Ivette Martinez Speaker
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Ivette Martinez
Group Director

Ivette is a Group Director at OMD leading Total Market marketing campaigns for Wells Fargo. She started at OMD co-leading multicultural planning primarily for Wells Fargo but also consulting on other accounts such as Clorox, CW, Voya, Levis, and Hilton. She brings over 11 years of experience on Hispanic Advertising with a focus on Digital. Ivette has worked on a robust list of premium brands including Wells Fargo, Toyota, Lexus, T-Mobile, 21st Century Insurance, Albertsons, Southern California Edison, Epson Latin America, and Alaska Airlines. Most recently, Ivette led strategy planning for Wells Fargo’s Diverse Segments including African American, Asian, and LGBT. Ivette has a passion for fashion and when she is not developing integrated media campaigns, she is out and about exploring new restaurants around the city.



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