Mia Von Sadovszky Speaker
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Speaker Bio

MiaVon Sadovszky
SVP, Group Planning Director

Mia von Sadovszky is SVP, Group Planning Director at RPA, an independent, full-service advertising agency. She is a veteran strategist and researcher who has spent 20+ years in the business of understanding people—their beliefs, desires and drives—for brands such as Southwest, Intuit/Quickbooks, IKEA and Taco Bell. With a BA in Art History from Harvard and an MBA from UCLA, she brings a mix of creativity and business savvy to all her insight work. She recently co-authored a major research project on Generation Z (https://identityshifters.rpa.com/) that was introduced in October. Her interest in studying generational cohorts began with the groundbreaking research she did into Generation X that made the cover of TIME magazine in June 1997.


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