ThinkLA.

Creative Mentors are:
  • Current members of ThinkLA
  • Mid- to senior-level professionals working currently within a creative department in Los Angeles
  • Willing to give time and energy over the course of five months to support the mentee’s career path

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Creative Mentees

Mentees will have the opportunity to choose a mentor with qualities that best fit their needs from different creative departments, gender, and more. As a mentee, you'll learn from your mentor's personal and professional experience, knowledge, and skills. The one-on-one mentor relationship allows for individual attention to your career aspirations, professional development and networking needs.

Creative Mentees are:
  • Current members of ThinkLA
  • Junior- to mid-level creative professionals, currently employed in a creative department within the media, marketing, and advertising industry
  • Have a current book of work or portfolio;
  • Willing to initiate and maintain regular contact with their mentor (this is the responsibility of mentees, not mentors)
  • Serious about their personal and professional development.

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