Olivia Christian
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Staff Bio

Olivia Christian
Events Coordinator

1. Why did this type of work interest you, and how did you get started? Growing up, I was always interested in getting into entertainment; I’m fascinated by the television industry and would love to get into development and production at some point in my career. I am a writer at heart and would love to pursue television writing one day, but events have really stolen my heart! The first event based job I had was at a country club on Cape Cod and it was there that I was able learn the ins and outs of what it takes to plan and run an event. From there I went on to plan events at a start up in Boston, and the rest is history! I’m really enjoying being behind the scenes at a spectacular non-profit that supports the media, marketing, and advertising industry, and I’m looking forward to learning all the administrative components of event planning in this new role.

2. What keeps you driven and motivated in your life at the moment? I have a beautiful relationship with my mom, and making her proud is super important to me. She made me the woman I am and making her proud is truly a joy! My family, especially my grandparents, are all rooting for me back at home on Cape Cod, MA, and knowing that I have their support means the world to me. I have also been blessed with fantastic friendships to lean on, and my two best friends are constantly inspiring me to reach for the stars.

3. Describe your life using film titles. Even though there have been plenty of times in my life that I’ve been ‘Waiting to Exhale,’ ‘La La Land’ is treating me well! ‘The Shining’ sun is beautiful, and I love the way LA looks in the ‘Moonlight.’ Life so far has truly been ‘A Cinderella Story.’

4. If you could make a 20-second phone call to yourself at any point in your life present or future, when would you call and what would you say? I would love to go back to tween Liv and say… your teenage years and early twenties will be a little rough. The year and a half you spend after college won’t match up to all that you’ve envisioned for yourself, but don’t get discouraged! The hard work is going to pay off! Believe it or not, you will make it to Los Angeles and begin to pursue your dreams! Twenty-four is going to be an amazing year so just hang tight and make the very best of your youth. You’re going places baby girl!


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