Cameron Day
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Cameron Day
Freelance Creative Director

Based in Austin, Texas, Cameron is an ex-Angeleno who loves hot rods and is committed to keeping his adopted home of Austin, TX, perpetually weird. Mr Day's past work for clients like Land Rover, Shiner Beers, and Microsoft has garnered awards he swears he's not worthy of, although he is proud to point out he has yet to return any of them over a flurry of alleged improprieties. Cameron offers mentorship and media-agnostic wordsmithing services from his five-acre halfway house for lost hot rods known as Rancho Funk, which seconds as a rustic Air BnB enterprise that people seem oddly attracted to. He has been known to share pearls of marketing wisdom like a Bora Bora mollusk diver after a prolific day of subaqueous activity through the mentorship section of his website, Many of his ninja marketing mentorship hacks were passed down to him by his father who was once Jay Chiat's partner - and no, I don't mean that kind of partner. Geez, people. Cameron boldly lays claims to hold the record for the most beer names used in a single radio commercial for his Central Market "Dead Guy in My Fridge" spot, which you'll find sandwiched between a Valentine's Day spot for aphrodisiacs entitled "Goochie Goochie Goo", and another spot that was purportedly recorded almost entirely underwater. Don't say you weren't warned about the weird thing. Wait a minute? Is it even kosher to self-promote one's own work in an award show bio? You be the judge.



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