Speaker - Bernard Campbell
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Bernard Campbell

Creative Director
Karma Automotive

Bernard Campbell is an experienced marketer, with a long career serving high-profile brands. He worked for a succession of top-tier consultants early in his career, laying the groundwork to become a self-employed marketing consultant for more than two decades, working with brands such as Cadillac, Acura, GE, JD Power, Toyota, and Deutsche Bank.  

He also previously served as Vice President of Product Planning and Research for Hummer Corporation, and assisted the CEO in creating a sales-ready entity and a multi-billion dollar product plan; and as a Vice President of Marketing Strategy and Research for Advanstar, where he helped rebrand the Progressive International Motorcycle show and MAGIC, the world’s largest wholesale fashion event.
He is presently the Creative Director for Karma Automotive, in Costa Mesa, California. In this capacity, he manages the creative process from concept to completion; and translates marketing objectives into clear creative strategies. He conceptualizes all of the content; writes all of the copy; and plans and places all media. 

He has been quoted on marketing and business issues in the New York Times, Business Week, Fortune, and the LA Times.  He has offered presentations on marketing throughout the world: from a specially outfitted luxury train traveling from Chicago to Santa Fe, to the board of directors of a major railroad; to senior consumer goods executives in Tokyo and Nagoya, Japan; Pusan, Korea; and Brussels, Belgium. 

He was awarded his undergraduate degree from Boston College, and his graduate degree from Harvard University. He lives in Orange County with his wife. 

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