ThinkLA Intern Summit

Intern Summit 2019 

ThinkLA’s Intern Summit is for LA summer internships in media, marketing, and advertising. 


Spanning three evenings, ThinkLA’s Fourth Annual Intern Summit gives current interns and future industry leaders the opportunity to connect with their fellow young professionals while learning insider tips and tricks from seasoned ad pros, all designed to help them survive their first years in advertising. 

The Intern Summit's emerging advertising professionals find inspiration from industry experts across different disciplines, talents, races, genders, career paths, and more, and gain a deeper understanding of the advertising industry’s business practices and corporate culture. 

Night 1 (June 19): How to Get the Most Out of Your Internship
Location: Team One, 13031 W. Jefferson Blvd #800, Los Angeles, CA 90094
Start Time: 6:30 PM

Night 2 (June 27): A Well-Rounded View of The Industry
Location: RPA, 2525 Colorado Ave #100, Santa Monica, CA 90404
Start Time: 6:30 PM

Night 3 (July 10): How to Sell Yourself / Resume Building and Critique 
Location: Horizon Media, 1888 Century Park E #700, Los Angeles, CA 90067
Start Time: 6:30 PM

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Previous Panelist and Moderators



  • Matthew Budke | National Sales Manager | Grindr | LinkedIn
  • Kelly Slater | Strategic Planner | RPA |  Linkedin
  • Jeremy Chau | Associate Talent Specialist | RPA | Linkedin
  • Darlene Nguyen | Analyst | RPA | LinkedIn
  • Patrick Stewart | Strategist | Canvas | LinkedIn
  • Katie Bakunas | Senior Account Manager | The Trade Desk | LinkedIn


Looking for some career advice? Submit a question anonymously below. We’ll either have a skilled professional take a stab at answering your question with a short video, or we’ll add it to our questions that we ask the panelists at one of the three Intern Summit evenings.

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