Grace Briscoe Speaker
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Speaker Bio

Grace Briscoe
VP Candidates and Cause

Grace Briscoe is Vice President of Centro’s Candidates + Causes group. Her team delivers digital media expertise and technology that political and public affairs marketers need to drive action from key constituents.

Since joining Centro over a decade ago, Grace has guided the company’s most important political advertising clients nationwide. She also founded Centro’s Washington, DC, office in 2010, firmly entrenching the company’s presence among political and advocacy marketing teams.

Centro has been at the forefront political advertising in digital media since 2006, having worked with more than 200 political campaigns and independent expenditure committees, and 400 issue advocacy advertisers, including cannabis legalization efforts in multiple states. Through the years, Centro has blended political marketing and digital media to consistently drive winning outcomes – from the local level to the highest post in the country.


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