Judge Saquib Pasha
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Judge Bio

Saquib Pasha
Director of Digital Media

Saquib Pasha leads Symantec’s Global Digital Marketing Customer Acquisition team. Saquib and his team are focused on driving profitable and sustainable user growth for all LifeLock and Norton Brands. Saquib is passionate about the intersection of Media, Data, AdTech in a fiscally responsible, always-measurable environment. In his free time Saquib enjoys spending time with his family, watching his alma mater Stanford across all sports or spending time under the California sun. Prior to Symantec, Saquib led Marketing at Motif Investing - a Fin-tech startup in the Bay Area. Saquib was also the founding member of the in-house, programming trading desk at Netflix; the Director of Digital Marketing at EA and at eBay the manager of the eBay Affiliate Partner Network and Search teams.



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