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Tracey Ryan

Tracy Ryan is the CEO of CannaKids, a California based medical cannabis company, and the founder of the 501c3 After her infant daughter’s brain tumor diagnosis in 2013, Tracy dedicated her life to helping patients who suffer from life altering ailments with a focus on children. Now in full swing with human & animal model trials with one of the world’s leading cancer immunologists, it’s her mission to not only end the suffering of those inflicted by cancer, but also develop a cure her daughter. Tracy partnered with the Technion Institute in Israel in 2017, led by Dr. Dedi Meiri who is leading the way in cannabis research for cancer. After flying her daughter’s brain tumor tissue to Meiri for help in developing a treatment protocol for her, they joined forces in hopes to one day take Meiri’s findings all the way through human trials.

Additionally, Tracy successfully procured Sophie’s brain tumor tissue after a brain surgery in 2018. Those cells are now being rigorously studied under the leadership of a renowned cancer researcher who is the world leader in the study of NK Cells and their role in cancer. Her research team has now implanted Sophie’s tissue into mice, one of which pumps human blood, so that they may work on targeted therapies for her disease.

Upon viewing the unique reactions in Sophie’s body due to the cannabis oil she’s taking, the same research team has since enrolled 13 more pediatric and adult cancer patients who are patients using CannaKids’ products. In only one year’s time the team has made incredible discoveries that will be made public later this year.

Tracy is currently aligned with a Presidential candidate that is helping her put a bill forth to completely de-schedule cannabis for research. A letter with 27 bi-partisan signatures stating their intentions was delivered to the Attorney General earlier this year as a first step. Tracy and CannaKids have been the recipient of several industry awards including Advocate of the Year, Cannabis Activist of the Year, the Caregiver Award, and Diamond of the Community Award. Her and her family have been featured in many national and international news pieces including an appearance on The Doctors, National Geographic, Time, Vice News, CNN, Entertainment Tonight, The Huffington Post, GMA Today, Telemundo, and many more. They are also the key focus of the Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein documentary, “Weed the People” that is currently available on NetFlix.


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