Programmatic Summit Agenda
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8:00 AM

Networking continental breakfast buffet and registration

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9:00 AM

Opening Remarks
Eric Johnson, Co-President, thinkLA; President, Ignited
Jerry McGee, Co-President, thinkLA; Western Region EVP, 4A's


Programmatic - Diving In


As an industry, we celebrate innovation and strive to incorporate it into transacting digital media. As the people, process and technology fueling programmatic matures, so does our approach to marketing. What exactly is "programmatic" and how do we define it in the world of automation?


Carl Kalapesi (Bio)
Senior Director, Head of Industry Initiatives

9:20 AM

Size Matters…When It Comes to Programmatic Media Spend


It's all about the data and the numbers – and bigger is often better. Join eMarketer as they reveal results from the first comprehensive forecast for programmatic spend. Understand the current state of programmatic and get a glimpse into future outlooks (topline, mobile, video) and larger shifts in media spend.



John Napolitano (Bio)
Audience Sales Account Director

Noah Elkin (Bio)
Executive Editor

9:50 AM

Will Fraud Be the Death of Programmatic?


'Fraud, malware, safety, and transparency' are just a few of the buzzwords circling the programmatic wave. Are these the challenges that will ultimately take down programmatic? Who are the good guys and how can you identify the bad guys?


Scott Cunningham (Bio)
Vice President of Technology and Ad Operations

Ryan Tetuan, Head of Creative Agency Solutions, Media Platforms, Google


Deep-Dive Track Sessions: Dig into the topics that matter most to your business objectives.


Track 1
Programmatic In Video
Beverly Hills Room

Track 2
Measurement In Programmatic
Santa Monica Room

Track 3
Attribution In Programmatic
Pacific Palisades Room


10:10 AM Session A

Publishers Can Hit A Home Run with Programmatic Video


The industry typically looks at programmatic through the lenses of price and reach, creating a notion that it's driven by the buy-side of the business. With quality video inventory scarce, however, publishers have more control, helping increase the value of their inventory – be it sold direct or through premium private deals.


This session will discuss how automation has helped a major content creator develop new strategies and extend its digital footprint.


Sponsored by:


Chris Pirrone (Bio)
General Manager
USA TODAY Sports Digital Properties


Laura Buchman (Bio)
VP of Publisher Platforms,
Tremor Video

Why Measurement Matters for Branding in a Programmatic World


To date, programmatic has been widely adopted across direct response campaigns; now brand dollars are beginning to activate against programmatic channels.


What are the metrics that will determine brand success in a programmatic world? How does it address reach, resonance, and reaction measurement? How do programmatic platforms bring scale and efficiency from the DR world to brand marketers?


Join Nielsen as we uncover best practices to help both buyers and sellers extract maximum value from programmatic.


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Aimee Gerry (Bio)
Vice President, Client Solutions

The Marketer's Funnel and Path to Conversion: A New Perspective


Reframing your approach to attribution will enable you to make better optimization decisions. You can simplify the traditional digital customer conversion funnel by separating it into two phases, an upper funnel (prospecting) and a lower funnel (retargeting).


This session will open your eyes to a new way of looking at an old problem, and may well transform your mindset about attribution.


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Seph Zdarko (Bio)
Head of Partner Strategy and Attribution Initiatives

10:40 AM Session B

Programmatic Video – Making it Happen


To many people, the word 'programmatic' is synonymous with 'remnant inventory'.  Yet the potential to create efficiencies and make media buying more effective – especially in video – provides massive opportunities for digital advertisers.


Learn how different players are using programmatic best practices for adoption across the video ecosystem, including key challenges including data, metrics and measurement, brand safety, fraud, and viewability.


Carl Kalapesi (Bio)
Senior Director, Head of Industry Initiatives


Steven Kaufman
VP, Programmatic Development
Magna Global

Gold in, Gold out: Optimizing Programmatic Inputs for Optimum Outputs


The digital world is awash with data, and this is nowhere more apparent than with programmatic media trading. It's a struggle to extract signal from all the noise. This problem is getting harder as our ability to measure success becomes increasingly sophisticated, with brand and performance metrics blending as KPIs. In a world where audience data is a commodity, is it still enough to give a marketercompetitive advantage?


Join our audience, context, social, and agency experts as we debate these issues.


Peter Minnium (Bio)
Head of Brand Initiatives

Erik Smithson (Bio)
Sr. Programmatic Sales Specialist
Vibrant Media

Yan Qu (Bio)
VP, Data Science & Chief Scientist,

Jennifer Yager (Bio)
Director, Programmatic Specialist,

Randy Hastings (Bio)
Partner, Portfolio Management

When it comes to attribution, how can we close the gap between tools and skills?


As an industry, we are laser focused on capturing data at every point during the path to purchase. Quantifying marketing results and attributing revenue often requires a blend of people skills and technology.


Do agencies, marketers, and publishers believe they have the right resources at hand? What arethe right tools? What are the right skills?


Discover best practices implemented by leading organizations to extract maximum efficiency and value from programmatic. 


Scott Cunningham (Bio)
Vice President of Technology and Ad Operations



11:05 AM

Networking break and refreshments
Sponsored by Nielsen, Quantcast, Tremor Video

11:25 AM

The Brand POV: How Automakers Leverage Programmatic

Learn about how brands like Honda are embracing programmatic as a part of their media strategy. RPA's SVP and Director of Audience Strategy will discuss how brands and dealerships implement automation & audience strategies to increase reach, engagement and sales.

Mike Margolin, SVP and Director of Audience Strategy, RPA


Interviewed by:

Peter Minnium (Bio)
Head of Brand Initiatives


11:50 AM

The Publisher POV: Challenges, Opportunities and Best Practices


Learn about some of the challenges in the programmatic marketplace today, ways premium publishers are rectifying the share of information with agencies, and thoughts on programmatic rate card that compliment (not cannibalize) sales strategy.



Jason Fairchild (Bio)
Co-Founder & CRO

Jason White (Bio)
VP, Programmatic Revenue
CBS Interactive

12:10 PM

What's Creative Got To Do With It?


As we know, programmatic technologies help you find and target the right audience but, is that enough? Where does creative fit into this? With more brands taking a programmatic approach to reservation buying, brands need to develop compelling creative that's relevant to their target audience. At the heart of brand advertising is a great story told with compelling creative. You can use the same audience insights you have from your programmatic media buy to fuel the development of that story. It's the creative, not the media that "speaks" to the audience. By harnessing the power of technology to develop relevant, engaging experiences, brands elevate their appeal and, ultimately, get rewarded with brand love. 


Peter Crofut (Bio)
Head of Creative Platform Solutions

12:30 PM

Closing Remarks


Carl Kalapesi (Bio)
Senior Director, Head of Industry Initiatives

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